1. L.

    waiting for your post every day….!!! I Love your adorable family!

    kisses from Italy,

  2. you look stunning & your sheer shirt is lovely. and the photo of miss eleanor waving her arms in the air is so, so precious.

  3. Ivy

    is Eleanor petting a baby cheetah? What IS that animal?? Cute pics!

  4. Melissa

    Honestly you always have the cutest pictures. What a great lil family. That cat is gorgoues!

  5. Lovely, as always.

  6. Lindsay

    LOVE LOVE LOVE your photos!

  7. tinajo

    Great pics, love your dog! :-)

  8. I love the chalk pictures :) Too cute!!!

  9. Carlyn

    i love your punchy pink lipstick! what brand and colour is it?

  10. i. love. your. blog. …and your hair (:

  11. josh's hair is amazing lately. I like the little wave thing it's doing!

  12. Bianca

    your hair looks so long and fabulous!

  13. Naomi, that picture of you about to get on the subway (looking over your shoulder) is drop dead gorgeous!

  14. Laura

    It is impossible to pick my favorite pic. Well, maybe it's Eleanor with her stuffed animals. Maybe.

    Happy Thursday from Berlin!
    xo Laura

  15. Jenna

    Just found out Barnabas Collins' (character from Dark Shadows) parents names were Joshua and Naomi and thought of you guys!

  16. you are one good lucking couple, taza ;)! and e takes after both so much! love it! thanks for sharing.

  17. Hannah

    beautiful photos, your hair is looking gorgeous lately!



  18. Seriously you guys are the CUTEST family EVER, I love your lipstick :)

    Xo, adropofbliss.blogspot.com

  19. Jessica

    cuuute pictures! Your little girl is absolutely to die for!

  20. i want that salad.

    and the picture of you next to the croissants – gorgeous!!

  21. you are simply beautiful! and that salad just kickstarted a craving like you wouldn't believe. xo.

  22. love your photos!! always!

  23. Lottie

    E with the animals is so cute–thinking a future with animals might be on the cards ;)

    And that photo of you by the croissants–stunning!

  24. I so enjoy your blog. Might you share where you get those great lipstick shades, how you create the waves in your hair and how you execute that fantastic bun that you sometimes wear?

  25. i love the pics :) you are such a beautyful family!!

  26. JessBee

    that cat looks like a baby leopard! I love the picture of elanor running lol just being free?

  27. Tugce

    I actually gasped at the cat photo- really, what breed is that?

    Such beautiful pics

  28. colleen

    I love Kingsley. he's the best.

  29. Priya

    cute CUTE puppies and kitties everywhere! My friend Shelby just got a Great Dane puppy, combined with this, I am having serious puppy envy :)

  30. Rebecca

    Love it!

  31. Morgan

    cute everything!
    it's like you attract the whimsical and fluffy!

  32. Emily

    Love the picture of E in the field and you with your gorgeous glowing hair.

  33. Kendall

    Adorable pictures! Is that one your cat? Such crazy-beautiful markings!


  34. awh i love this photos! so precious!

    and i love your hair! its so lovely :)

    alissa b

  35. the freedom in photo 6 is so cute! xx

  36. alayne

    I love these glimpses of everyday life. I think you may have posted about this before, but how do you get your photos side-by-side like that? Please share again. :)

  37. Julie

    your pictures are lovely as always! it seems as though you have a perfect little family and a perfect life. it's great to follow your (picture)stories! thanks for sharing. x

  38. I too love your lip color, can I ask what you use?

  39. I cant believe I've been reading your blog since I was 16 when I had no idea what a blog even was and stumbled across yours by accident.
    four years later & I still look forward to every post

  40. You already now this but your lips toooo dieee foooorrr

  41. I must know the lipstick! Love it!

  42. Mariana

    Your little cutie is getting so big!!

  43. I follow you on Instagram and see these photos before they're on the blog, but there's something about them being displayed collectively… so much more special :) love your little family.

  44. Ha! I can't resist a dog with a blue butt. How sweet that the pup assists little Eleanor with her chalk art.



  45. Perfect Shooting…nice pics my dear. Thanks for sharing. =)

    Good Friday

    XOXO from MUNICH

    La Vie Quotidienne

    You can check my Grapefruit Outfit in:


  46. laura

    beautiful photos. little e and kingsley never fail to make me smile! xoxo, great little day

  47. laura

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  48. Crystal

    oh what a beautiful life. Fave = eleanor's hands up in the air : ) Who has the Bengal cat?? They are amazing. Happy Friday from NZ.

  49. Emily

    I am friends with your cousin Travis, he went to grad school with my husband and introduced me to your blog…. so glad that he did! Your family is adorable and I love your blog!

  50. Lauren

    lovely :)

  51. you have a happy bubbly gorgeous little kid! :-)

  52. Love these posts, you take the best iphone pictures. Especially of E they are always so cute!

  53. Caitlin

    You always have the most adorable rosie cheeks! Do you use a stain?

  54. Lola

    I remember that pic with the croissonts and soda from the recent New York post!!!! You were sitting on a bench, wearing a blue skirt:) Which I really liked by the way:D Such beautiful pictures here all the time…it's always nice to stop by:)


  55. I love your family.. Great Photos.. I have been following your posts n got inspired to have my own blog.. Thanks a lot for being an inspiration to me.. :-)

    Keep blogging.. Never Stop..:-)

  56. Maren

    ♥ :)

  57. Aukse

    Your baby girl is so pretty. No doubt she's having a happy little life going on! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  58. Kathy

    I always look forward into reading your posts!
    I love the photo of E swinging her arms in the air. She's so full of life, and such an energized little girl! :)

  59. seriously a baby cheetah!? that's wild.

  60. Gisela

    I have to have this pink lipstick!!!! Great colour!!!


  61. Kari

    I love Kingston's blue bum… as soon as the weather gets nice here our while dog is always multicolor from laying in sidewalk chalk. My kids think it's the funniest thing ever (one more reason I am so glad I don't have while carpet…)

  62. absolutely beautiful images! i am so in love with your hair. it's just gorgeous!!!
    xo TJ

  63. Awww, you guys got to go see Maude, and Marci, and Dan. Lucky!
    Loving the pictures. Little E is getting cuter everyday.