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we took a quick trip up to new york city over the weekend. while we were there we got to see our friend finn make his big broadway debut as Happy in Death of a Salesman (go see it! he’s so good and we’re so proud!)
other highlights of the weekend included catching up with a few old friends, eleanor chasing dirty pigeons everywhere, stopping by our old favorite eateries, meeting some of the cast of finn’s play and watching philip seymour hoffman (who also stars in death of a salesman) play with eleanor and talk parenting with us!
also, side note– juggling a nap schedule/ sleep routine for a 14 month old is hard when you’re not at home. i feel like we just undid all of the hard sleep training work we accomplished over the past few months… please cross your fingers that ends up not being the case. yikes.

until next time, new york…
  1. 3 things…you look AMAZING, philip seymour hoffman?!!! and how did you train eleonor to sleep/nap? My 10 month old's all over the place!

  2. My sister has been the same with my nephew, she's been so strict with his sleep schedule and he's now an absolute star when going to bed and sleeps right through, but she's worried about his sleep pattern when we all go away this summer. I hope E falls straight back into it.

    You electric blue skirt is lovely, Please could you share where it's from.

    C x

  3. Look at you perfectly pregnant lady. I hope to look as beautiful and as happy as you do when I'm pregnant.

  4. Kendall

    Your family is so lovely!

    And I am sooo jealous you got to meet PSH!!


  5. You look gorgeous Naomi! And lovely photos as always. Good luck with that whole sleep thing ;) x

  6. I am going to NYC next week. These photos have made me even more excited!

  7. Sarah

    wow! so jealous i love PSH!

  8. you're so glowing and beautiful!!! Nice pics and nice moments you guys had in nyc!!!!
    Don't worry about the sleep routine, she will soon readjust to her usual timing. Just help her remembering your sleeping ritual…. fingers crossed!!!!

    Ale and Dahlia 14mo

  9. Anna

    I am so jealous you got to see that play. Ever since I heard of it I have been dying to see it. It is one of my favorite plays and the cast seems fantastic.

  10. Tom

    Do you use CameraBag to edit your photos?

  11. I love that Jo Mielziner's set design was used – it was designed in 1947 (according to one of my professors), so it's more than a throwback to the old but it genuinely is.

    Amazing how cyclical theatre is. Since it was written Death of a Salesman has been performed and read in classes non-stop.

    Phew, sorry, I'll stop with the theatre major speak!

    :) Ewa

  12. Those pregnant bellies grow so fast! And I had no idea Philip Seymour Hoffman did Broadway. He's my husband favorite actor :)

  13. philip seymour hoffman, how awesome! i'm in nyc on holiday right now, it is such an amazing city. looks like you guys had a great weekend :)
    xo, cheyenne

  14. colleen

    that first picture is iconic.

    love your posts on nyc. i always love this place, but it's nice to have a reminder of how wonderful it can be.

  15. Britney

    You're the most fashionable pregnant lady ever! You're so beautiful, Naomi. You give me so much inspiration every day with how much fun you have with color (this is coming from a black and white closeted girl :-P).
    And Eleanor is becoming such the little lady! She's so fair and beautiful–I love how you've continued to capture her sweet innocence.
    And we love NYC too! We're going back again in August and then for Christmas–this east coast girl needs her some Crumbs and Artichoke.

  16. holy cow. best pictures ever.

  17. LOVE your outfit! and so with the little one and your handsome husband! :-) great pictures! :-) two thumbs up!

  18. NJ

    Surfing on the net I found your lovely blog and I check out the new posts with pleasure. As a Hungarian I can not leave this post without comment. It's a pleasure for me to see a photo of a Hungarian Pastry Shop in NYC! :) Hope you liked it! Congratulations to your lovely family!

  19. Hi there i didnt read all the other comments so im pretty sure someone as already suggested this – when you get home you have to be REALLY strict. If your not then you will have undone all your hard work. If you are things will resume there old status quo and things will be as they should be – routines can change when your not at home within reason but at home things STAY the same. Good luck!!

  20. Lisa

    what an amazing bump you have…great photos:)

  21. kendra

    i LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE Phillip Seymore Hoffman. so much. i love everything he does. i am kinda jealous right now

  22. you guys are synonymous with new york for me. great news about your friend, hope his success continues! xoxo louise from 'today and tomorrow'

  23. Rebecca

    You guys look so glamorous!

  24. R

    Where is the dress with the birds from? So wonderful!

  25. SDiB

    you have the best blog photography <3

  26. You look great, Ma! And Eleanor, as always, look adorable. My boyfriend and I are coming to your neck of the woods over memorial day, and I was hoping you would do a post on your favorite things in D.C.? What must one experience before he or she lives our nation's capital? I'm be very interested in you (and J's) thoughts/perspective.

  27. loving how adorable your baby bump looks…glad you had a nice time in NYC!

