medium rare.

josh has been wanting to go to medium rare for ages. so we finally gave it a try the other weekend. the prefixed menu only has 1 meal: bread and butter, a salad, and unlimited steak and fries. for someone who is always so indecisive with large menus, this is the perfect place for me! and who doesn’t love it when the waiter keeps bringing out more steak and fries each time you finish your last plate? scored big points with us on that one.
on the car ride over, i think eleanor was carefully scheming on how to make this dinner the most eventful ever. for a little one who normally behaves quite well when we’re out and about, this meal was the exception. she got down to visit all the cooks in the kitchen no fewer than 23 times… and kept standing up to climb onto the table and dance. wiggly, crazy, silly, squirmy child! toddlerhood is going to be quite the adventure…

  1. oh my goodness. my husband would love this restaurant. endless steak and fries? yeah, he'd think he had died and gone to heaven.

  2. This sounds amazing!!!

    (and good luck with the toddlerhood… with a face like that, how could she be anything BUT an angel?) :)

  3. sounds like MAN-heaven! will have to try on our next visit to DC from NYC in a few weeks :D

  4. sounds like MAN-heaven! will have to try on our next visit to DC from NYC in a few weeks :D

  5. kLr

    That sounds delish!

    I want to try it sometime!

  6. Laura

    Man, this place sounds awesome! I'm not a huge fan of meat usually but a good steak once in a while… Eleanor looks so cute and innocent ;-)

  7. This looks so delightful!! I love the idea of endless!!
    E can get away with being a little crazy… She's so cute!!

  8. HMB

    One of my favorite places in DC! The steak sauce is absolutely to die for and the desserts are ginormous.

  9. arena

    hey naomi, when will you give birth to your baby boy? you must be tired, i guess…

  10. Sarah

    Awww how fun! Wow that place sounds amazing. I'm all about the medium rare steaks too. Yum! The nice thing about toddler hood is at least you'll have your new baby around when it kicks into full gear. It will be super busy, but at least you won't have a baby in your belly you physically won't feel stretched too thin =)

    – Sarah

  11. Miss M

    Goodness, E is adorable! & the food looks so yummy!

  12. Her clothes are always so adorable, thanks for being such a cute family love to look at your blog.

  13. Maria

    Oh goodness, this sounds amazing!

  14. It sounds like Cafe Du Paris (Entrecote) in Paris. They only serve their delicious meat with secret sauce and pomme frites + salade vert and then tart for dessert.

  15. Sounds like a great place :) E is such a cutie :) Who wouldn't love a visit from her? haha.

  16. I might have to try this place out. It looks incredible!

  17. Oh my god, that is one of the most brilliant concepts for a restaurant that I have ever heard of. I will definitely go there with the boy friend some day.

    I'm glad you had an adventurous and fun dinner night out.

    :) Ewa

  18. Not an ideal restaurant for us as we're vegetarians but it sounds like a great concept.

    E is the cutest little thing, I can't wait to hear about she reacts to a baby brother around the home.


  19. You have a darling family!
    I remember the first time my perfect baby girl got wild at dinner.
    I have one word of advice for you: iPad!
    My husband and I enjoy dinners out thanks to Dora on the iPad. I am zealous about monitoring screen time — my daugher has never watched a TV show. She looks forward to watching Dora when we eat out and when we travel on airplanes!

  20. My mouth is watering! I would love to take my husband here if we ever make it out to the DC. There brunch menu looks fantastic also!

  21. Oh Lord. My toddle tot is a complete MESS when we go out to eat. I miss being able to eat out and have her sit there… like REALLY sit there. I have yet to find an activity that will keep her attention long enough for us to get our meal down. Who needs a relaxing meal out anyway? I can have those when I'm 80, I suppose.

  22. Lovely pictures! Would love to try the restaurant someday!

  23. I'm also super indecisive …. Therefore this would be perfect. That's why i live in n out…. Easy to choose from :)

  24. This does sound amazing! Welcome to the crazy toddler dining experiences. My husband and I decided two weeks ago that dining out with our 16 month old was no longer an option. :( He's great at breakfast or lunch out, but for some reason dinner gets his motor running and he can't sit still and no one really ends up eating.

