my pregnancy lifesavers, take II.

at the end of my pregnancy with eleanor last year, i blogged about a few of my pregnancy lifesavers. little things that seemed to work magic on my tired and uncomfortable body. all of those life savers have proven to remain absolutely magical this time around as well, but i’ve also found a couple of other things over the past few months that i can’t get enough of…
1. l’occitane’s certified organic pure shea butter. i’m still a girl who is prone to stretch marks (thankfully none of you have to see the inside of my thighs) but somehow still not a single stretch mark on my growing belly and i credit this entirely to the shea butter which i like to use every day.
2. prenatal yoga. over the years i’ve become a big fan of yoga. i like to do it at my own pace, in my own home either early in the morning or right before bed. while my tummy likes to get in the way on occasion, nothing beats how i feel after i’ve done a little yoga, stretched my muscles and limbs and worked what’s left of my core. sometimes i throw a little martha graham floor work in there, too. (i can’t help it, i’m a dancer.) image via here.
3. massage tools. hopefully you have a partner who is loving enough to work on all those awful knots in your back at the end of each day. carrying around a 14 month old has only worsened mine. and side note: if you’re noticing you have to beg a little to get that massage from your love, it’s been proven at our house that bribing with ice cream or mexican cokes can help. but maybe that only works with my husband. ;)
4. i’ve noticed there is still an argument out there about drinking herbals teas while pregnant. i’m not a doctor so i’m not going to tell you what to do, but i’ve discussed this with mine and was given the ok to have a cup on occasion. sometimes i find it’s the perfect way to end the night. tazo’s wild sweet orange is my absolute favorite!
5. i live in socks and slippers these days. sometimes i feel like it’s the start of a downward spiral, especially since this week i’ve resorted to wearing my husband’s t-shirts everywhere and have a pony-tail holding up the button on my jeans. but i feel like if the socks are fun, girly and stylin’, i made an effort. you know? (socks in photo from here.)
6. citrus. i simply cannot get enough. especially grapefruit. every morning. mid afternoon and evening, please. so good!
7. sabon’s dead sea salt scrub. this is my beauty “splurge” product because i think it’s expensive. but i keep it stocked in my bathroom because i swear it’s full on magic.
8. burt’s bees nourishing body oil. this oil is where it’s at. it will help make #3 less painful. i also use it on my legs after i shave them twice a year (i kid. i kid. sort of.) and it always makes them smooth and soft, which helps me feel pretty and put together as i waddle down the hallway.
hope this list might help some of you pregnant ladies, too. also, what are your pregnancy lifesavers? have you discovered anything you’re willing to let me in on?
  1. Lemanie

    I love preparing for things and I think I should start making lists for when I reach this time in my life so I don't freak out when it comes to my time. I will definitely want to do some prenatal yoga & use a ridicolous amount of shea butter!!

    Best wishes w/ #2! =)

    Lemanie's Randomness Blog

  2. THose are the cutest socks! How fun with the cute little designs! And with all these lotions, scrubs, and oils, you have me wanting to go take a bath lol.

  3. L'Occitane actually has a "Baby & Mama" line as well!

  4. Great tips! Will take them in consideration for future references! :D

    Rub baby boy for me

  5. lb

    thanks. :)

    there is NO SHAME in shaving twice a year (or however much).. especially pregnant. even when i'm not pregnant, i like to shave only in flip flop weather. :)

  6. Clio

    My mum used almond oil on her skin throughout all for of her pregnancies and doesn't have a single stretch mark! I'm going to keep that noted for the future (and hoping I have her genes!) x

  7. by the way you just gave me hope that I may not get stretch marks on my belly when one day I am pregnant. I have inner thigh stretch marks and a few on my outer higher thingh. Maybe I should use that shea butter !

  8. Clio

    *four, not for!

  9. Yes! Grapefruit! I've been drinking grapefruit juice, and even made grapefruit popsicles…I seriously can't get enough of it during this pregnancy!

