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a few more photos i meant to share last week but never got around to sharing (oh the things on my to-do list that never actually happen… ever.) thanks again to my sweet friend carissa for taking these. and thanks to all of you for the kind comments on this post when i shared the first few photos from carissa and also some personal thoughts on motherhood. your comments and emails meant so much. i wish i had the time to respond to them all (on that big to-do list!) so thank you.
all photos by carissa gallo.
  1. Kim

    beautiful mother and daughter. I can't wait for this to happen for me one day..

    found the route

  2. i agree with the above comment!

  3. These are gorgeous. Awesome maternity and baby shots!

  4. Beautiful photos! You 2 are so gorgeous xo

  5. she is adorable.
    and you look WONDERFUL mamma!

  6. These photos are so perfect, it makes me want to take cute pictures with my twins (someday when I'll have some time, I have the same huge to-do list as you). Your post on motherhood was very inspiring. I started following your blog because you are LDS just like I am, and I feel very close to the way you feel. Now that I have my two little boys, and now that I have felt what being a mother is, I just don't want to stop having babies :)
    You are a great source of inspiration for me.

  7. Carly

    these photos are so beautiful. and gosh, E's little eager face. she's so beautiful, naomi!

  8. Each are so beautiful! My favorite is the last of little E!

  9. your family is stunning! i love these! and eleanor will love them!

  10. these are such beautiful photos! little eleanor just keeps getting cuter and cuter! her little face takes my breath away sometimes.

  11. Amelia

    oh my goodness, that second one is just out of this world cute!

  12. You three are so completely perfectly adorable!

  13. Oh wow, these are just amazing. You make me want to have a family!

  14. Gentri

    Absolutely. Adorable.

  15. leyla.

    a family that read together, stays together :) your friend has a beautiful blog as well!

  16. colleen

    wow. those first two pictures are beyond cure (especially with her big open mouth and her little face as she's crawling towards the camera) and just such great captures. way to go carissa.

  17. Leny

    Extremely sweet photographs! :)

  18. so precious. you girlies are SO DERN cute! thank you for sharing. carissa did a killer job.

  19. Olya

    Beautiful! Have you seen the glow.com? ( or something like that, can't remember ) you remind me of that heavenly light. Beautiful. And I wish you we closer so that we could hang out in person :) xo to you and yours!



  20. Sarah

    Oh my goodness so sweet!!

  21. Eleanor is such a little ham. To cute! And you look beautiful, Mama!

  22. AMAZING PICTURES, that's for sure.

  23. these are so cute!

  24. Olga

    So beautiful! For the longest time I wondered who Eleanor looked like and it's clear now that she's a daddy's girl! Loving her little side bangs!


  25. janis

    you + eleanor are such beauties!

  26. these are beautiful!

  27. truly lovely photographs.

    not to be completely vain, but i have to ask where your jersey dress is from? i would legitimately live in those in every color.

    again, gorgeous images, gorgeous family!


  28. Lemanie

    Aww these are so beautiful! Your daughter is so pretty! What wonderful moments you have! =)

  29. Ah that second and last photo — I die!!! You have THE cutest baby girl I have ever seen. I hope I have one that cute one day! ;)

  30. gorgeous! your bump is adorable

  31. kate xx

    Just beautiful Naomi! :) x

  32. Lovely pictures. You are making me very jealous of that beautiful baby bump ( I also have a little toddler), but I know it's harder than it looks :)

  33. lovely photos!! you look so pretty with both your children!

  34. beautiful pictures :)

  35. I'm going to be really annoying and tell you for the umpteenth time just how freaking CUTE she is.

  36. Kate

    Your photos are just always so adorable and sweet! You look like the perfect mother and Eleanor looks like the perfect, cutest little daughter! I always feel so jealous of your life, it seems so wonderful. x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  37. eleanor is so adorable!!

  38. Hanna V

    omg these are the cutest pictures!! Your baby is very pretty, she looks always so happy!

  39. D.

    the two of you are so pretty and happy!


    with love from Mademoiselle Meese

  40. beautyfull & sweet!! i love them.. :) love from swiss

  41. megan

    These are SO beautiful! I am so excited for Eleanor to grow up because she gets prettier every day. I especially love love love the second and last photo, hopefully I will also have pictures like that of my future family.. they are just, amazing :)

  42. Madri

    These are beautiful :)

  43. Beautiful! Such a wonderful family you have!

  44. Loes

    Okay, I admit it.
    On days when I didn't have anything planned, I scrolled back to the beginning of your blog. I read EVERY post. Every.single.post.

