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eleanor and i are so excited to be on the cover of momentum magazine’s march/april 2012 issue! in mama’s favorite dress, no less! ;) the story inside, called cycling in style, starts on page 48 of the issue and features a few lovely bloggers who bike. you can pick up your own copy of the magazine on newsstands or at your local bike shop. you can also browse the digital version here. thanks for including us in your feature, momentum!
ps. thank you to everyone who voted for us in the homies awards! we made it to the final round for “best family blog” thanks to you! if you don’t mind voting for us once more in the final round, you just have to sign in here or register here before you can vote. it takes just a minute and we really appreciate your support. voting ends friday, march 9th. thanks again!
  1. You're so famous! ;) Great picture – congrats on being featured! :)

  2. congratulations!! That's very exciting and you and your daughter are beautiful!

    p.s. what is your nail polish color because i'm kind of in love.

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  5. Elvina

    You look amazing! Great stylish outfit for biking! i think you should consider making some fashion posts as well;)

  6. Unknown

    Awesome! What nail polish are you wearing? I love it.

  7. Thats so cute! How exciting!
    Amy xo

  8. wooowww!! Congrats!!!

  9. I love your dress!! So prettyy!! The print and the contrasting but coordinating ribbing is too good. Congratulations!

  10. Sarah

    Ahh thats so AWESOME!! I mean, you are on the COVER of a magazine. That's pretty darn cool if you ask me. Congrats!!!

    – Sarah

  11. Your family is perfect. So jealous :) Thanks for being such a fabulous example of what I want to become!

  12. Anna

    I totally just got lost in Momentum's online magazine. :) New favorite! Thanks, and congrats on the cover! That's a HUGE deal!

  13. that is awesome – you look so fashionable! i'm curious to know the brand/colour lipstick you're wearing (not in the magazine pics, the errr background you! lol) thanks xo

  14. LMT

    very cool!

  15. that's awesome! congrats!

  16. KY

    Ohhh!!! I am loving the cover photo, you're so gorgeous and Eleanor is such a doll! (ps love your polish!)

  17. Aww Eleanor's first cover! Congrats!

  18. Too cute!

    Now… what's baby #2 gonna be? :)

  19. Brandee

    Congratulations!! Gorgeous photos!

  20. Megan

    These are great photos of you both on your blog post and in the magazine. I like Eleanor's little expression in the photo!

  21. I just love that picture! And it's super cool that Momentum picked it up; they're such a neat magazine. Keep rockin' the stylish cycling! You're such an inspiration to me (a boring shorts-and-a-tshirt type of biker!).

  22. Lacy

    love the pictures…+ the fact that you guys are such bike enthusiast. It's awesome!!! Bravo!

  23. Alivia

    Adorable! Congratulations, lovely!

  24. e.

    Hi, Naomi. I was just curious as to why you don't seem to value both your life and the life of your unborn child enough to wear a helmet while riding your bicycle? Your body isn't really ONLY yours anymore, is it? As someone who seems to value her family and daughter, it seems like you're taking an unnecessary risk and endangering the little one still in your womb. Something to think about, I suppose.

  25. Faith

    Congratulations, Naomi! Is it surreal to see your photo on the cover of a magazine?! :) That's so exciting!

  26. Alex

    Hi Naomi, what color/brand is that lipstick? I love it, and I have been searching for a pink!


  27. That's awesome! And such a small world… my husband writes for Momentum! :) Thrilled that you're on the cover! :) xo, Sarah

  28. Parabéns! ;)

  29. Melissa

    @ e. – That is a horrible thing to say….she probably isn't wearing one for the photo…who would?

    Her blog has been nothing but genuine, sweet and inspirational. It is her blog…if you don't like what is on it, simply don't look at it. You are making yourself look bad and just plain jealous.

    Naomi…Congratulations! These are beautiful photos and you are such a sweet person :)

  30. today i

    Congratulations, love that dress!

  31. Lily

    What brand & colour is your nail polish? Please share!!

  32. So cool, that will be such a treat for Eleanor to see when she is older.

  33. well look at Eleanor so young and already on the cover of a magazine ;)

  34. what a hot sauce little mama. i bet a lot of bikes will be sold because of this publication ;)

  35. Congratulations on the great-looking feature! Though I do hope you do as Eleanor and wear a helmet when riding… Safety over style, and your child(ren) need to keep Mommy around for a looong time ;)

  36. I am a husband, and I simply cannot understand the deal behind this woman?
    A real admirable woman is a woman that either/or, goes to war and protects our freedom,makes a change (and no i am not talking about wearing silly fake glasses and sporting bold lipstick to prove something), shares her volunteering experiences and encourages others to give back, and/or above all, puts his/hers childs safety before anything. I do not see Naomi doing either. So why she is feautured in momentum, with no helmet, and no real skill, other than wearing lipstick and pretty dresses is beyond me.
    Thanks Momentum, if it wasn't for you, I wouldn't of had discovered this "great blog"
    Everybody, please go donate your time in something better.
    And Naomi, don't feel too accomplished, because you haven't done much, past attempting to sell your life online.