  10. Ginny

    Ginger ale saved me during the first trimester. I am super prone to morning sickness except that it doesn't just take place during the morning. The other thing I swore by for stretch marks was this stuff that comes in a green tin can that farmers use on their cracked dry hands. It smells odd and practically ruins any clothing that touches it. But before bed my nighttime routine became brush teeth, wash face, slather on Bag Balm. I used it in high school on my hands because they always ripped from the parallel bars in gymnastics. Worth the odd smell. My husband was overseas during my pregnancy so I developed all sorts of tricks and habits that i'd probably be embarrassed to admit!

  11. Good to know! We're just starting to try to get pregnant, so this stuff is interesting to me. Love the socks! But… I'm not so sure about the grapefruit. I've never been a huge fan – hey, more for you, right? :)

  12. Laurie

    I love how you are so honest about certain details of life that happen to everybody but that we don't especially like to share. Life is beautiful and it's important to make every little thing count, but I find myself happily surprised and feel less alone when I take a leap and tell my girl friends about certain things that are less glimmering about my life.

    Anyways, you are beautiful and a great humble role model for the young women out there, me included!

  13. Olya

    Totally! Raspberry leaf tea – I infused and added to everything. I'm not sure who says can't have herbal tea during pregnancy… All midwives I had raved about it, doctors never minded. It was my life saver. Raspberry beats all – i made it with lemon and stevia drops ( nu-native , the only one that does not have aftertaste), and added some mint leaves to it. CHilled and viola – best "lemonade" ever!

    yoga and ballet are my lifesavers too :) I have a barre at home :)

    hot/warm baths at the end of the day – wouldn't be able to make it without them.

    And hypnoBABIES ( not birthing) – their CDs and pregnancy affirmations that I turned on at night as I went to sleep were LIFESAVING and MAGICAL – I woke up refreshed, recharged and happy to sport a belly. Like i said – magic!


  14. question: what is martha graham floor work exactly? I danced growing up and now teach pilates, yoga and barre….I'm so curioius????

  15. Daphne

    I'm only 16, so I hope I won't get pregnant any time soon but I just wanted to tell you that this blog is perfect, I'm so in love with it. You guys are the cutest family I've ever seen :) I added you to my 'Daily reads'-list.

    Have a great day and lots of love,

  16. That Shea butter is amazing! I tried it after you mentioned it on here the first time. My sensitive skin loves it! :)

  17. Amanda

    Love that salt scrub…it is definitely a little magic. My favorite (although I normally hate patchouli) is Patchouli Lavendar Vanilla. Have you tried Belli products? They are designed to be safe during pregnancy, and their lavendar belly oil was my must-have during pregnancy!!

  18. Amanda

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  19. Lea

    Coconut oil conducts its own magic and leaves you smelling faintly delicious. If you need to lessen your herbal tea consumption but still want a soothing "cocktail" try heating a cup of water with mint, cucumber, and lime. Not a bad way to get a snack and your citrus fix! Best of luck and health to you and your impending kiddo!

  20. Yay! :) Thanks for sharing. I have those socks in yellow. I'll have to buy a few of these items for my sweet bestie that's pregnant + keep it in mind for when I am! ♥Lindsay

  21. I also loved Mama Bee Belly Butter. I used it every day, like you do with your shea butter, and no stretch marks on the belly. Also, ditto on the citrus. I drank hot lemon water during my pregnancy which, at the time, was delicious.

  22. I also loved Mama Bee Belly Butter. I used it every day, like you do with your shea butter, and no stretch marks on the belly. Also, ditto on the citrus. I drank hot lemon water during my pregnancy which, at the time, was delicious.

  23. I've had your first time around pregnancy lifesavers bookmarked since the day you posted it. Thanks for posting this update :)

  24. oooh i must try these now that i am pregnant! almost out of the first trimester! wahoo! thank you!!!

