thank you!

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i just wanted to say thank you to everyone who voted for us and helped name rockstar diaries “best family blog 2012” in the homies awards. it has been such a delight to share bits and pieces of our family life on this blog the last few years. i’ve loved the friendships i have made through the blogging community, both on and offline. for the inspiration, courage and hope i have gained from reading many of your own blogs. and for the love, support, and encouragement i have felt from you as i blog right here.
thank you again! and thanks for reading…
  1. your eleanor is absolutely wonderful.

  2. I love the picture they have posted up on the "best family blog 2012" page, of you and your adorable little girl. So cute!

  3. thank you for sharing, so candidly and so beautifully, your life, naomi! xo.

  4. LMT

    Yay! You won! :-)

  5. kaitlyn

    Your blog is definitely one of my guilty pleasures :) It's daily inspiration for my little blog of my own! So thanks a bunch!

  6. OMG, where did you get those baby's shoes? my baby girl is coming and are so cute <3

  7. Anna

    congrats,yours really is the best family blog

  8. this is so sweet! you should google joakim noah from the chicago bulls, he always wears a crazy bun on his head (and so do i) and my boyfriend lovvves the team & noah is my favorite player! you'd love his bun.