dress that bump!

during my last pregnancy with eleanor, i didn’t buy any maternity clothes. it was a fun challenge to make my current wardrobe work around the bump for as long as i could, and somehow i managed to get away with it until the very end (thanks to lots of flowy and empire waist dresses.)
but with 10-ish weeks left in my current pregnancy, most of those dresses that worked around my bump last time are getting a bit more snug this time around. i’ve gotten a lot of emails and comments from readers asking where i shop for maternity clothing. i’m still trying to get away without buying too many maternity pieces (the maternity clothing i love is on the more expensive side for me and it’s hard to justify spending a lot of money on something i can only wear a few times…) but below are a few of the brands i’ve found that i just adore when it comes to maternity pieces…
*please note that this is NOT a sponsored post. i’m just sharing a few brands that i’ve come across that have caught my eye and thought might be helpful to share with those of you who have inquired about maternity clothing. :)

HATCH COLLECTION— ideal because the adorable clothing works with or without a baby bump! i actually own this trench coat from the collection and can see myself wearing it year round, regardless of a baby bump!

i snagged this dress a few weeks ago on GILT (the brand is pure t maternity) and saw this morning that it’s back on GILT again this week! i have been living in this dress! it’s on the cheaper end ($58!) and beyond comfortable and flattering.

i just discovered MORE OF ME MATERNITY a few months ago. will you look at those adorable dresses? if i could wear a dress like that everyday i wouldn’t mind staying pregnant year round. ;)

ASOS is always a reliable source for fashionable maternity clothing, too. the blouses above are perfect for a spring baby bump. also, they’re such great prices.
what are your favorite maternity brands?
  1. I really wish they didn't just slap a fake baby bump on these ultra skinny models. ugh

  2. I'm so glad there are more maternity clothes options nowdays! Thanks for sharing, I haven't heard of most of these brands before. When I was pregnant, the majority of my clothes came from Gap or Old Navy Maternity.

  3. Elise

    I adore hatch! That trench coat is amazing!


  4. Amanda

    I love ASOS, it's also SUPER affordable. Great postmama!! I wish I would have known that when I was prego with my Stella!

    ox, amanda


  5. Laura

    Oh my! This totally makes me want to get pregnant again. But then my 1 and 2.5yr old remind me that: no, no I don't. Not yet anyway. (PS, as a mom of kids 17mo apart, it'll be awesome and you'll do great!)

  6. all those dresses are so cute!

  7. thrift stores have TONS of maternity options: huge vintage tie tops, maxi skirts, an actual maternity section. i bought all my stuff at savers last time. loved it!

  8. Crystal

    what a great post! Love your blog and these dresses are (almost) making me want to get pregnant again!

  9. Kimba

    naomi, i've been eyeing that gilt dress for weeks – is it true to size? and long enough? (also lds…) i'm just a few weeks behind you and wondering if i want to grab it or not. :) thanks!!!

  10. Sarah

    As much as I'd feel like one hot momma, I don't know if I could say I'd be ok with being pregnant all year round. I think my husbands sanity would get tested since I snore while pregnant lol oops did I type that out loud? ;)

    – Sarah
    A Girl In Transit

  11. Atalie

    Thank you so much for posting about being pregnant! WIth so many preggo friends everywhere, it is so nice for them to have references to read! Thanks!

  12. Atalie

    Thank you so much for posting about being pregnant! WIth so many preggo friends everywhere, it is so nice for them to have references to read! Thanks!

  13. Why did I not find this place when I was pregnant? Dangit!! I will definitely be shopping here next time. Thanks for sharing! xxo

  14. so cute!!!! i still actually wear some of my maternity dresses belted, or w/ a shirt overtop… makes me feel better about spending the money on them:)

    these are SO cute though! my gosh! makes me want to be pregnant again! kind of…

  15. Some of these pieces make me look forward to being pregnant one day :)

  16. These are absolutely adorable – I might just pretend to be preggers so I can wear them :)

  17. M & J

    The clearance rack at Gap Maternity is your friend.