  37. leyla.

    lovely cover. congratulations! it's nice to see some stylish and pretty ladies on their bikes, you have the cutest accessory :)

  38. Does it ever get weird seeing yourself in a magazine? You are one adorable family though, so no wonder you are there :D

  39. sierra

    sierra said…
    2. things –
    1. Don't let it get to you when people criticize you for having a blog and having fun with it. There are so many people doing crappy things in this world; if they were really that concerned they'd be off dealing with those awful people – they're just feeling curmudgeonly and unfortunately you are in their path.
    2. I LOVE your lipstick. LOVE. Please tell me what it is!

  40. Melissa

    @ raybarro…WOW you just discovered this blog and you were able to judge and sum up a person's life in one glance…you must have some magical powers. You are one of the most ignorant people I have seen in a long time…maybe go work on your own life first?

    @Sierra…Thank you for writing everything I was about it. Unless the people were physically riding the bike…MAN or WOMAN they were for the most part not wearing helmets. It was a photo shoot…meant to be inspirational and visually beautiful. The magazine was quite successful at this.

  41. e.

    @ Melissa-

    I'm sorry, but I'm not sure how I came off as appearing jealous? I issued a simple inquiry as to why this expectant mother who obviously loves her family is SEEMINGLY not taking measures to protect herself and her unborn child. She has posted many, many photos cycling (too many to count, actually), and she has never been seen wearing a helmet. And if she removed it just for the photo, why isn't it on her handlebars or in her basket? If it was in some way made clear that Naomi does wear a helmet while riding her bike, I obviously would not have asked the question.

    Moreover, I never said that I didn't enjoy her blog. I politely asked why she does not see fit to wear a helmet, which I find especially important due to the fact that she is pregnant and has another life to think about than her own. I was not cruel, and I didn't insult her. It was a genuine question/concern. More to the point, however, I wasn't speaking to you, so please refrain from chastising me on how to conduct myself.

  42. Vivi K

    Congrats! That's super exciting!
    Your blog is so amazing, and your photography is wonderful!

  43. MC

    yay congrats, so happy for you!

    just voted also hope you win =)

  44. yaaaaaaay! congratulations!

  45. Those pictures are charming and practically perfect in every way, as Mary Poppins would say.

    I LOVE that outfit! I can totally see why it's your favorite dress.

    Along Abbey Road

  46. wait a second…are people actually being serious here? why does it bother you so much if naomi doesn't wear a helmet? FIRST OF ALL, even if she were to fall, God forbid, how would a helmet ON HER HEAD protect her unborn fetus? are you people for real? would it better suit you for her to wear a helmet or some kind of heavy padding around her midsection? would that make things better for you? more palatable? SECOND OF ALL, the safety of the unborn child should be of no concern to you, internet trolls. i don't even need to further justify that statement because why you think any of this matters to you is beyond me.

    ugh. reading some of these comments make me sick. i want to say "get a life" but you might take it the wrong way and encourage me to do so.

    ANYWAY, Naomi, you look beautiful on that cover and the expression on Eleanor's face is priceless! love!

  47. e.

    Am I to understand that you genuinely believe that a mother's traumatic brain injury (as the result of, say, a bicycle accident) would have NO AFFECT on a fetus? Why are you people even arguing against wearing something TO PROTECT BOTH YOUR BODY & YOUR UNBORN CHILD'S? In what universe does that argument have any validity? It's beyond reason. Please just stop now; your ignorance is showing.

  48. Anyways……
    I think some congrats are in order! So many fun and exciting things happening for you right now! :)

  49. You've got my vote! And it looks like you're winning so far… yay. Love your blog, keep it up lady. I'm about to have a baby, and this is my bit of encouragement every day.

    Sarah Kyle

  50. H*

    you are a finalist! but i've seen the other finalist… wow! A cup of Jo also a finalist… difficult decision.

    Lots of luck!

  51. aww, that's a great picture of the two of you! congrats!
    xo, cheyenne

  52. rachel

    My husband subscribes to this magazine, and I witnessed him rolling his eyes when he picked it up from our stack of mail. I don't have anything against stylish women in the public eye (in fact, I think it's awesome, even though fashion is NOT what this publication is about), but I was embarrassed for you when I made note to him that I've followed your blog for over a year and have never seen you wearing a helmet. Ever. Even with your baby. Even while pregnant.

    I have ALWAYS insisted that my husband wear his helmet while riding (he does so 365 days a year), and he does so not only because it's a no-brainer decision on his own part but because he has a family, and that counts for a lot.

    I admire your family, but it really does sadden me that Momentum, a magazine touting smart living by bike, would so prominently feature someone making such a terrible choice.

