1. Nossa, sua filha é uma graça, linda mesmo, adoro seus posts, sempre que posso dou uma olhada, parabéns!!

  2. Demelza

    Oh wauw, how cute is she!! It might me time to buy her her own iPhone as soon as shes talking.. Just joking ;)

  3. audrey

    just too cute…

  4. my nephew who is almost 3 knows how to maneuver an iphone…it's hilarious : )

  5. alma

    My son is 2 1/2 and its like I'm watching him. He learned early on how to unlock the phone go to you tube and watch Kipper the Dog. He also knows how to take pictures and play vide!!! Crazy, he is like a sponge. E is just like him :)

  6. C & M

    wow you should submit this to apple for a commercial! they'd love a baby using their product. so funny.

  7. C & M

    wow you should submit this to apple for a commercial! they'd love a baby using their product. so funny.

  8. I just LOVE watching these little ones figure things out. We're expecting our second in October and I can't wait to start all over again!

  9. Nora

    haha. how cute is she?!


  10. Carlyn

    my goodness she is adorable! :)


  11. Lottie

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  12. Lottie

    So cute–when did she become so grown up?

  13. Anna

    this is seriously the CUTEST thing i have ever seen. She is so adorable! Love watching your family grow :) Can't wait for more adorable videos!



  14. My 1 year old is also obsessed with my iphone. He's always trying to steal that and my water bottle. I think its because they are the 2 things I always have with me. He figures they must be good stuff.

  15. next time make this at least three minutes long because she is so dang cute. my son too loves the iphone as well. such a different generation, right?

  16. adorable!

  17. Aizzing

    so cute! all babies love the iPhone. my baby nephew is literally drooling on his mama's iPhone everytime and wouldn't let go of it…

  18. This is so adorable! What is the song playing??

  19. In 2 days she will know how to use Instagram ;)

  20. L.

    Can't stop watching this video!!! I've seen it almost 5 times (obliging my boyfriend too)…she's adorable!!!!

    kisses from Italy!

  21. Emily M

    i love this. please put more videos of your adorable baby girl!!

  22. kimdean

    oohhh i could just squeeze her she's so cuteeee! and i have a son her age, but she is still such a doll baby. ah!

  23. Soooooooooooooooooooooo precious!!! :) Lovely!

    xoxo: Csilla

  24. So stinkin cute I just love these little videos!!

  25. Emily M

    it sounds like she's saying night night!! so cute

  26. That is halirious. Funny how little Toddlers love phones

  27. Esmee

    OH NO! nothing can ever ever be cuter than this.. how will any cute kid ever top this :P? shes so adorable!

  28. Oh she is just precious! And so bright!

  29. Sounds like Satyajit Ray to me. Love this amazing moment.

  30. This melts my heart, she is SO cute!! x

  31. Adorable! AND she's probably more proficient at working an iphone than I am…

  32. my kids have always been obsessed with our phones… even my son who just turned one. he's already starting to figure out how it works and demands to have it very loudly if he sees it!

  33. yep. the darjeeling limited soundtrack is just right.

  34. you need to send this to apple. it would be the cutest commercial ever!

  35. Maren

    your daughter is just soooo cute! :)

  36. Allyson

    I just held my 12 month old and showed him this video… He does the same thing! all. the. time. and out of no where his little outgoing demeanor became so shy and flirty as he watched Eleanor. We watched it about five times ;) We love your blog!

    Sweet babies!

  37. Brandee

    Cutest little thing! I adore you baby E

  38. Cathi


  39. OMG! How old is she in this video?
    My daughter is 14 months old and she does the exact same thing with our iphones!!!!
    Techno babies! :P