  18. M & J

    The clearance rack at Gap Maternity is your friend.

  19. I have also gone throughout my pregnancy without buying any maternity clothes (except 2 pairs of pants) I like the thought of being able to wear them after I'm pregnant too so I've bought lots of flowy threads as well! 3 more weeks left til this bun makes his appearance!


  20. Bev

    Cute cute maternity clothes, much better than the days our mothers were pregnant!

  21. love the clothes! I look forward to wearing this when I get married and have a baby!!! thanks for the continuous inspiration!!

  22. Gorgeous maternity clothes! Love the Hatch Collection!

  23. asos has great pants. They have stretch on the sides and elastic inside that you can loosen as you get bigger. They don't look like maternity pants either because they have a zip and button.

    I bought the date night dress from Hatch, I love it!

  24. I love Isabella Oliver's maternity collection. I was going to order a bunch of items when I was pregnant, but then I had a miscarriage. :( I'm hoping to need to buy some maternity clothes soon!

  25. Definitely saving this list! I wore mostly LOFT while pregnant. They have a maternity line, but most of their blouses and dresses fit well with a bump if you go up a size1

    Along Abbey Road

  26. jones

    I think that I need to own that hatch jumpsuit regardless of whether n is lucky enough to get a sibling. sooooo good.

  27. Olivas

    I like tight dress for pregnant woman because I think that the bump is lovely!!!!

  28. I'm with you. I try to spend as little as possible on maternity clothes. But I'm cursed with a small torso, so I had to at the end (and I only made it to 35 weeks!). I did Gap sales. :-) The cheaper the better for me. I'm the frugal CFO in our home.

  29. I want to steal that slouch dress for myself! Its beautiful!! You have the best "mommy" figure! Jealous!

  30. even though these are lovely, i love the idea of NOT buying maternity clothes and doing as little as possible to buy into the baby-bump-industry that is so rampant and flagrant these days. i think that long flowy dresses are the best way to go and luckily i have lots of those in my closet already. so far i haven't bought one single NEW item or any maternity stuff; that being said…i do LOVE the tight dresses and how they show off the bump and they weren't something i normally had in my closet. so just yesterday i thrifted a tight, striped dress (not maternity, but stretchy) and it looks super cute over my bump. i have had a lot of fun being creative with clothes and pregnancy; it becomes addictive. thrift stores really help! being pregnant is the BEST FEELING ON EARTH. congrats to you radiant mama!

  31. Lyndall

    I'm nearly 37 weeks with my first and I've managed not to buy any maternity clothes! Being pregnant through summer I have just lived in maxi-dresses. It's getting to the stage now where I'm getting stuck for ideas… I'm not going to be pregnant much longer do I'm trying to work with what I have :) I'm hoping some of the looser tops and dresses I've been wearing will look nice with a belt post-baby.

    My one purchase that I recommend is a good maternity bra! It's changed my life finding one that fits and is really supportive.

  32. The Hatch maternity clothes is all beautiful, I just wish a dress didn't cost $300

    Thanks for posting less expensive options too. I'm sure there are far more important things to spend money on than an overpriced dress.

  33. gorgeous ! i totally agree with not spending money on clothing you will only wear a handful of times … i found that with my second pregnancy i wore different clothing to my first because it was a different season … for my third pregnancy i will totally check these sites out ! i have sent this on to all of my pregnant friends … hope they ship to Oz !



  34. teeny

    I hope I can be as successful as you were and not have to purchase any maternity clothes :)


  35. Alexia

    My cousin and I are similar sizes, so she passed her clothes on to me-and I added a few pieces from Gap, ASOS, and Target-and then passed them on, to another friend, who has passed them back, with a few more pieces! They are waiting for the next momma bump in my family and friends!
    American Apparel interlock high waisted skirt is your friend, as is Forever 21 for leggings and mini dresses for shirts! So cheap and both wearable after pregnancy as the weight fluctuates.

