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we just got back from spending a few days together in florida.
one last hurrah as a family of 3…
(or 4 as i always say because i like to count kingsley)
before this new little mister joins the picture come june!
we really lucked out too,
because the weather down south was just beautiful.
i have sunburned shoulders to prove it. ugh!
hope you had a great weekend!
  1. Carly

    adore that first picture of E!!

  2. Could Eleanor get any cuter?!

    Not possible.

  3. Brooke

    oh my adorable! What a beautiful woman already!

  4. A-Russ

    Looks like the Emerald Cost? We just spent the weekend there as well. Love to know where you were.

  5. A-Russ

    oh and Cost should be Coast.

  6. Where did you get Eleanor's floppy hat?

  7. aww, what a cute little swimsuit!
    xo, cheyenne

  8. I can not wait for long summer days and trips to the beach. London really has mastered the cold grey day but not so much the sun.

    Eleanor is one super stylish baby.

    C x

  9. It's almost time for Little Josh to come out. So exciting! I'm so happy for y'all!

  10. :O What a girl(!?)
    I love these pics guys!

  11. Such cute pictures!! I'm sure it was a lovely trip. Xo

  12. those are some of the most charming pictures!

  13. How fun! I have beach envy right now.
    And Eleanor envy. She is just too cute.

  14. You're trip looked like so much fun from your Instagram photos! I'm pretty sure I want everything in E's wardrobe!!

  15. O my, Eleanor is adorable!
    May I ask where you got the swimsuit? I'm looking for a present for my niece and this swimsuit would just be the cutest present ever :)
    You are so lucky, enjoy every minute of it!

  16. oh no! sunburned shoulders can be the worst sometimes. especially when showering. hope those heal soon. these images are absolutely beautiful! really need to visit florida!! baby e is just perfect!
    xo TJ

  17. Erin

    Adorable photos!! :)
    Gotta love the Florida sun and sand. The beach is so beautiful!

    – Erin :)


  18. Erin

    Adorable photos!! :)
    Gotta love the Florida sun and sand. The beach is so beautiful!

    – Erin :)


  19. just beautiful!

  20. So adorable! But seriously, it's about 45 degrees here on the Oregon Coast right now so these pictures look very inviting!



  21. L.

    I love the "Bow Tie Bracelet"

    waiting for new pics!!!!

    kisses from Italy!!!


  22. Astra

    Brilliant pictures and I love E's style, cute as a button!

  23. Celeste

    Her little bathing suit and hat are the cutest thing EVER. So precious!

  24. I wish it was this sunny in London…

    Reading your blog has inspired me to start my own.

    Thank you

  25. patyhv

    Gorgeous little thing that you have !! And the swim suit it to die for!!

  26. thunderbird earrings!

  27. i want her swimsuit in my size!

  28. Sarah

    Oh my goodness such sweet pictures!!

  29. that's the cutest little sun hat.