thank you for coming, friday!

i’m so glad it’s friday. we’re getting on the road tonight and taking a little weekend trip to charlottesville, virginia and i am so excited! yesterday was one of those days where i didn’t shower or put a bra on until 7pm. it was just… one of those days. (although let me tell you, at 33 weeks pregnant, it seems i’m having one of those days every other day.) this week i tried to tackle a number of projects around the house but with little E pulling on my leg every 10 minutes with a new book to read, the house is looking more like a tornado stopped by and stayed all week.... Read more


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we took a quick trip up to new york city over the weekend. while we were there we got to see our friend finn make his big broadway debut as Happy in Death of a Salesman (go see it! he’s so good and we’re so proud!) other highlights of the weekend included catching up with a few old friends, eleanor chasing dirty pigeons everywhere, stopping by our old favorite eateries, meeting some of the cast of finn’s play and watching philip seymour hoffman (who also stars in death of a salesman) play with eleanor and talk parenting with us!... Read more