  25. Natasha

    Those socks are SO adorable. And I'm not pregnant, but shea butter is a lifesaver for my sensitive skin.

  26. manisae

    Careful…I binge ate grapefruit and I'M CONVINCED it's what caused me to have an 11lb. baby. I'm a tiny person and I didn't have gestational diabetes, so it's the only thing I can think of!!!

  27. katilda

    my pants are held on with a ponytail holder today. i am not pregnant. the button broke and i was hellbent on wearing my khakis anyway.

  28. Holly

    im surprised by the comment from olya about raspberry leaf tea, that was the one specific one i thought you couldnt drink? it could induce. and hot baths? i thought that was also a no-no! hahah, so much info out there.

    anyways, i love your list taza. will take note for the future!

  29. Leticia

    I've been wanting to try that Tazo tea! My doctor said next time I go in to bring it so she can look at it. Like you, I wind down at night with my herbal teas (mostly Red Raspberry Leaf), and as a mom of almost four ;) I need that little amount of me time! I don't know why but I also love love LOVE the smell of Caress body wash, Tahitian Renewal, I always get it when I'm pregnant it's kind of a tradition, I find out I'm pregnant then go buy it. I don't use it except when I'm pregnant! Ha.
    Can't wait to see your little boy! Are you really just barely wearing a hairtie with our pants?! Sheesh!

  30. Must bookmark this!

    My must-have was taking a bath with a couple of drops of eucalyptus oil. Again, one of the things I had to get the okay on from the doctor, but it was a great pick me up!

    Along Abbey Road

  31. Molly

    I am obsessed with shea butter. I have completely replaced regular lotion with pure shea. I love it! I will definitely try out that burt's bees oil.

  32. Steph

    Good for all of you who crave fruit when you are pregnant. I'm downing peanut butter smoothies and cookies like it's my job. And during my first trimester I'm all about the blue box Mac and cheese. Good thing I'm religious about my prenatal vitamin! Baths and showers are my go-to for relaxing. We moved to Brazil after my first was born and I am so missing my deep jetted tub with this pregnancy! Fun list. Hope the stretch mark gods continue to smile on you :)

  33. Not only I am eating mountains od=f grapefruit this time around but i also find the smell of The Body Shop's Grapefruit range a lifesaver! especially in those early morning sickness stages.

  34. I used Sesame seed oil after each shower when I was pregnant. Not a one stretch mark… surprising… because too, my inner thighs look like a Zebra.

    I'll have to try the shea butter next go round! Good tips, thanks for sharing!

  35. My best "pregnancy lifesaver" this (2nd for me) pregnancy has been organic, xtra virgin coconut oil. Sounds weird but it's the best moisturizer ever. I rub it on my belly, legs, feet and the back of my arms every day while in the shower. Totally eliminates that darned pregnancy itching as everything stretches and it makes your skin silky soft (and it smells really good!)

  36. carissa

    haha i love this. it was making me laugh. you are one of the most cute and put together pregnant woman i've ever known- just so you know- you probably feel different than you look! :)

  37. marisa

    Ah! You give me home for not having stretch marks! And Martha Graham floor work!? I love you even more!

  38. you're so lucky that you don't have stretch marks!

  39. body scrub is definitely full on magic. love this little list. keeping it in mind for the future ;)
    xo TJ

  40. Today is my due date!
    Grapefruit has definitely been one of my staples… Yum. Wish I had some right now!

  41. Tiana

    Oh, tazo tea is absolutely wonderful :) i don't know much about pregnancy but the fact that you still get to enjoy tazo is a blessing in itself ;)

    i like these suggestions just for everyday life!
    tiana of l'esthetique

  42. I agree, massages are the best! Especially on my aching back! And I'll have to try bribing my husband with cookies or homemade bread (because sometimes he is reluctant). :)

  43. Moriah

    I swear, everything from Sabon is full of magic. Every time I'm out in NYC, I have to stock up! Wish they had one in Minnesota!

