medium rare.

josh has been wanting to go to medium rare for ages. so we finally gave it a try the other weekend. the prefixed menu only has 1 meal: bread and butter, a salad, and unlimited steak and fries. for someone who is always so indecisive with large menus, this is the perfect place for me! and who doesn’t love it when the waiter keeps bringing out more steak and fries each time you finish your last plate?... Read more


the other day, eleanor refused all naps! for a little one who normally goes down at 11am on the dot for 2 1/2 hours, let me tell you, it was quite the experience. i’d put her down in her crib and she’d just keep chatting away, trying to high-five me and play peek-a-boo… i’d leave the room and she’d keep shouting towards the door, “heyyyyyyy!... Read more

easter 2012.

a few photos from easter sunday at our house…

^^^ josh made E and me easter pancakes! it was the best surprise to come downstairs to easter morning. and they were delicious. hope you had a happy easter spent with the ones you love! xo ... Read more