1. love those shoes!
    And what a sweet little backpack ;)
    Amy xo

  2. i always love your style, naomi!

  3. Oh my goodness, the gold romper is adorable!

  4. What an adorable dress!

  5. Lyndall

    I'm so in love with that laptop! Wood + chalkboards, two of my favourite things in children's toys :) And that dress is amazing.

  6. Ah the shoes!! And the backpack is adorable!

  7. i love the note cards. so simple and perfect. and of course i can see you in those shoes.

  8. Oh my gosh! A wooden laptop would be perfect for little toddler hands to get busy with… ha! Adorable as well.

  9. The decoy computer idea, sadly, did not work for me. My 12 month old tries to bang away bang away so I bought her an old keyboard from goodwill and do you know…. she was not fooled for a minute!

  10. That backpack is just about the cutest thing ever!

  11. Very cute, LOVING the dress, bracelets ,backpack,shoes & just about everything lol.

    Xo, adropofbliss.blogspot.com

  12. Nora

    oh that dress!
    and I saw that wooden laptop just recently at a store- amazing idea. :)
    xx Nora


  13. Yes that dress is amazing , i pinned it recently and those bangles are gorgeous. The lap top is super cute gonna check those out and maybe get on for little P


  14. Amy

    that backpack is adorable! i want it now & i have yet to have kids. maybe it's time to start arranging a hope chest…

  15. Haha, I love the wooden laptop! Any the dress is really adorable.

  16. Oh, that dress is beautiful. So you! Love the prints and that backpack would be too cute on little E.

  17. The dress is wonderful <3

  18. Marina

    Lovley Things"!! :)
    Love your Blog!

    xx Marina

  19. Megan

    That gold romper would be perfect for Eleanor! It looks like it was made just for her, you have to get it!! :)

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  20. Claire

    That first dress is gorgeous. What a shame it's sold out.

  21. Ohhhhh … I love the shoes but the link is not working; can you please let me know where they are from? Thanks. Greetings from Vienna Isabel

  22. How adorable. I love all of the kids pieces, especially the gold romper. Do you think we could persuade them to make grown up mama size as well?!

    C x

  23. how adorable!! love it!!!

  24. Alivia

    Ah, that laptop is such a sweet idea! Lovely list, Naomi :)

  25. Amy

    I have to have those shoes!!!!!

  26. Lyndsey

    love the shoes…..and the link isn't working :( can you repost the link??

  27. Bridget

    that dress is perfection.

    josh… push present?! he reads your blog, right???

  28. SHOESSSS!!! I'm a shoe-whore and LOVE those! Want. Also, my little carries her backpack EVERYWHERE… or one of her purses. It kills me. So stinking cute.

  29. oh nooooo the heels are a broken link ;)

  30. oh nooooo the heels are a broken link ;)

  31. Elise

    oh that dress!


  32. What a dress indeed! I love it, I want it!

  33. Laura

    what a beautiful little collection!

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  35. Marla

    love the shoes and want them but when i click on the link i cant find on the website :( Help!!! I need these shoes! :)

  36. yes I love all of your things beautiful..
    where are those shoes from ??

  37. love that dress!!!!

  38. UM the shoes are rupert sanderson and they are 800$$$ count me out on those but I love them!!!

  39. The mustard colored jumber- MY GOODNESS. Is it OK to covet a toddler's outfits? Love everything you picked out- you have such lovely taste.

  40. Whoops, I didn't realize my comment got deleted? I just said that dress is almost $900! It's lovely, but not in this life. Maybe if it were a good $800 less!

  41. The dress truly is amazing. Nice find. So unique : )

  42. o gosh, that dress is gorgeous!
    xo, cheyenne

  43. I must have all of those! <3

  44. Love all those items! Such cute stationary!

  45. cute, cute, cute! that little romper is too much!

  46. Emily

    That dress is so pretty!