charlottesville, va. part II + a few instagrams.

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alrighty! here’s the last of the photos from charlottesville!
and who knew so many of you have connections to charlottesville or UVA! so cool. it’s definitely a little city i wouldn’t mind ending up in… but maybe that’s because it’s ten o’clock at night right now and while i should be heading to bed, all i can think about is a bodo’s bagel. ;)

…and here are a few instagrams from charlottesville.
{if you’d like to follow along on our instagram adventures,
we’re @taza and @tiesandfries.}
the end!
  1. Kym

    Aw :) i love that that tulip is about the size of her face

  2. I love your umbrella and dress! Too adorable. I can only hope I love as gorgeous as you when I'm all knocked up :)

  3. Megan

    Your whole family is beautiful! Little Eleanor belongs in movies :) Thanks for sharing Naomi.

    Megan @ Storybook Love Affair

  4. LOVE that picture of you pregnant with the umbrella.

  5. Cady

    What a cute little city! And a cute little family.

  6. Lyndsay

    Lovely pictures! Eleanor is the cutest little girl, the picture of her smelling the flowers is adorable!

  7. Look at her face, right in that tulip! Love it :)

  8. looks like such a lovely city and a fun time! Eleanor is too cute!

  9. Everything is so cute.Have a great weekend!!!

  10. Love these! The hubs and I are thinking of vacationing in VA and this is now on my list!


  11. kLr

    The Instagrams are fantastic!
    I LOVE the one of Eleanor pointing to the little boy and the one of her sticking her nose in the tulip!


    ~Kirsten from

  12. That first picture is to die for! But I'm a sucker for babies with their daddies :)

  13. Love the umbrella photos! The last photo of Eleanor with her face consumed in a flower is too precious.

  14. Golly you are the most gorgeous pregnant woman alive!!


  15. Priya

    Eleanor could not be any cuter. That picture of her with the flowers is precious! You should totally frame that one!

  16. your photographs are always so beautiful! i always want to move or visit wherever you are. you are so convincing. and i've never had these bagels before, but now i find myself craving them! yum!
    xo TJ

  17. Loulou

    Nice pictures. Looks like a great place. The face-in-the-tulip picture is priceless!


  18. i cant get over how gorgeous your family is! can't wait to virtually meet the newest addition, im sure he'll be a handsome lad :)

    xo the egg out west.

  19. Gaby

    oh that photo of eleanor smelling the tulip is too sweet! and i adore your outfits x

  20. Dianna

    how cute is E sticking her face in the flower!

  21. She is sooooooooooo precious. I am in love with the tulip picture. I am glad to see you enjoyed your trip!

  22. Such great pics…all of them…but the picture with the tulips just kills me

  23. Oh my gosh, I just love that little photo of Eleanor digging her head into a tulip. There are no words to describe your little family!

  24. Eleanor is sooo adorable!

  25. These photo's are beautiful! I love looking at what you post on IG throughout the day! So much fun!

    You make a beautiful pregnant woman, and Eleanor is getting so big and independent! She'll make an awesome little sister!

    Enjoy the rest of your trip in Florida! :)

  26. Love these!! I love C-ville SO much.. my brother and his girlfriend are graduating from UVA next month! I can't wait to go up! Bodo's is AMAZING.. probably my favorite place! Also, Archers is an AMAZING ice cream place.. definitely recommend it if you didn't go there this time!

  27. Kate

    Love love love these pictures! Will have to visit Charlottesville some time now :)

    Kate {Something Fabulous}


  28. The photo of you holding the umbrella? Makes me happy just looking at it! While I haven't been following the blog for long, it really looks like pregnancy suits you :) I'm also jealous of your denim jacket, have I mentioned that already? :P Rhi xx

  29. A & E

    Such great photos, what a life! :) I'm also on instagram : @ohflan. I follow your feed, it's as amazing as your blog! (",)

  30. That town looks so COZY & FUN. I def gotta go! You all look SUPER ADORABLE as always. Hope your having fun in FLORIDA :)



  32. Haha, I love how E's whole little face fits into the tulip, great shot.

  33. I love the last picture of Eleanor with her whole face (almost) inside the tulip! That is sooo cute. You must put that in a frame :)

  34. Oooh… That first pic of Josh and Eleanor, gorgeous! And I have never seen a more beautiful pregnant lady! x

  35. Mariana


  36. Charlottesville is a great town. Your photos are as precious as ever!

  37. Haha that picture of E with the butter is so funny! And you must tell us where you got that umbrella.

  38. what cute pictures!! we have family that lives in fredericksburg and we made the trip to charlottesville and monticello during one of our visits. even the drive out there is gorgeous. virginia is such a beautiful state!

