boy oh boy!

i’m going to admit something here : there is still a big part of me that hasn’t a clue what i’m going to do with a little boy running around this house. while i do have a brother, he is 12 years younger than me. so he didn’t attend the numerous ballet, tea and dress up parties that my 3 sisters and i held together throughout our childhood.... Read more

cherry blossoms.

on the first day of spring, eleanor and i walked around the tidal basin and admired all of the beautiful cherry blossoms. i can’t believe they are already peaking this week! thanks alot, mild winter. i just wish they’d last until june. they make me happy. ... Read more

something in the water…

i’m loving brooke fraser right now. what a sweet voice she has. and this darling little video is filled with so much personality and fun. also, gosh! does she make me want bangs again. ... Read more

29 weeks with a bump to prove it!

this pregnancy has been a lot harder, a lot more painful, a lot bigger and a whole lot more uncomfortable than when i was carrying eleanor. because of this, i keep catching myself complaining about being pregnant more than i’d like to admit. and how unfortunate. because deep down, i’m so thankful we’re having another baby.... Read more