thank you for coming, friday!

i’m so glad it’s friday. we’re getting on the road tonight and taking a little weekend trip to charlottesville, virginia and i am so excited!
yesterday was one of those days where i didn’t shower or put a bra on until 7pm. it was just… one of those days. (although let me tell you, at 33 weeks pregnant, it seems i’m having one of those days every other day.) this week i tried to tackle a number of projects around the house but with little E pulling on my leg every 10 minutes with a new book to read, the house is looking more like a tornado stopped by and stayed all week. i did, however, manage to round up 3 boxes worth of stuff for good will and also wash and pack away all of eleanor’s 1st year baby clothing, so we are getting somewhere… even if it’s taking us years to get there.
by 5pm yesterday, kingsley, eleanor and i took a break from all our crazy inside work and played in the front yard for a little bit. a friend was driving by and saw us out front so she stopped to say hello. i must have looked really good because she was all, “how are you? …do you need me to take E for an hour for you? ….if you ever need anything….” obviously the slippers and pj’s look at 5 o’clock in the evening isn’t very fooling. (side note, i love you, julie. and thank you.)
so i’m glad it’s friday because this means we get two full days with papa around and he’s kind of the biggest help/ most fun person ever, in my book. plus, he doesn’t shave on weekends when we’re traveling and i sure do like me a little bit of that 3rd day scruff. ;) (here’s to hoping someday finance guys don’t have to look so clean cut every single day… i mean, really.)
i hope you are having a wonderful friday! i leave you with a few photos of my sweet baby girl and mister kingsley from yesterday afternoon in the front yard. those two faces certainly help me feel less overwhelmed, i’ll tell you…

happy weekend!
  1. Dee

    such precious moments you've captured here. i love eleanor's red sandals. so adorable.

  2. carrie

    oh, i forgot how much i used to love sidewalk chalk! wonderful pictures!

  3. Cleaning out my closet always helps me when I feel out of sorts, which is sort of weird! It makes me feel like the guy from High Fidelity, sorting records! :-) I just started a little series this week about spring cleaning your closet, so who knows! Maybe by Friday we'll all feel a bit lighter. :-)


    P.S. your charlottesville pictures were SO awesome! Definitely inspiration to visit. (and stroll to Monticello!)

  4. foxy

    hihihi, kingsley looks "like a sir" in the 5th picture! made my day :D

  5. Lottie

    I have been feeling like that lately and unlike you I am not 33 weeks preganant, I am just being lazy and feeling a bit blah.

    But the weekend helped a lot, I hope your weekend was amazing too!

  6. Your dog makes the cutest expressions!

  7. Charis

    Gorgeous photos… I have pajama days too… I think everybody does secretly!

  8. Whenever I see your dog in your photos I automatically think of kingsley shacklebolt from harry potter!


  9. Sheryl

    These photos have such a sweet spring feel to them. Thanks for sharing!

  10. Where do you get your saltwaters? I am having a really hard time finding adult sizes.

  11. Ruthie

    Still haven't been to to C-Ville but your darling family make it look so lovely. Entering for the giveaway :) Merci!