  39. that last piture of eleanor with the tulip is darling!
    xo, cheyenne

  40. amazing photos!looks like it was so much fun!

  41. Sheryl

    Now I want to go to Charlottesville. Thanks for sharing!

  42. Everything is so cute. Have a fab weekend! P.S. Naomi if you find a sec can you share what is the make of your stroller. Cheerio.

  43. &&& have to say this, photo of E smelling tulip just melt my heart :) Lovely

  44. soyphet

    Your pictures are beautiful!I especially love your outfit with the jean jacket, white dress, and heels. I've been to the downtown mall there and really enjoyed the quaint feel of the area.

  45. You are the most stylish mummy to be I ve ever seen!!!!Love your blog!kisses

  46. I have been reading your blog for so long now but I don't ever comment. Your little family are gorgeous and I think you must have the most photogenic baby ever- my little girl is a tiny bit older than eleanor and you cannot get her to look at the camera now she is walking!


  47. Sylvie

    You are all so darling. You sure rock the belly well! And your bag. I love that bag. I've been looking around for one just like it, to use for my camera. Would you mind sayin where its from? I'd be pleased!

  48. i loooove your instagram!

  49. Nisha

    These pictures are adorable!

  50. Adelyn

    I grew up in Charlottesville and moved away less than a year ago. Seeing you in some of my favorite places (downtown mall…the lawn…monticello…and definitely Bodo's!) makes me so crazy sad and happy at the same time. :) The city is beautiful – downtown especially! Did you stop at the chaps on the downtown mall? It's a favorite of mine! I love that town.

    [email protected]

  51. I love the last photo with the flower! Too cute! Looks like you had a great time there! :)

  52. Emily

    Butter makes everything better. E is on the right track. Haha

  53. eleanor smelling the flower…oh my goodness. she is no longer a little baby; she is her own little person!

  54. that photo of you with the umbrella is one of your cutest yet! i just think you look so beautiful pregnant. you are glowing. (and eleanor sticking her dear face into that flower is pretty priceless.)

  55. Sum

    The picture of E and the red tulip is by far my favourite. :)

  56. Ohhh that's just too cute! I LOVE you and your adorable family! You're not lucky, you're blessed!

    Here is my blog if you want to take a look!


  57. The moments you capture are just absolutely decadent! I wish I could get in that habit of snapping at all times – it's something I am constantly trying to get better at. Document, document, document.

  58. Your trip looks lovely. Such a cute town.

    Little E looks as adorable as ever.

    C x

  59. I love the flowers that you put in E's hair. Can I ask where you get them at? I just found out I am having a little girl in September!

  60. Haha.. I love reading your blog! Your family is so gorgeous and I'm always inspired, whether through fashion, traveling, cooking, babies! or whatever! Thanks so much for a little glimpse into your life! :)

  61. Beautiful pictures!
    I'm a huge fan of yours!

  62. Looks like you all eat at some mighty fine places! You should put together a city guide with your fave. places…. ;) Thanks for sharing!

  63. cami

    you always have the cutest pictures! Where and when is your little sister serving her mission? I just got my mission call to Pocatello Idaho!

  64. This warms my heart! I live in Cville and took my husband to the Local for his birthday. It was so delish. And Bodos, oh Bodos. Someone's always bringing bagels into the office and the smell drives me wild. Happy to see you had a charming weekend!

  65. Anna

    haha I see a little butter mustache. :) what a cutie.

  66. Abby

    Love that you visited! I live on the same street as The Local. It's wonderful to be able to walk there (although probably not so wonderful for our wallets). Glad that you had a nice time here!

  67. I'm visiting a friend in Charlottesville at the end of May, i can't wait to see what you've snapped! Looks so fun!

  68. So cute Taza.
    Thank you for sharing all these cute pictures of your family.

  69. Lauren

    mmhm! love charlottesville and Bodo's!

  70. Mandy

    Being born and raised in Charlottesville, there is nothing else I have ever had that can compare to a Bodo's bagel! Glad you enjoyed the city!

  71. your hair is amazing in the picture of you with the unbrella and that picture of eleanor smelling the tulip is precious!

  72. Lisa

    I live in C'ville and have a funny Bodo's story: when I was in childbirth class wiht my first daughter, the instructor used different comparisons for dilation. For 10 cm, she said it was "like the size of a Bodo's bagel!". Ever since then, every time I go to or drive past a Bodo's, I think of being 10cm dilated LOL!

    Glad you had such a nice time in our lovely city!

  73. Daisy

    I moved away from Charlottesville last year – I miss it so much!

  74. love Cvegas! my hometown!

  75. Krista

    I just discovered your blog this morning. It's so precious! I love Charlottesville, too. That tulip pic is just too much.