  44. i used Keihl's body lotion for my entire pregnancy, and although i have horribly inelastic skin, i didn't get one stretch mark! it also takes care of the little red bumps girls tend to get on the back of their arms … it's like magic :)

  45. Bookmarking this for future reference right now! I've loved almost every L'Occitane product I've ever tried, and they are many, as one of my best friends used to work in their shop. Their Almond Shower Oil is absolutely magical – I hardly need to moisturize after using it. You should try it! — Sunna

  46. Kim

    Thanks for the tips! Lemon water for nausea and mama bee belly butter. Also, my sister in law swears by her chiropractor that works specifically with pregnant women. I never tried it, but it helped her back pain a ton!

  47. Ceci

    Clarins Orchid Oil is THE BEST for stretch marks. L'Occitane's Mom & Baby Balm is also very good – but not as good as Orchid Oil.

    I look forward to reading your blog every day!

  48. my absolute saving grace has been my "moist-heat" heating pad that I sit against in the evenings for my sore back muscles. it's almost as good as a massage! you can buy them at medical supply stores.

  49. When I was pregnant with my son, I looooved grapefruit too! Anything tart, really. I guzzled orange juice. I ate sweet tarts until my tongue bled. It was for sure a life saver. Love your blog <3

  50. Amanda

    sabon's salt scrub is one of my favorite splurges too! It is expensive, especially considering I have to order it from across the country since we don't have any of the stores in the NW. The apple lavender is my favorite scent. It's so refreshing and it does wonders for your skin!

    They have a baby/mother line as well. I am curious to try it out one of these days!

  51. Not fun or stylish but my pregnancy can not do without TUMS. Dang, why does this baby crave jalapenos all the time?

  52. Vickie

    i have to say, your blog makes parenting and pregnancy so desirable. i can't wait for both after reading your blog. love reading your blog each day! it is like a breath of fresh air : )

  53. Alisha

    When you've inherited the tendency toward stretch marks, there's really nothing you can do. Not all stretch marks can be prevented. You're a lucky one! :)

  54. Where did you get the Burt's Bees Mama Bee body oil? With my last pregnancy I looked everywhere for it. (Apparently not on Amazon because I see it there now).

    I ended up using L'Occitane's almond oil which worked like a charm, but it was fairly pricey and I'd love to try something a little more gentle on my budget.

  55. i love using body scrub.

    I am pregnant and have been using Bio-oil. I think it started in europe. It is PurCellin oil and somehow not greasy at all. I don't use it for massages, just rubbing it on my belly every morning and night. its easy on the skin and the nose! i think it soothes me to sleep. Its amazing for stretch marks. i haven't gotten one yet at 36 weeks. and a little bit goes a long way!

    There's lots of places to get it too! esp online.

  56. I used cocoa butter the first time I was pregnant and I got stretch marks, so I've been less concerned this go around about them! But it is smart to use extra moisture, so I should start!

    Grapefruit has also been on my must have pregnancy list lately, before that it was Cuties.

    My water bottle, otherwise I would not drink nearly enough water in a day!

  57. you're so cute you make me want to be pregnant so I have an excuse to buy all these fun items. however, I do already have the socks you posted- and I have loved them all winter long. so cute!! happy pregnancy day! xo

  58. Definitely using the L'Occitane shea butter, too – it's magical! I also love their Mom & Baby cream for really sensitive or itchy patches of skin, and I bathe with their shea butter extra gentle soap in lavender, which keeps my skin moisturized all day.

    I'll have to pick up some of that Burt's Bees body oil – thanks for the tip!

  59. Rachel

    I'm with Chaunceypants – all hail Tums! My other lifesavers include Motherlove Belly Salve, two extra down pillows for sleeping, Old Navy's stretchy layering camis, San Pellegrino limonata and lovely blogs like yours for keeping me inspired and entertained.