  53. Brooke

    Looks like most everyone else featured in the mag is not shown wearing a helmet as well. Maybe you just don't like the magazine? @e. and @rayborro

  54. Cover girls! That is too cute and such a nice memory to share with Eleanor. Congrats!

  55. kate xx

    Oh yay! how exciting!! looking gorgeous! :) x

  56. Banshee

    Wow, troll city on this post! Congrats pretty momma! On the magazine and such, not the trolls…

  57. How adorable are you two?! Congrats!

  58. Annabel

    Is it terrible for me to say I LOVE your yellow dresser? no? good!
    You look excellent miss cover girl!

  59. Congratulations, what a great feature to be a part of! The cover photo is fantastic. I'll definitely be voting in The Homies too :)

  60. i voted for you :) good luck! congratulatins on getting in there too :) x

  61. Anuszka

    I love it! Beautiful!

  62. It's such an adorable photo!! :))

  63. Yay!!! Two of my favorite ladies on the same spread! Congrats Momma, you look absolutely stunning! xoxo

  64. I think it should be the magazine's responsibility to at least mention helmets in the article. But they did not and I do fault them for that. Helmets aren't ugly and something to hide/be ashamed about. At the very least there could have been one sitting in the basket.

  65. Norbyah

    congrats on your mention in the magazine. i love that you're right next to calivintage, too! awesome.
    will vote for you guys. good luck!

  66. Mariana

    awww! Beautiful. Congrats!!

  67. Brit

    very cool. :) and i love that dress! congrats!

  68. So cool! Makes me want to break out my bike … of course, I need new tires first.

  69. 2busy

    How exciting! And, why wouldn't they put you on the cover. That's a no brainer. You are both beautiful.

    Congrats on making the finals, too. Good things are coming your way…

  70. After scanning through the other comments on this post, I guess I'm not the only one who wants to hear about that great nail color. Please share!!!

  71. haley

    Congrats! So many exciting things going on in your life now :)

  72. Kathryn

    I too, would like to know the brand/color of your nailpolish! Very cute magazine cover:)

  73. Emily

    Congratulations, Naomi & Eleanor! What a great feature! You look stunning (as usual)!

    moda + medialunas

  74. Kate

    Hmm. I notice you rarely wear protective eyewear while food is being prepared in the kitchen. If I don't see pictures of you practicing safe cooking, how will I know to do so in my life??

    But in all seriousness, I was curious about the nail color, too :)

    And I love the blue boy frog!

  75. Laurie

    congratulations! that is awesome!

  76. Melissa

    Sally Hanson makes a color very similar to this called "Together Forever"…I know this because like a dork I held my bottle of nail polish up to her hand to see if it matched.

  77. Melissa

    @ e. you don't like it when people chastise you on how to conduct yourself?….and yet you come here and do the same to Naomi. Talk about casting stones…

    Either enjoy her blog for all of it's beauty and positivity or don't read it.

  78. I didn't read all of the comments, and I don't know if this has already been said, but never mind all of the helmet comments. There have been lots and lots of helmetless generations and we faired okay! You are the cutest, and that cover pic is too adorable!!! xo

  79. congrats! how exciting! and of course, you and baby E look simply adorable!
    xo TJ

  80. Congrats! How fun! I'm new to your blog and am loving it. In fact, I just voted for you over at the homies awards.
    Hilary from Life Is But A Drink (

  81. Am I really the first to ask about your dress? Where did you find it? Is it thrifted/homemade? It's SUPER cute.

    Keep up the great blog, the positivity, and the all-around classiness. Mwah!

  82. Nawana

    I don't think asking about whether or not she wears a helmet is trolling….cmon. That's a legitimate concern. I absolutely understand why one would not wear a helmet for the sake of the photo shoot, but as somewhat of a public figure, it would be nice for Naomi to clarify that she is smart enough to wear one on the busy streets of D.C.

  83. I think the nail polish is "Lady Like" by Essie. Can anyone help with Naomi's pretty pink lipstick?

  84. Amy

    Let's not delude ourselves here. The only thing Naomi has accomplished in life is breeding.

    Her only talent is having babies.

    Everyone at Julliard (myself included) knew that after Naomi married Josh she wouldn't amount to much. Naomi was a big running joke at Julliard.

    From what I can tell and have heard, all Naomi does is wear cute outfits, lipstick and take pictures of herself & baby… Meanwhile, the really admirable women of society are becoming doctors, nurses, social workers, judges, lawyers, high school/university teachers. Naomi wears lipstick and gets pregnant a lot. Ha ha ha!

    All Naomi will ever do is wear lipstick, pose for pictures, procreate and use her babies as props for her blog. That kind of superficiality is not something to admire.

  85. Alanah

    Wow, I am so appalled at the nerve some people have to write these nasty things on someone else's blog. When did this become a forum to bash Naomi?

    How is that productive at all? Why can't we build each other up?

    I find Naomi to be extremely talented and I enjoy her blog a lot.

  86. Alanah

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