1. Liesl

    SO cute!!! :)

  2. Lyndsay

    This is so adorable!

  3. Lyndall

    Aw, so fun! It looks like you had such a nice weekend away!

  4. aww. don't you love daddys and little girls? they are the cutest.

  5. ha. they've got a pretty special bond.

  6. Ale piękne i urocze ! Idealna para ♥ ;)
    Greetings from Poland :),
    Maedlein ♥

  7. AHAHA! I died. This is too cute.


  8. amanda

    Hahah this is incredible.

  9. hahaha i LOVE the title, this is just too CUTE. i saw some f your weekend pics on instagram they are adorable!!

    xo, adropofbliss.blogspot.com

  10. {Liana}


  11. Melissa

    This is so cute. I love Monticello!

  12. Those two have a very special bond- I love it.

    Love Charlottesville!!! It's where the gentleman and I met and fell in love. Can't wait for your pictures.

  13. Elise

    so cute!


  14. Maria

    Oh my goodness gracious, this is amazing.

  15. miriam

    I love this! best part? I totally did this last night with my little girl for the first time. must be in the air ;)

  16. Natasha

    You were in Charlottesville!? no way! I live here :) I just posted some photos on my blog today that I took yesterday on a rainy walk around the UVA campus. So happy that you had a great time! It really is beautiful here :) can't wait to see your photos!
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  17. These is such a cute idea! How lucky E is to have some many wonderful memories to look back on. So glad you had a wonderful weekend with your family.

  18. Love this!!!!
    I have so many happy, family trip memories at Monticello! Love that you are making them too which your little (growing) family!

  19. colleen

    can't wait to hear about all the fun things you did in cville…and go back to visit my parents there in july. love that place!

  20. hahah too cute! I just found you on instagram & I loved seeing all the pictures of your sweet family from this weekend!

  21. Anne

    Cute! Can't wait to hear all about it.

  22. Audrie

    LOL too funny! My husband would totally do that if we had kids.

  23. That is darling!

  24. goofy families are happy families & happy families are the best families.

    (you've got a good one.)

  25. well, naturally! love this.

  26. Erin

    That is so hilarious. I love their bond!

  27. Kathy

    aww I love this photo, they have such a special bond!! :D

  28. obviously kids like dads' dangerous games !!!!! My Dahlia loves that too!!!

    Nice gif, wonderful location, beautiful E.


  29. Mia M.

    Dangerously cute! So funny :)

  30. L.

    soooo funny!!! waiting for the others pics!

    kisses from Italy


  31. Saar

    Haha this post made me smile really hard!! On a monday… Extraordinary

  32. Mariana

    We can see you really had fun… :)

  33. That is absolutely something my husband or I would do as the other shakes their heads in disbelief of the childish behaviour

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  34. Dianna

    the coolest pair!

  35. zezee

    Gosh why do your family have to be that much cute? (: god protect you and ur fam. kisses from Turkey (: G

  36. This is too cute and completely hilarious!

  37. Love how Eleanor is just standing there, probably a little bit in shock.

  38. Sladja



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  39. ahh so cute! I was at Monticello this past weekend as well!! We left as it had started to storm though. Glad you had such a great time, it's a wonderful city!

  40. Ashely

    I'm originally from Richmond, so I grew up right down the road from Charlottesville. L O V E that town! I'm currently out West but itching to get back East in a year or two. Charlottesville is on the list of possible places to settle. Glad you enjoyed it!


  41. Ana

    ha hahaha oh gosh this is so priceless. Looks like something I would do while my husband cringed in disbelief.

  42. Lindsay

    This is adorable!

  43. haha, that's so cute! :)

  44. oh gosh, how scary. but these moving photos are so adorable! you and your little family are just the best!
    xo TJ

  45. Laura

    haha! you made my day! so adorable…

  46. This literally made me laugh out loud hahaha what a fun little family you have Naomi! Your cheery blog always leaves me with a smile thanks for being rockstars all the time :)

  47. This post is too sweet and cute. Its just adorable and amazing picture. This is gorgeous and excellent weekend with your family.

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  48. Mary

    i went to college there, & it's just as magical as it seems. it was a wonderful place to spend four years & we go back every chance we get! maybe eleanor will go there one day!! :)

  49. Jo

    that is just adorable!! :)

  50. Logan

    Just too precious!

  51. What program/trick do you have up your sleeve to make your picture do that? I'm new to your blog and am really enjoying it!