1. Sarah

    That little xylophone is so sweet! i've been wanting to get one for my little miss. The neon colors are so fun and bright. It gets me excited for Summer =)

    – Sarah
    A Girl In Transit

  2. that swimsuit is so darling. too bad i'm so tall that one pieces never really work… but i'm sure it'd be stunning on you! tell josh, you neeeed it!


  3. this is too cute! I love your e and me posts. and those platforms are awesome.

    quick question: do you create these type of collages through photoshop? or is there another, simpler way of doing it?

  4. colleen

    #1 has your name written all over it. love it.

  5. That swimsuit is super cute AND super see-through :(
    I love these e and me posts!! Keep them coming <3

  6. Lyndall

    Zara have the best children's clothes! I kind of wish everything from their little girl's section was in my size.

  7. Love the swimsuit & edible paint yum!

  8. dying for those flatforms!

  9. I love the sunnies!!! super cute list!!!

  10. Oh my starry eyes, those shoes are awesome! And now only if I was a tyke again I could safely get to painting and eating (this time without fear of lead poisoning)!


  11. Love the color of that swimsuit!

  12. Edible finger paint? That's brilliant! Everything should be edible when kiddos are concerned, I say.

    xo Shalan

  13. okay, i am drooling over those blue shoes. that color is beautiful and totally awesome. love this post! xo

  14. Finger paint is an amazing idea,gonna try it for sure!

  15. Bleinch

    Everything is sooooooo cute!

  16. I'm actually craving those shirley platforms, but apparently they're no longer available in the whole world!!!!
    … supercute baby girl dresses, we often buy zara's for Dahlia.

    Have a nice day!!!!!

    Alessandra and Dahlia!!!

  17. I thought "what a simple toy" about the xylophone but we were at the store and my son LOVED IT. So we bought him one for his birthday. He likes to bang, I mean play music on it all the time.

  18. Hannah

    love the shades!



  19. Amy

    I love all of these, so summery!

  20. Ashley

    Yes…those platforms are simply AWESOME. Love 'em.

  21. there is NOTHING like the joy if finding an awesome one-piece, huh?! those are so darn cute!!!

  22. anthropologie has the best swimsuits! you'd look gorgeous in that one. great picks!

  23. that little dress (#6) is so cute!

  24. Olya

    I love your E&Me; series. I'm coveting those Jeffrey Campbell shoes too… Sold out everywhere… Oh, well, it's good to dream , right?

    XO, Olya


  25. Very cute baby purse! And agreed, I ordered my little a casual breezy dress from them last week. I can't wait to get my anxious little hands on it!

  26. oh wow. that anthropologie swimsuit is amazing! Is it crazy that I'm about to spend nearly $200 on a swimsuit?!

  27. I stumbled upon ur blog via homies awards and I was not able to stop until I finished reading all posts
    back to back..and today i sighed like i finished a grt book …i have to say tht i luv all the little things that make u you!Love ur cute family and cant wait to see ur new addition!thank u for all the inspiration..u really rock…

  28. {Liana}

    Cute post:)

  29. Love the swimsuit you chose

  30. i've been seeing these platforms everywhere! drooling! and that bright neon swimsuit is gorgeous!!
    xo TJ

  31. those shoes are so you! i wish i could pull off platforms. p.s. i so wish that zara dress came in grown-up sizes!

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  33. Love it all! The family and I are heading to DC this weekend,what are the top sites to see? Do you know any Easter events hapening? Any advice is appreciated! [email protected] Thanks!!

  34. alex

    These are too cute! That little purse is adorable!