something in the water…

i’m loving brooke fraser right now. what a sweet voice she has. and this darling little video is filled with so much personality and fun. also, gosh! does she make me want bangs again.
  1. She is the best! Her songs are always playing in my head, perfect background music for a sunny day! =)


  2. What a great song for me to play while I get ready this morning, thanks :)

  3. Latonya

    Yes, It's the perfect song for a nice day! The room with all the plants made my heart melt.
    P.s I love your blog. It seems so effortlessly beautiful.
    Please check my (family) blog out, when you have time.

  4. What a sweet video! My 18 month old started dancing when I pressed play :)

  5. abby

    she is one of my favorites! i love the song "flags." makes me cry my eyes out every single time.

  6. Maria

    Wow, she has an absoltuely beautiful voice!

  7. This song is a new favorite! Thanks so so much!!!

  8. Lovely song. Perfect for a Wednesday morning! :)

    xo Eden

  9. beautiful song!
    thanks for sharing!

  10. Oh my goodness, have loved her for so long! Finally got to see her live last year. She's amazing. One of those people you'd want to just hang out with. So lovely! All three of her albums are wonderful!

  11. Amie

    LOVE Brooke Fraser!!!

  12. I am so excited that kiwi (New Zealand) music has come so far!

    I have been reading your blog for a couple of years now ans am so stoked that you have posted kiwi music!

    Im from New Zealand and am showing all my friends this blog and especially now that you are passing on our music! I am so proud to be kiwi :)

  13. oh my gosh i've been playing this on repeat for days. :)

  14. i ADORE brooke fraser, ever since Judah was a tiny babe I would sing to him her song the "May Waltz" he now smiles when ever I put it on my iPhone :-)

  15. You rocked bangs!

  16. Ashley

    Thank you, thank you for introducing me to her! :)

  17. Hannah

    Such a sweet song :) this has improved my work filled day immensley! Thank you

  18. leigh

    oh wow… thank you for this introduction! adding brooke to my playlist!

  19. Jessi

    Beautiful song and she has such a beautiful sweet voice! What an amazing Christian music artist :)

  20. Sher

    I heart brooke;)

  21. Rachel

    I love how happy this is :)

  22. I found her a few months ago on one of my song purchasing sprees on iTunes, and have loved her ever since. SO great right?

  23. oh my! I looked her up in spotify and I'm loving every one of her songs! Thanks for the recommendation!

  24. Olga

    I liked the bangs on you! Very flattering.

  25. Megan

    You looked so cute with bangs! Cut them again!

  26. Kelsey

    Ironically, she has always reminded me of you! So adorable.

  27. I've first heard about her, when living in NZ. Her stuff back then was already great! And she is still growing to become even more amazing!

  28. Wow, that girl has some amazing lips. I love hearing new music that isn't mainstream.
    sincerely, s

  29. Erin

    I'd never heard of her until now! My 20-month-old daughter keeps requesting replays of the video!

  30. Casey

    Oh my oh my we loOoOove Brooke Fraser!!! …Well James doesn't love her as much as I do, but Shadowfeet and Albertine he loves along with me :) Happy listening!

  31. Leah

    She is my all time favourite. I saw her in concert after the release of that album and she was amazing!

  32. You and I are on the same wavelength with the bangs thing! I am THIS close to cutting them again. It is so hard when you've been dedicated to growing them out, just to cut them back again, ha.

    Along Abbey Road
    DownEast Basics Giveaway

  33. I love happy music :)
    and yeah, I'm feelin' the bang temptation as well.

  34. I'm really digging this song, thanks for sharing.
    I'd never heard of her, but I really like how cheerful, light, and soulful her song is.

    This song feels like an Anthropologie designed spring anthem.

    This song is going on repeat.

    :) Ewa

  35. And she is SO GREAT live too! Such a precious personality!

    <3 Brookie Fray Fray!

  36. Hilary

    and she's a Christian! Such a beautiful and fun song!

  37. Ims

    I'm a New Zealander! You posting this is exciting! :) I've seen her live in New Zealand three times, she's amazing. Glad you like her too!

  38. Stine

    LOVELY voice !
    Beautiful song for a beautiful day Ü

  39. hannah

    YES! i love this song! :)

  40. You guys kind of favor!! So pretty : )

  41. She is also amazing live! My best friend looks very similar to her and was asked in the bathroom of the show if she could have her autograph..the girl still wouldn't believe that my friend wasn't her.

  42. Bek W

    yes! LOVE Brooke Fraser!