  60. Burts Bees products are the greatest : ) Cute socks too!

  61. Sunniva

    In addition to using almond oil for stretch marks, I have heard that a daily blast of cold water to the decolletage keeps "the girls" in shape during pregnancy. Apparently, this helps prevent the tissue from loosing its firmness and shape by stimulating blood flow. I am expecting my first, so I don't have any personal results to offer, yet… just hope :-)

  62. KCN

    grapefruit was my favorite thing when pregnant followed closely by l'occitaine's mother and baby body wash. it smells like heaven and is oh so gentle on stretched skin!

  63. My mom had stretch marks, all my sister got stretch marks, and I got stretch marks from my teen growing spurt on my inner thighs. My dr. basically told me that I was guarunteed to get them when I got pregnant. But I figured that I may as well go down trying. I used Bio-oil every morning and Palmer's coconut butter every night from 6 weeks on. At 28 weeks my skin was starting to feel a little tight so I started to put Bio-oil on my tummy on my lunch break. In the end I went to 41 weeks, I gained 42 lbs total, I had an 8.2 lb baby and I got 0 stretch marks. Yay!

  64. Olya

    I'm going to be all weird and hippy now, but I'm assuming most of the current from today is over … I did perineum massage and stretching for birth prep – google it , it was LIFE saver. Enzymes helped with digestion and I ditched my prenatal for e3life ( wholefoods, frozen section) and marine phytoplankton. I could not stomach prenatals , no matter how natural they were. And I also adored grapefruit and lemon :) and wasabi peas :)


  65. ryan

    I used both the shea butter from The Body Shop and the stretch mark cream from Mama Mio in both pregnancies (34 weeks pregnant right now!) and highly recommend them both!

  66. Tae RM

    my mom craved grapefruit all the time when she was pregnant with me!

  67. I will most definitely be trying some of these out with my next pregnancy! Thanks for sharing. Xo

  68. Ashley

    Agh! I hear you on the slippers and socks dilemma! Although I'm not sure I would really consider it a dilemma, as I'm 23 weeks pregnant myself. Sometimes that is all I need is to slide into my cozy slippers. It makes everything a little more tolerable :P

  69. Ahn

    I used that same shea butter nightly and did not get one stretch mark.

  70. Lily

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  71. Ah loveeee Martha Graham floor work! And as a fellow dancer I get excited when you refer to your dance background in a post! Well wishes!

  72. Shea butter is good for many pourposeS, not only to increase skin elasticity, but also to prevent and calm diaper rash. I love it !

  73. erica

    I've been obsessed with citrus, too. There's usually a pile of clementine peels on my desk because i can't stop eating them.

    I gained 17lbs the first time and had one tiny stretch mark during week 39. This time I gained 25lbs and 3 long marks appeared overnight when baby dropped at 36 weeks. I'm 40 weeks today and no amount of weleda's awesome belly oil could have withstood that sudden drop into position. I'm glad he went head down and engaged, though, because he was transverse and breech up til then. My mom has a ton of marks, so I count myself fortunate! Did the belly oil help? It helps with the itchiness thank goodness!

  74. Hi … I am now 37 weeks (38 on Monday) weeks pregnant with our first baby-girl. I also love the shea-butter! I always prepare a peeling myself (really easy and also very cheap. smile): take sea-salt or sugar – mix it with some baby-oil (I also have a great ayurveda-oil) and squeeze in a lemon or a lime. mix it together and use it under the shower. scrub your body … take a regular shower. I do this once a week – and my skin feels supersoft after it. I LOVE IT :))))) For my skin I use weleda-almond-oil :) Also in the last trimester of my pregnancy I started to do yoga at home – I found this great app from an English-Yoga-Teacher: Tara Lee (I have it on my i-phone – but I think it is also available on DVD). I try to do it 4 times a week – and it really works for my: helps with back pain – the breathing exercises are really good for giving the little girl more space. So … I have three more weeks to go and I tell my little girl every night when we go to bad: Ilvie (that will be her name) together we will go through this birth – you and your mommy will stay strong and I love you. Greetings from Austria / Vienna. Isabel

