while in charlottesville over the weekend, we spent an afternoon at monticello. gosh, that thomas jefferson was something, no?  after we toured his beautiful home, we took a little break in his back garden and played with eleanor.  when i watch josh and eleanor play together, i feel like the luckiest woman on earth.  i loved watching them chase each other around the property, josh tossing E up in the air, and hearing her giggle while they hugged. the afternoon just felt pretty special on that grass… like we were the only ones there.  i loved every minute of it.
also, we somehow we got really lucky because the big rain storm which was brewing right above us all afternoon held off coming until we were getting into our car to leave. hallelujah! that sort of thing never happens for us. 
  1. alayne

    E's little moccasins are so darn cute! Where did you find those? I just love your little family. :)

  2. Kate

    I adore these photos – Eleanor looks so cute! That one of her up in the air, grinning from ear to ear, is my absolute favourite :)

    Kate {Something Fabulous}


  3. oh gosh, those pictures of josh and baby e are just so precious. you can just see the special bond that they have. and this location is beautiful! i really need to visit the east coast!
    xo TJ

  4. E's so smiley!

  5. Laura

    Wow. I LOVE the pictures. You look gorgeous and little E with her dad……

    All the best from Berlin!
    xo Laura

  6. you're a darling preggy! and that post below with josh jumping over e! is so funny! she is LOVING it!

  7. she is such a cutie…i'm sure that she is going to make an amazing big sister!

  8. Sarah

    Awww such darling photos. Monticello's lawn is the best place for jumping shots, as my grad school classmates and I can attest.

    Now that I think about it, my parents took me to Monticello when I was a wee tot and Mom was pregnant with my brother. I should dig up those pictures and look for similar joy on their faces.

  9. Ash

    these are such lovely photos..

    your blog always makes me want to visit DC again (my family is from there).. the history, the flowers, the architecture..

    and can i just say- all three of you have the best smiles (: LOVE it

  10. Looks like such a dreamy day! Xo

  11. Please don't be annoyed with me for saying this, Naomi, but what Josh is doing there can be really dangerous. My hubby used to toss our little boys up in the air and they LOVED it. But then someone sent me this link and I've never let him do it again {much to his annoyance}. It's a risk I'm not willing to take.

    Your family is beautiful and I always love to read about your life. Sorry to sound critical, but I thought you'd want to know!

  12. Such a beautiful place! Love your white maxi + denim jacket combo. :) And little E's dress is way too adorable. I love that she wears so much yellow- SO cute!

  13. janis

    those photos of you + e in the grass are so lovely.

  14. your posts make me miss growing in virginia so much, it actually hurts. you are such a beautiful mama.

  15. you guys are precious and beautiful, and your joy is so contagious. <3

  16. Sounds lovely! I can't wait to be a mom one day and experience things like this.

  17. kLr

    1. You have a BEAUTIFUL daughter!
    2. I love Monticello! Growing up my mom would tell me about Jefferson's bed that would allow him to wake up and have two options of rooms to step into. I was excited to finally see it a few Christmases ago (odd it took so long since I only live two hours away).

  18. Alyssa

    You guys are all just too cute :] I love what you're wearing here, denim jackets with spring dresses are so adorable!

    Shop Vintage!

  19. Saumya

    This might sound crazy, but I remember from one of your previous posts from a few years ago, you and Josh were at a wedding, and he was tossing up a baby, and you commented on how you could not wait for that day when he was tossing up your own baby..and now he is! I just wanted to remind you of that :) You all are precious!

  20. kate xx

    That one of josh throwing E is truly gorgeous! Well done you for getting such a great shot! :) x

  21. gosh! the air picture is amazing! ahha

  22. Your family look too beautiful and amazing. Also this location is wonderful. You enjoy your weekend with your family. Thanks for sharing this post.

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  23. E is the most adorable baby girl i've ever seen!

  24. Sounds like a wonderful weekend! Love the photo of Eleanor smiling for the camera, she's so adorable :)

  25. great pictures :) i've always wanted to visit monticello!
    xo, cheyenne

  26. Charlottesville is one of my most favorite places ever (I'm from Richmond!). You have to make it up there (I guess it's 'down there' for you) for apple picking in the fall on Carter Mountain. They have homemade donuts and apple butter and a wine-tasting and a cute little 4-piece stringed folk band (with an upright bass!) and barbeque and of course, apple trees. Need I say more? Oh, and it's dog friendly. Has been my favorite event of the year for almost 10 years. It's so beautiful there!

  27. Brenny

    Your pictures are amazing!!! Especially the one of your husband tossing your baby:) such a lovely family:)

  28. Yesenia

    Absolutely beautiful images. Looks like you had a great weekend. ~Yesenia

  29. gushing at these pictures.

  30. I cannot get over how beautiful your family is, E is an absolute joy and your belly my goodness I just want to hug you! I am so excited to see the little guy :D

  31. The photo of your husband throwing the babe up into the air could not be more adorable! Love!

  32. Honestly, by far you guys are the cutest blog I have ever seen. I have shown all my friends in college your blog and they have fallen in love with you and your family! Your style is so classy, and clean cut. Thanks for being such an inspiration to me and my friends at home in AZ.

  33. Susie Q

    Thank you for the memories of Monticello. We were there with our four children 10 years ago while traveling in USA from Sydney, Australia. Loved it, saw the most amazing bumble bees there, we don't have them here.