  28. Amazing pics – i love reading your blog!! thanks so much for sharing!!

  29. You have such a beautiful energy, your family is beautiful! We almost can feel it from the other side!=)) Lovely pics!!

  30. Unknown

    I'm trying to talk my husband into a trip to NYC in May with our baby girl Alice who is 16mo. He thinks it will be too hard. Please convince him it won't be. I would love it if you shared some tips/suggestions for things to do with a little one in NYC. I really want to go there before I am pregnant again. thank you, Kelly S.

  31. Anna

    I just wanted to encourage you about your worries about Eleanor's sleep training. It is really not necesary to focus so heavily on "babytraining" as it is on intuitive parenting. Don't listen to anyone who tells you if you don't "train" Eleanor to sleep independently, she will need you to rock her to bed until she is 7. I think as growing babies their needs are constantly changing, so trying to keep the same "schedule" is exausting for any parent. You are a excellent mother and a very spirit-led parent! Eleanor will transition beautifully into her own sleep schedule without being trained to do it. Dr. Sears has had some really helpful information for me about sleeping, maybe it would help you too.
    I truly enjoy your blog. God Bless!

  32. I just love every one of your posts! Looks like a great trip to NYC.

  33. The pregnancy makes you wonderful! :)

  34. eva

    what sleep training? help! since my 14 month old has none and wakes up 2x a night! he is good with naps though.
    i didn't know she had schedules since you go out so much and take here everywhere–are you ever at home for her naps and bedtime??

  35. teeny

    is it a problem then the photograph of josh & the hot dogs just made my stomach growl? growing up, the only hot dogs i would eat were from "the hot dog man" in nyc…..many thanks for bringing that found memory to the surface….


  36. More adventures to NY! :) Love the white shirt you're wearing too.

  37. Julie G

    I think this is so funny! I am from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. I discovered your blog and have been reading it for a couple months now (love your photography)!
    My husband surprised me with a trip to New York over the weekend. We were shopping in Soho Saturday. I saw you and your husband walk out of a shop just in front of myself and I couldn't believe my eyes! So random, I mean, there's only a bazillion people in New York city! I have a T2i that I love and just started a blog! Thanks for all the great inspiration!

  38. Meghan

    Philip Seymore Hoffman is my favorite actor! (I've never seen your friend Finn, though I'm sure he's wonderful.) What parenting advice/thoughts did he have? Don't you just love it when famous people actually turn out to be real?

  39. to those who inquired about my friend Marci's bird dress, it is from apple tree boutique in notting hill, london and she found it there last year!

    the lipstick i'm wearing is by nars and named schiap.

    @tom, i don't use camera bag. i recently got photoshop cs5 and have been playing around with it. i'm still learning…

    @eva, we've worked E into a great sleep routine over the past few months to prep for baby #2's arrival. she naps about 2 1/2 hours each day and i'm sure to be home during her nap hours so it stays consistent (was around 11am, although the last few days it's been happening an hour later.) we do like to go out at night and often take E with us, so her bedtime is more around 9:30 or 10PM, but it has worked great for us. if we go out and can't make that bedtime, we leave her with a sitter and she goes down for them. i think it depends heavily on what works for you and your schedule, everyone is different.

    @anna, thank you! i think that is great advice and have actually found dr. sears to be helpful for us as well. i appreciate you saying all that. i think it's very true and a great reminder!

    @julie g, what a funny coincidence! we always get a kick out of how small nyc can be. always running into someone…

    @he and she, blue skirt is from the Gap.



  40. {Liana}

    GREAT pics!

  41. Caitlin

    Your photography skills are fantastic! Your photos keep getting better and better.

  42. HSnite

    I loved Finn when he was on AMC!

  43. Looks and sounds like a great time in new york! I definitely hope to get back there soon! Good luck on getting Eleanor back in a routine!

  44. Claire

    Naomi, PLEASE tell your friend Finn that he is an unbelievable talent. I just saw the show last night it's probably the most moving performance of anything I've ever seen, and this coming from a person who sees WAY too much theatre for their own health. It was incredible. I haven't been able to stop thinking about it all day! None of the people I came with could get up and leave for a good five or ten minutes after the show ended because we were all such a mess from all the crying.

  45. You got to talk shop with Philip Seymour Hoffman? He's one of my favorite actors. You are such a lucky girl and live the most charming life in the world, I'm sure of it!

  46. Kirsten

    Looks like soo much fun!
    Where did you get those mint pants from? They look so comfy!!


  47. i don't know why i was searching for rock star dairies in Google…
    in see what i have found…i have found your family…
    i just loved each and every pic of yours, Josh's and especially eleanor's!!!
    Pleasure meetin you guys!!

  48. Julie G

    OOPSE! Can I make a correction. I'd love it if you check out my New York Photos! Not .com like I originally posted! I LOVE Photographs! Thanks for the great inspiration!

  49. Celaine

    Love Love your blog…where do you shop at for yourself and for baby? My little girl will be here in 4 weeks!