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a few more photos i meant to share last week but never got around to sharing (oh the things on my to-do list that never actually happen… ever.) thanks again to my sweet friend carissa for taking these. and thanks to all of you for the kind comments on this post when i shared the first few photos from carissa and also some personal thoughts on motherhood. your comments and emails meant so much. i wish i had the time to respond to them all (on that big to-do list!) so thank you.
all photos by carissa gallo.
  1. Olya

    I came back for the 10th time since yesterday night… this last one and the one on the bed melt my heart…so beautiful.


  2. @stephanie, my jersey dress is from jcrew.

    @sophey- lou, really? because that last post on motherhood was all about my worries of having two babies when i 've been loving my time with e. i'm sorry you feel that way. i have never claimed to have the perfect life but like to focus on the positive. it's just makes my days that much better.

    thanks for the sweet words, everyone!

  3. Rhianne

    oh my, the last and second photo are just perfect, you have one pretty little girl Naomi :)

  4. Chelsea

    these are so sweet. i love the coloring.

  5. {Liana}

    Very sweet photos:)

  6. These photos are amazing!

    @naomi- Where ever did you get that awesome cardigan? Please do tell! It is the perfect knit cardigan for spring! (in my humble opinion!)

  7. Kristin

    Oh, that one where Eleanor is crawling towards the camera is precious; she looks so mischievous!

  8. I think these are my all time favourite photos you've ever posted! So beautiful, the pair of you! And your hair looks fab.x

  9. These are so sweet and personal!!

  10. E is SO beautiful!! And so are you! I especially love the last photo. Just perfect.

  11. @the mrs. it's from H&M; a few seasons back! thank you!

  12. These are all so beautiful!!!


  13. So beautiful! Love the simplicity of the photos and all the love Carissa captured!

  14. Bridget

    that last picture of e and you needs to be blown up huuuuuge somewhere.

    that's my two cents.

    beautiful pictures.

  15. Atalie

    I am in love with your photos. You make me want to be a mom so badly and that is not good seeing as I have only been married 7 months! Your blog is very dear to my heart, and is helping so many pregnant friends! Please keep posting tips and tricks for them!
    Much Love

  16. I have three boys and your beautiful little girl makes me want a little girl so bad! Love the photos.

  17. Elaine

    LOVE! These are amazing!

  18. Where is your grey dress from? It looks so comfortable.

  19. Eleanor just has the sweetest face ever! You two are both beautiful :)

  20. Slavica

    Hello! I really love your blog. Beautiful family!!
    I've been eyeing your sweater for a while – any chance you could tell me where you got it?
    I really appreciate it.
    My best,

  21. Karin

    i just can't get over how sweet these are. carissa is such a talented photographer!

  22. HEAB

    The last one is my favorite. :)

  23. Shahn

    How do you always look so amazing all the time? I'm jealous :)

    Your blog is so adorable. I love that you constantly talk about motherhood, the blessings and the trials that come with it. As Sister Beck encouraged us to do, you are truly leading the women of the world.

  24. You are such an adorable mommy! One day I hope to be just like you hehe ;)


  25. Sabi

    OMG I love your blog! The photos are adorable ♥ Greetings from Germany!

  26. Gaia

    Fantastic…I have no other words!

  27. oh goodness, the one of her sharing the milk is beyond precious! trust me, we all understand those big to do lists. you just keep on working mama :)
    xo TJ

  28. I've been wanting to go all white in my bedroom lately (as in white walls-my walls are an awful depressing jail cell wall color right now; and my bedding). I'm having my first baby in October, and I was just wondering how white has worked with you and Eleanor (and Kingsley too, for that matter-I have two cats). Does the bedding tend to get dirtier faster? Just wondering is all :) Love you and your blog too by the way-I've been following for years.

  29. beautiful pictures! i'm expecting my first child in september, and i can't wait to do the things you do with your little girl.

    what brand high chair is that?

  30. kristi

    details on your sweater…please.

  31. Jenny

    This little lady E. is just the cutest babygirl I've ever seen.
    I hope if I have kids one day, they'll be the smily and cute as yout daughter…
    I wish you all the best with the little man groving inside you.

    XO, Jenny

  32. These pictures are so amazing! They look out from a magazzine! You both look so sweet!

  33. oh man. that last picture. that is the bee's knees. that's the killer! love them all.

  34. These pics are amazing!!

  35. oh my goodness, oh my goodness! can i steal her?!

  36. These photos warm my heart! She is an absolute angel!

  37. allison

    adorable photos!! you have a beautiful family!

  38. Anouk

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  39. alex

    Aw how adorable she is!

  40. Haylee

    The minute start thinking your daughter can't get any cuter, she does.

  41. Where did you buy this very cute cardigan sweater?? I see it in a lot of your pictures, looks so cozy and fashionable! Love your family! Thank for reading and answering comments :)