  36. Alisha

    I wouldn't say any of that is on the cheaper end! I'd cry having to pay $58 for a dress. I'm a $10-$25 kinda girl. :)

  37. Mariana

    Hi Taza:) I was shopping around for shoes and I saw some shoes that reminded me of you, idk why but I think they are your style. Anyway you should go check them out it's an online store called sole society. The coral Phebe shoe reminded me of you:) I'm not a sponsor or anything those shoes just reminded me of you:) anyway hope your family is doing well y'all are all so beautiful:)

  38. Isabella Oliver – not that cheap but you won't regret any purchase – makes you feel a million dollars and all very flattering.

    H&M; does great maternity jeans which are cheap.

  39. I didn't buy too much maternity clothes for my pregnancy either. I had two pair of pants and I wore them into oblivian so I'd have to re shop anyway for baby 2. The next pregnancy I think I would have more fun with the maternity fashion because once you wear your clothes pregnant it can be hard to want to wear them not pregnant.

  40. Olya

    I'm with you too :) I used the "rubber-band on the button" method. Extra-stretchy denim ( most of my pregnancies ended in winter/early spring. Except for the last one – in early september) , extra long tanks and flowy blouses. Fashion was with me last season, and oversized tops + empire waists really helped. The only fashion trend I was jealous of were high wasted jeans. But I made up for it after the baby :) My offer is still intact – just email. :)


  41. Thanks so much for posting these! My clothes are getting snug, and I wasn't going to buy maternity clothes and just try to find a way around my wardrobe— mostly because all the maternity stores I went to did not have cute clothes! I am so glad to have links to stylish stores— Naomi Davis approved :) haha. Thank you thank you thank you!

  42. zen mom

    What great clothes! I went sans maternity wardrobe for my bean, as well! I fear the next time around, I will have to get over my fear of maternity-wear! Thank you for posting, I'm always looking for things I can wear during and post bump!

  43. Vang

    During my pregnancies, I coveted Isabella Oliver, but couldn't bring myself splurge on those items. However, I did splurge on two A Pea in a Pod stretchy t-shirts that I still wear nine months postpartum.

  44. i just had a baby last week! During my pregnancy, I loved Hatch but couldn't afford it. I found that H&M; had a small but great collection of maternity clothing. I bought the same dress in multiple sizes to see me through the trimesters.

  45. I LOVE the striped dress by pure t maternity! so cute.

  46. Corinne

    I like GAP! On my fifth pregnancy, I felt guilty splurging on some cute maternity clothes but it was so worth it. It helped me feel cute and not so frumpy. I think I almost enjoyed the pregnancy better because I tried to look cuter. You are the cutest pregnant lady ever!

  47. Very lucky that here in Aus we have some cheap maternity clothes, but this time around I bought from ASOS & just wore my normal clothes as I had more of a bump than anything.

  48. ASOS was my maternity fashion lifesaver. Everyone thought I had somehow squeezed my tummy into regular clothes and were always so shocked to learn fashionable maternity wear existed. I'm still holding onto every piece in case I have another bump!

  49. I've got 13 weeks left and Asos is my go to store, so far. I am still sooo anti-maternity clothes, but I don't mind Asos because the clothes are just so stylish and don't look so "maternity". Plus I can still get use out of the items after baby arrives. You look so adorable always and your little one is cute as a button! :)

  50. Tara

    I love ASOS! Thanks for the ideas! It's soo hard finding something cute, comfortable, and fashionable when pregnant! Have you seen the gowns you can wear while delivering your baby? You should check them out! I like http://www.purpleberrystork.com 's. Good luck with your baby!

  51. soyphet

    I don't have a bump to dress, but thanks for sharing this! I love the ideas and I think ASOS is my new favorite!

  52. Those shops have adorable clothes, but what about something for someone who doesn't have $100+ to spend on a t-shirt??