    Quick question – how do you eat your steaks when pregnant? I (16 weeks with #2) feel the need to go more well than usual, but perhaps you can give me the non-doctor courage to enjoy them as I like again.

  25. what man (or pregnant lady) wouldn't love that place!!!

  26. our kids are very "active" at restaurants. we still keep going out to eat!

  27. Erin

    i wish we had a place that this here. yummo!

  28. lydia.

    this is the perfect place for me and the husband!

  29. Lottie

    This sounds like heaven–unlimited steak and fries amazing!

  30. the final photo is too cute. i adore your pregnant look. good for you for making your current wardrobe stretch…literally. : ]

  31. Meg

    ah that looks soo good! thanks for the craving, haha. I love that E still loves Panda :)

  32. That sounds delicious! And she is the cutest toddler ever! Glad to see she has so much spirit!

  33. i think panda deserves a spot in the blog header. he (she?) is definitely part of the fam. ;)

  34. my life in L.A. is so different from yours… and I think that's what draws me back to your blog again and again. I love the glimpses into your world that you share with us. And it has been so fun watching your family grow!

    xo Sara

  35. Hannah

    haha, "want some breat, panda?" -She's the best!!! craziest, happiest, most beautiful child i've ever seen!

  36. I know E has been walking for some time now, but I can't help but gush over it still! Beautiful family. The thought of endless fries is beautiful too…

  37. there is a restaurant in Paris JUST like this!!! my husband and i went on our honeymoon there and ate at the restaurant twice! exactly the same menu and it looks the same too! they put the best sauce over the steak and keep bringing more when you are finished!! i have to go here to see if it is the same!!!! thanks!

  38. your girl reminds me so much of my own. though mine is younger, and your E and my P do look different, but your E seems to have a similar personality, and their dark hair seems to be going in just the same. children are such a blessing to our families!

  39. 2busy

    Looks so delicious! Are you sure it wasn't a pregnancy craving? ;)

  40. hope you are enjoying your time in new york. I have to go and visit it soon, missing it too much since i moved away.
    Love the photo where Eleanor is upside down, you can tell by her cheeky smile, that she had some plans for that dinner.

  41. Sounds like a great place to enjoy a meal! By the way, I love E's sweater. So precious!

  42. Love this!

    Eleanor's outfit is adorable :)

  43. stake & fries YUMMMM!



  44. Janell

    oh what I would give to have that plate of red meat and fries in front of me right now.. YUM! Also, any photo of Eleanor and Panda you post, makes me all warm and fuzzy. Glad you were able to have a nice dinner, even if it was an eventful one
    xo, Janell

  45. Yum, sounds like the perfect place to eat. We need one in new Zealand!

  46. Azy

    Your Eleanor is adorable!! I have a son Gus (2 1/2) he would go gaga over your little dear :)

  47. wow. that seems to be an amazing restaurant! unlimited fries and steak? wow. such great photos! doesn't look like your having pregnancy moments at all. you look stunning!

  48. this restaurant could be my husband's dream!!!!Love all the photos of your wonderful family!

    Ale & Dahlia 14mo

  49. leyla.

    is the salad really necessary here? bread, butter, steak and fries is pretty much the perfect meal. if only i wouldn't gain pounds by just looking at it, i would eat it every day.

  50. Ana

    this sounds like he perfect restaurant! and I completely hear you on the toddlerhood…J is getting there too

  51. Jackie

    I could have sworn I saw you at Death of a Salesman in New York on Saturday night. But looks like you were in DC so maybe not!

  52. It sounds delicious! :) My favourite picture is "E & the Panda, with the bread!" :) I hope You enjoy it! :) E is soooooooooo cute! And you are a pretty woman and mom. :) Have a nice day!


  53. A..

    your familiy is so cute :D

  54. oh goodness, that last picture of you and baby is is beyons precious!! she is getting so big! and you and josh are just the best parents! :)
    xo TJ

  55. Adorable post! Great photos too. Now that Picnik is closing what will you use to edit? I always use Picnik so I'm desperate for a replacement!

  56. I love E's jumper!!! <3

  57. Britney

    Haha Eleanor's panda is Jude's rubber ducky! It's so cute to see them find little things that they get attached to!

  58. Sounds like a good time! Sounds like E will definitely be a handful and soon! :)

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