  75. April

    Hi Naomi. I have a little boy 2 weeks younger than little Eleanor, and am now 9 weeks pregnant. It's been fun to see our babies grow together this last year. I so look forward to it again!! I can promise that this little pregnancy wedge will save your nights!! It works so much better than my 200.00 worth of body pillows and for only 13.00,!! I hope you order it. It will make us best friends. No doubt! :)

  76. My lifesavers included a real massage every once in awhile (when my hips were spreading, it really helped to have someone who knew what they were doing work out those kinks), spending time in water to take the weight off my joints, and melon popsicles (I had gest diabetes so they were great for sweet cravings).

    I really feel like post-pregnancy I really needed some tlc, too. I continued to use Shea butter on my tender belly (I didn't get stretch marks but the skin was sooo sensitive!)and I spent a little extra on bathroom goodies since the shower was my only real time to recharge.

  77. lauren

    Love your blog. How do you make the vision boards with all your favorite items. In other words what program do you use?

  78. L + A

    I just did a similar post on my blog about my 9 maternity must have's! I really want to try that Burt's Bee's Oil! I'm currently using Trader's Joe's oragnic Coconut Oil – it's AMAZING & Cheap!! It's used for food, but it does wonders in your hair and on your skin too!

  79. Davina

    thanks for sharing your pregnancy faves! my friend introduced me to Mama Mio Tummy Rub Stretch Mark Butter, which has amazing reviews everywhere! they don't use nasty parabens, sulfates or anything bad for you, and shea butter is also one of the key ingredients. though it is a bit pricer (you can get coupons on, everyone swears that it works, so i'm banking that it does for me as well! : )

  80. Ashley

    Naomi, just a little question: how did you make the image collage for this? Did you make it in Photoshop? I don't have Photoshop, so if you did it another way, I would love to hear. :)

  81. This is the funniest post, intentional or not ;)

  82. l'occitane and sabon are the best things ever!
    xo, cheyenne

  83. I love yoga to:) I really like your blog and will happily follow:)
    If you want som spring mood ala Paris you can check out my blog.
    I wish you a great weekend.

    LOVE Maria at

  84. good tips! i'll have to keep these in mind for the future!

    hope you're enjoying your weekend!

    alissa b

  85. I, too, am re-pregnant and have a 14 month old (what? re-pregnant totally means pregnant again!) and I am IN LOVE with citrus. I've been making lemon ices with Simply Lemonade in my blender at least 3x/week.

  86. KaileeC

    What program do you use to make the "collages" for your posts?! They look so nice!

  87. Amanda

    I'm not pregnant yet (hope that'll change soon), but I imagine that when I am, there will be much bribing with ice cream and Mexican coke around these parts!! ;) Best wishes to you!

  88. Leslie

    l'occitane almond supple skin oil…LOVE! not greasy, absorbs quickly and smells delicious.

  89. those socks are AMAZING!!! I feel like I saw them last fall somewhere…probably on pinterest! :)

  90. Erin

    There's a debate over herbal tea during gestation? That is so weird…because herbal tea is technically a tisane, meaning everything in there you could eat anyway. I've never heard it, but I'm curious now, so I'll ask my ob/gyn. I've laid off the Crio Bru (it's even made in Orem, ha!) based on theobromine content, but that would be much more dubious than a tisane. I drink a lot of herbal tea when I'm feeling sick, and I love the Tazo teas for whenever, too. I'm a Passion-flavor girl, iced, with lots of honey or syrup. I need to try the Sweet Orange. Good reminder!

    It's much more on the budget end than your maternity-clothes list brands, but I really love the Liz Lange items I find at Target. I have some pretty styling pieces and at those prices (especially when I get them on clearance), it's not a big deal to purchase them and only wear them for a few months at a time.