easter 2012.

a few photos from easter sunday at our house…

^^^ josh made E and me easter pancakes!
it was the best surprise to come downstairs to easter morning.
and they were delicious.

hope you had a happy easter spent with the ones you love!
  1. girl, this is amazing. those photos of e and the mr are so heart warming. today i was feeling so discouraged with all the corrupted families and brokenness that is all over our world, but looking at your blog reminded me that strong families are still out there. i don't know if i admire you or josh more. both of you are amazing examples to the world! thank you soooooo much for sharing your life online, the internet needs it!

  2. eleanor is the happiest little lady – it's the sweetest thing!

  3. Kendra

    Love the bunny glasses! Ev had bunny ears on for the day, but I somehow never snapped a shot.

  4. Liesl

    I think I am not just super in love with the rainbow, Easter pancakes, but these pictures, Eleanor is just too darling for words, as is your family! :)

  5. SUCH a cute baby :)

  6. she is so so so cute that it's not even funny. Seriously, she puts every other baby out there to shame ;)

  7. Happy Easter! The second to last photo makes me smile so big!

  8. I would lOVE to see a tour of your home?! Any chance that will happen?

  9. Sarah

    I think you are an incredibly wonderful parent but please be careful of babies with unblown balloons! I've heard too many horror stories of them choking! (of course I trust that you would never leave her unattended with them)

  10. The pancakes! How awesome!

    Also, I cannot stop staring at that picture of J holding E with one hand. What a little character she is! Happy Easter to you and your family.

  11. jamie

    those pancakes! what a sweet, creative husband you have!

  12. She's like really cute! :D Oh E! Hope you had a great Easter! :)

  13. Skye

    colorful pancakes….so fun.
    eleanor's easter dress….perfection.
    my little bunny was too new for dressing up and church this year but next year….oh i can't wait!

  14. Unknown

    you have the most adorable family ever and I smile every time I visit your blog, which is quite often! :)

  15. Meg

    I want colored pancakes!


  16. The picture with the bunny glasses is Priceless !! You're baby girl is a doll !!

  17. iline.

    amazing blog! your daughter is so precious. :) happy happy easter!

  18. oh my goodness! That photo of your husband holding her with his one hand by her feet and they're both making the same expression is perfect! It makes me nervous, but it's incredible! xoxo

  19. yes, we had a happy easter too. And sweet moments and pics like you guys did!

    Love E and her dress!!!!

  20. The pancakes, the dress, the Miss Eleanor standing and squealing… I just love it all! The perfect Easter, indeed!

    Along Abbey Road

  21. Happy Easter!!! :) ♥ "Queen Eleanor" is so wonderful and pretty! :)

    We went to the Zoo (Szeged, Hungary), with my Love! ♥ It was sooooooooooo fantastic! :) ♥

    Have a nice day!

    xoxo , Csilla ♥

  22. she has so beautiful and amazing eyes!!! hopefully she is gonna have a babay brother :P

    xexe a big kiss!

  23. how cute are these pictures??
    Oh I am in love with eleanor :)

    Much love

  24. those pictures of josh and eleanor are so cute! and those pancakes, yum!
    xo, cheyenne

  25. Mela

    Hey! Until now i am just a reader and silent follower, but i need to say that your pictures and your blog about how a family can be, let me believe in that right now is the BEST MOMENT to become a mother. I am a follower (italian girl) living in germany and doing my med studies. We are a happy marriage with also a dog and expect our child this autumn :-D

    In ypur pictures is so much love and happiness! Go on with this great work you do!

  26. Rachel

    E is so adorable. I'm nearly 11 weeks pregnant and I'm just so excited to add to my little family. Seeing yours is so much fun!

    – Rachel at theparkersblog.com

  27. Oh my goodness!! Love the happy babe, love the colored P.Cakes ;)

  28. In that last picture of E, I really see a resemblance to your twin sisters!

  29. Lindsey

    What fun pictures! Those Easter themed pancakes are great! E looks adorable in her dress!

  30. I see a More of Me dress! Super cute on you too. Happy (belated) Easter to you and yours!

  31. she.

    wow, great photos, i think those pancakes might change my life.

  32. It looks like Josh is doing the lip syncing to baby screams routine. Cute. I wish I could get my fiance to wear bow ties. They would be so cute on him, but he says they are for lawyers and professors and won't listen to me tell him otherwise.

  33. Nicole

    You have such a beautiful family, it's absolutely incredible! Glad you all had a lovely easter, and blessings to you.

  34. Kym

    I just love Eleanor, she is too sweet! This is a great age, isn't it? My son is only a few weeks older than her. Those bunny glasses are adorable… and those pancakes! That's gotta be the most cheerful breakfast I've ever seen.

  35. Your little girls smile and laugh is so joyful! Thanks for sharing this hope it was a beautiful and joyful of a day as it looks!

  36. Carley

    easter pancakes!!! wish i'd have thought of that! so cute!!

  37. Thank you for sharing these beautiful pics!! such a blessing :)

  38. Jinnie

    your little lady and my little lady are the same age! she is such a little darling! i love her style as well! :)


  39. Misha

    Oh my gosh that is the sweetest little sailor dress and how cute with easter pancakes!

  40. Naomi, you have a beautiful family! I have been following your blog for a while now. Than you for sharing your story and beautiful imagery.


  41. These photographs are so beautiful and joyful. With a little girl on the way myself, I love taking time out in your blog to dream about what will be.

  42. Oh that little face, she's the cutest baby ever !!!

  43. those rabbit glasses are adorable! and so are all of you as well :)

  44. Priya

    I'm sure you hear this all the time but Eleanor has got to be the cutest baby I have ever seen! Those bunny glasses are precious! I love those pancakes too, what a fun idea! Glad you guys had a great easter :)

  45. She is just so adorable! Those eyes! And what fun pancakes! yuuummmmm!

  46. amberv

    your hair is so damn beautiful in one of the pictures! what is your secret?!
    love amber from the netherlands


  47. emily.

    That picture with her fists clenched and her mouth wide open might be my favorite picture of all time. SO cute!

  48. Erin

    little miss e is just the most darling girl

    many blessings to you and yours!

  49. That little dress is adorable. Eleanor is way more stylish than me. Not fair! x

  50. Samara

    Eleanor is just too cute!! I love her dress- at least you know she won't look back at baby pics and hate you for dressing her in daggy clothes!



  51. Marion

    That baby is so adorable! I like her dress so much. Anyways, that men's clothing is awesome, love the bow tie too.

  52. Those pancakes look amazing. And your daughter is adorable xx