we spent saturday morning on the grounds of the university of virginia and toured the rotunda. what a beautiful campus! i always get ‘campus envy’ (is that such a thing?) when i see university grounds like that… we didn’t have a campus at juilliard. we had a building. a single, five story building. everyone would always joke that new york city was our campus but seriously… not the same thing as huge green lawns and old historic buildings. anyway, the grounds are just beautiful and josh wants to remodel our bedroom after edgar allan poe’s dorm room which is preserved and on display there. ;)

ps. for those who have inquired, my white dress is from more of me maternity. jacket from jcrew. shoes from ruche.
  1. Kiki

    That photo of Eleanor on the podium is adorable! I love how you turn family trips into unforgettable adventures!

  2. Naomi, where did you find your blue jean jacket? I'm loving it and on the hunt for one that my bridesmaids can wear for my wedding.

  3. such great photos and what a cool combo of dad and daughter. great bonding time!

  4. Your pics are great! I started reading your blog a few weeks ago and I love!

  5. I can't get over the one where E is at the podium. She seems to have the sweetest personality. I love the daddy pictures, the strong bond is so easily captured. Good luck with the upcoming weeks, can't wait to meet little Mr. Davis soon!

  6. Ash

    i totally get what you mean about campus envy..

    i visited harvard once…

    but i went to school on the outskirts of LA (cal poly pomona!)

    bahaha… oh the lawns, the buildings, the history.. i LOVE it!

  7. Ahhh, my husband's hometown and our old college stomping grounds! Such beautiful shots, and your husband and daughter are total characters together!!

  8. Diane.

    what kind of umbrella stroller do you have? we are on the market for one.

  9. how on earth did you get such perfect pictures? haha eleanor at that pulpit! hahaha excellent.

  10. so many beautiful little moments caught on camera! love it!

  11. Janssen

    What a great little weekend trip. You are a BEAUTIFUL family.

  12. This is just such a lovely blog.

  13. Haley

    you always catch the BEST snapshots!

  14. Gosh, I am a UVA alum now living in New York and I to me nothing is as sweet as Virginia and an afternoon spent in Charlottesville. How I miss it!

  15. your pictures are so cute- eleanor is so sweet!

    Much love

  16. lovely pictures!
    i love campus grounds, they make me want to stay in college forever, haha!
    xo, cheyenne

  17. the photos of Josh and Eleanor are by far the cutest! the same poses gahhh adorable :D

  18. Gwyneth

    Such beautiful photos!xoxo

  19. absolutely love this blog, greetings from germany !:)

  20. Cute clothes like yours make me so much more eager to have a baby bump and an excuse for the long, flowing dresses and cuteness.

    Also, boy would I ever enjoy that free hotel night.

  21. k pratt

    Your little family is just so sweet!

  22. oh my goodness, your vacations are always adorable! and your dress is gorgeous on you!

  23. Eleanor is so adorable! Love looking at all your pictures.

  24. Jess

    My hubs is a UVA alum. It is truly one of the most beautiful campuses I've ever seen.

  25. Pick me!!

  26. Caitlin

    Oh my gosh those pictures of Josh and Eleanor are priceless! Peas in a pod!

  27. Caitlin

    Oh my gosh those pictures of Josh and Eleanor are priceless! Peas in a pod!

  28. Elena

    I love your 'campus-envy'. Perfect word. I live in Cambridge UK, and don't have campus-envy, but maybe a little campus-fatigue.

    I actually just blogged about Kings College Cambridge this morning. Some definitely campus-envy going on there.


  29. I've been to Charlottesville a billion times and had no idea poe's dorm room was on display there! Learn something new everyday :)

  30. Anne

    Man I've got serious campus envy now! That place looks amazing! And your family so cute as always.

  31. cate

    The pictures are gorg!! Looks like a great time by all!

  32. eva

    what kind of umbrella stroller is this and do you recommend it?

  33. Such cute photos! That campus is gorgeous. BYU is big and beautiful too but there is just something about the east coast… And E's outfit is adorable! where did you find it??? [email protected]

  34. Miu

    Wow, that's really a beautiful campus! It must be great being a student there!

  35. love

    So many sweet pictures of Josh and E!

    I especially love the one with them chatting and smiling at the table!

  36. I get college envy, too! I went to UC Santa Cruz, which is a beautiful campus, but doesn't have the architectural history or stature of a campus that's been around for 100+ years.

  37. all of your photos are always so great bt these are just adorable and highly entertaining! too cute!

  38. kylie

    with the hundreds of comments you get every post, i wonder that you will ever read this – but giiirl, you guys are an awesome little fam. i forget you went to julliard sometimes, and i find that really inspiring. i totally get campus envy too – after going to BYU hawaii i am intrigued by the architecture found on ancient looking campuses, but i gotta say – the palms made my day every day.

  39. I have to add my Wahoowa yell as well! I went to UVa as an undergrad and it makes my heart a little achy to see your lovely photos! Glad you all enjoyed Cville!


  40. this place is very similar to Tsaritsyno estate in Moscow, Russia :)