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eleanor and i are so excited to be on the cover of momentum magazine’s march/april 2012 issue! in mama’s favorite dress, no less! ;) the story inside, called cycling in style, starts on page 48 of the issue and features a few lovely bloggers who bike. you can pick up your own copy of the magazine on newsstands or at your local bike shop. you can also browse the digital version here. thanks for including us in your feature, momentum!
ps. thank you to everyone who voted for us in the homies awards! we made it to the final round for “best family blog” thanks to you! if you don’t mind voting for us once more in the final round, you just have to sign in here or register here before you can vote. it takes just a minute and we really appreciate your support. voting ends friday, march 9th. thanks again!
  1. Mandee

    Oh Naomi, you are so inspiring, and such a good mommy. Someday soon I hope to be a mommy too :) it would be my greatest accomplishment.

  2. *

    Oh Alanah, my best guess is you're another Molly Mormon too. Glorifying a racist faith is nothing to shake a stick at. If faith in "god" makes a person good than we might as well say that priests who molest children are good because they speak publicly about their faith.

    Being featured in magazines is not a measure of talent. For goodness sake, if you're going to use that argument you might as well say that Johnny Reid "John" Edwards has been featured magazines thus he is talented. That's just pathetic.

    I agree with most of what's been said in regards to Naomi not being anything to admire. She gets pregnant and wears lipstick, big whoop!

  3. katrina

    this is so cute!
    what color nailpolish is that?!

  4. Alanah

    This comment has been removed by the author.

  5. sierra

    I'm so sad to see all of this jealousy and bitterness. Shame on the people who make such snide and cruel comments. I wish people would type in a comments box only what they would say to the person if they were standing right in front of them. What a drag some people are.

  6. *

    Pontificating (about faith or anything) does not make one educated, nor successful.

    Glorifying a woman, like Naomi, because she is "cute" and wears "cute" outfits and "cute" bright lipstick is superficial and it is a regression of feminism. What does Naomi do? Really?

    This is the problem with this generation. Lack of substance and intellect. The real women you should be glorifying are female soldiers, nurses, doctors, lawyers, judges, educators, scientists… The women who do thankless jobs that keep society and the economy afloat. Naomi has not contributed anything to society except for this superficial blog full of inane prattle and pictures exploiting her family for profit. What is admirable about that? Absolutely nothing.

  7. *

    Oh sierra, get a dictionary. What advantage does Naomi have over me, you or anyone for that matter? Do you really have such a low opinion of yourself that you have to compare yourself to a total stranger to feel validated. That is truly sad. I am so thankful I was born with a brain in my head and don't exploit my family or promote a racist religion on the internet.

  8. I'm not exactly sure what your points have to do with her original post at all. Maybe you just need a punching bag to get your frustration out?

  9. Amy,very well said. I stand to my original opinion,and its truly degrading how woman admire a talentless woman, and as to why the husband lets her parade her talentless little life like that is mindblowing. I sure do hope the husband never gets tired of her materialistic self. Best of luck to you though.

  10. Unknown

    Wow, the people who are complaining that Naomi is 'talentless' and can only 'breed' sound incredibly bitter and mean. Yes – she is not a doctor or a nurse or whatever. But she is raising a young family fgs, and doing it with creativity, wit, style and, most importantly, HUGE amounts of inspiring optimism. Her outlook on life is reason alone to admire her and her blog. I am an atheist and couldn't give a crap about her or anyone else's faith, but the way that Naomi shares her positivity and happiness with the world and her family is a serious and admirable contribution which brightens hundreds of people's lives every day. Far more so than mean-spirited bitching in the comments section of someone's blog.

  11. Aoife

    It's unthinkable that so many individuals have undertaken to provide commentary that is unjustified in a number of ways.

    In the context of the post, the writer has neither said, insinuated nor exemplified any of the qualities she is accused of. It's claimed that she is unaccomplished, talentless, materialistic, racist, superficial or worthy of glorification, yet at no point does she mention anything but the fact that she was excited to be interviewed. Neither in the post nor in the About manifesto of the blog has anything along those lines been conveyed or explicitly stated that would lead the individuals to give opinions that undermine her religious views and personal values, as well as questioning her personal success – a deeply subjective and immeasurable topic. It is an utter fallacy to attribute these characteristics to the writer.

    In the context of the actual magazine article, none of the bloggers in the feature (consenting adults) wore helmets, and if the issue is the promotion of safety then that is the responsibility of the editor based on media law.

    Whether or not wearing a helmet is mandatory by law in this city is an issue to approach the government about. Discussing legislation and politics in this context is at the discretion of the writer, who, as a consenting adult has chosen not to. By neither discussing the circumstances with which the images were shot she respects the publication and how she documents her cycling/helmet practice is more of an issue for photography as a whole. It is difficult to 100% portray anything, particularly when it becomes secondary from the moment the photos are taken.

    It is important to note that destructive commentary could be argued as defamatory in a court of law. Your comments are visible to third parties and can be digitally traced to you. You're not helping the target and you're not helping yourself.

    Outside of the legal implications, consider how hatefulness and negative feedback out of ignorance can harm individuals, groups and whole races or nations. The right of someone to publish their thoughts is fair, but it is unacceptable to personally seek out someone to their detriment, attack without substance-based evidence and all to the ends of your own personal fulfillment.

    Behaviour such as this has proven itself more as a weapon of emotional, social and psychological exclusion than the simple admiration of a lipstick or the snapping of a photograph.

    Naomi, congratulations on the feature. It's great to see you acknowledge the publication here, and of course that you were included in the group. Style is personal and it was interesting to see you and the other bloggers talk about it in an unorthodox platform. I recognise that you're not typically a style blog, so it was interesting to see you agree to this sort of a feature.

    Best wishes,

  12. hi everyone, i don't have a problem with readers voicing their opinions in my comment boxes, but a few of these comments are getting out of hand.

    to those who inquired about the helmet, i do have a helmet. but this photo was taken specifically for momentum magazine's style feature and magazine cover. each momentum magazine that's out has a cyclist without a helmet on the cover. i'll admit i don't wear my helmet every time i take my bike out, and I would like to do better. also, for your reference, it’s not against the law in dc.

    to @amy, i don't recall any amy's attending juilliard while i was there. also, you misspelled "juilliard" throughout your comment.

    to all who feel i am talentless and that the only thing i can do in life is wear lipstick and "breed,” i'm very sorry you feel that way. if that's all you take away from my blog, that's unfortunate. i wish you the best and hope you can find another blog worth your time reading.

    and to those who asked about my lipstick color, it's maybelline's "pink me up." nail polish is essie's "lady like."

    @jennifer, my dress is thrifted.

    I don’t want my blog to become a forum for contentious back-and-forth arguments among my readers, so i'm disabling further comments on this specific post.