  43. Carly

    yay! brooke fraser is so great :)

  44. Crystal

    woohoo! She is from my neck of the woods…New Zealand : ) We are such a little place (total population for the whole country is only 4 million) so we love it when someone makes it out in the big wide world! : ) She does some fantastic work with World Vision.

  45. Barbara

    ohhhh i love your blog and that song makes me always happy!!! good choice and happy babytime to you :)

    love, barbara

  46. bangs rock!! always!

  47. Leigh

    I LOVE Brooke. Always have, always will.

  48. Nichole

    do it, naomi! loved your bangs!

  49. first off, you should totally get bangs again. you ROCK them!
    also, i've never heard of this person before. she is absolutely adorable! love this song and this video. so creative!!
    xo TJ

  50. Very nice tune!

  51. Kate

    I'm so pleased you posted about this! Such a lovely song, and Brooke Fraser is a New Zealander, where I live! I have seen her in concert, and she is just as amazing (if not more!) live. She always has such personality and seems like such a happy, down to earth person. Thanks for sharing! x

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  52. LOVE love LOVE Brooke Fraser! You've had me listening to this song on repeat all day! And yes, her bangs are lovely and have got me thinking too…. :)

  53. NAB

    Love, love, love her music. One of my fave female voices. Great choice!

  54. Crystal

    p.s – if you are looking for some more great female kiwi music check out Bic Runga, or for something a little quirky, Kimbra.

  55. Tiana

    I'm obsessed with brooke fraser! i love her older stuff when she was a proclaimed christian singer like 'Shadowfeet' but her new contemporary stuff is so much fun :D

    tiana of l'esthetique

  56. Well. Now I've had to go buy the album. Thanks for introducing me to new happy music :)

  57. whimsy

    what a happy song. and geez, i always go back and forth with the great bangs debate.

  58. Darcie

    Oh awesome! I haven't heard of this singer before, but I'm downloading whatever I can find now. Thanks for sharing! You guys have awesome taste in music – thanks for the Black Keys too!

  59. haley

    LOVE THIS SONG. So perfect for this lovely weather!

  60. Gina

    Love her! And seriously LOVED your bangs…you made me want to cut bangs SO badly (which never would have worked, because i have seriously big hair). Totally in favor of you bringing them back!

  61. Liesl

    I adore her too! Featured that song along with her Charity For Water campaign after seeing her perform in LA last year…she is lovely, as is her music! :)

  62. My baby girl was born to a Brooke Fraser song. She is my fave… Great lyrics (love "Albertine") and she's awesome live, too!

  63. Missy

    Thank you for introducing me to her! What a sweet song and video. It's so catchy…I've only listened once and the song is stuck in my head!

  64. Alisha

    It's so nice to scroll through all the comments and see so many Brooke Fraser fans AND kiwis here! I'm both and stoked to see you all here!

    I've been a fan of hers for years – have seen her live 5 times! (crazy fan haha)

    She's beautiful and genuine and so, so talented!

    If anyone is looking for similar music, check out the video on my blog with a song from Australian Lisa Mitchell!

  65. Ceci

    I love this! Ordering music now!

  66. I constantly have this song stuck in my head! One of my favorite's.

    <3 Leney

  67. oh i adore brooke! i hadn't see this video, I love it though!

  68. oh i adore brooke! i hadn't see this video, I love it though!

  69. Oh! I love Brooke! Flags is such a great compilation. She is an extremely talented artist with a great message behind her songs.

  70. Shannon

    She's one of my favorite musicians and songwriters and has been for a while! So glad you're enjoying her music too!

  71. Well, just when I didn't think I could love this blog more, you go and throw a Brooke Fraser video up! Awesome! Love her and every song she's ever written. My current BF song obsession:

  72. Rhianne

    thanks for sharing this Naomi, I hadn't heard of her before but I really like it too

  73. I am now addicted to Brooke's awesome music thanks to this post!! Thanks Naomi! Flags is such a great album

  74. Lily

    This is the first I've heard of this talented lady and I am addicted. Thanks for sharing!

  75. mountee

    New reader of your blog here, came across this post and was happily surprised to see you're a fan of a fellow kiwi musician brooke fraser. Great to see she's made it to your neck of the woods! Gorgeous family you have!

  76. Poppy

    A great representation of Kiwi's.
    This makes me that little bit more proud to say I'm from NZ.

  77. Elle

    Oh YAY she is from New Zealand! Thank you for promotong NZ music, she is so so talented and has an amazing message! x