    Sidenote: After each reading session, I felt like eating pizza.

    Back to the point: I couldn't refrain myself from commenting now, because I think Eleanor's feet on the third picture (with the milkshake) are too adorable and I want to eat them.

  45. oh my, she's just a little piece of perfection! gorgeous photos.

  46. Beautifu pictures :) You guys are a cute little family ! :)

  47. this lovely mood, that invisible but super strong connection between mother and her kids… IS NEVER ENDING…

  48. Smotzy


  49. Hannah

    you two are two of the most beautiful girls in the world. you all look so happy and cute little Eleanor is always smiling. I love these photos and you three, well five, make my day soo often and because of you i sometimes can't wait to have an own family, but i have to wait for it… only 10-15 years ^^

  50. Julia

    You've got the prettiest cutie ever!
    Ahhhh…. reading your blog makes me call my bf and 'I want a babyyyy' :)

  51. Saar

    those really are beautiful photos! They made me smile! You seem like you have a lovely home! I really like this blog! :D

  52. Seriously Naomi, these pictures are so gorgeous, they give me baby fever… x

  53. Seriously Naomi, these pictures are so gorgeous, they give me baby fever… x

  54. Wahy

    I am sooooo happy reading your blog.
    from when you just got married with Josh, then adopted Kingsley, then you got pregnant! I was so excited bout how awesome your baby would be, and now you are about to have another baby. I am really wishing for a family like yours one day.

  55. these pictures are beautiful, and what a lovely keepsake…the last photo is lovely!!

  56. Adorbs! I love them!

  57. Cutest little monkey. Ever.

  58. Can't take my eyes of you both!

  59. love you both… keep reading this diary for years now and… just a personal request.. you never write about the diasappointements or the unhappy thoughts and worries… i mean it s your right to share what you want.. but i would like to hear these as well… sometimes i admit that i wish i had such a perfect life full of love and a baby … but i d like to see the whole part of you.. :)

    a big kiss to this cute cute gorgeous, beautiful baby girl of yours :)

  60. Mariela

    Lovely photos like always : ) , have a lovely day!

  61. Jessica

    omg soooo sweet! ♥♥♥♥

  62. Teresa

    These pictures are so beautiful..

  63. Madenci

    amazing photos, so warm. i like following your blog. your daughter is very sweet and happy child. congratulations on your pregnancy.

  64. Your dress fits perfect for a baby bump. HUGS

  65. Rebecca

    So, so sweet! My favorite is the second one.

  66. aww, these are gorgeous!
    you both look so happy.
    xo, cheyenne

  67. kLr

    My favorite is the two milk photo shots next to each other! So sweet and fun!

    Kirsten from mylifetintedpink.blogspot.com

  68. ErinMSW

    Oh my goodness. Your little one is such a beauty! I just love that first photo – it always makes my heart happy to see a baby who loves to read!

  69. Ashley

    It's so beautiful seeing the two of you together reading and eating and loving the mother daughter time. :)

  70. Jill

    I cannot get over these photos. They are perfect and beautiful! I also love that they are just so real. I love the excitement in your daughter's face! It reminds me of my son, I just wish I could capture it like this…

    So precious!

  71. morgan

    so sweet and beautiful. I love her photos!

  72. Wow, these are truly stunning. Just a momma in her natural habitat. :)

  73. Melissa

    Those photos are precious and you two have such an amazing bond. I love it

  74. Bimba

    Qué hermosura de niña!!!!

    Un beso desde Argentina!


  75. leigh

    wow… these photos are so lovely. Eleanor is just a doll…. and so are you ;)

  76. Jessica

    These photos are awesome. You and your daughter are beautiful.
    I can't wait for this to be someday.
    I want nothing more than a lovely life.
    Thanks for sharing!!


  77. kwistin

    i love all of these.

    but that one of her coming toward the camera on the bed? aggh!! she has the sweetest expression!

    that's one of my favorite things about eleanor. she has such an expressive personality and i know that cuz it's always evidenced on her face. what a sweetheart! and you are lovely as always, of course. :)