1. Can E be any cuter? I don't want her to grow up haha.

  2. seriously love your little growing family! you always look so happy, rested (which I'm sure you're not with a baby and one on the way) and just over all beautiful! love checking in daily! xo

    lydia from vinage2vogue


  3. i just really love your blog and keep coming for more..your positive outlook towards life inspires me…you have a beautiful family and i'm sending across more love and prayers to you guys all the way from india! :-)

  4. Erdmute

    Oh please more of these cute videos…i like! Greetings from Germany, Erdmute.

  5. tinajo

    Just lovely! :-)

  6. Anna

    she is so adorable!!! love her big smile :)

  7. Sarah

    Doesn't it just get better and better?!

  8. Laura

    Oh Naomi, your photos are always full of so much colour and life. Your blog always makes me smile! Thank you :)

  9. your baby has just a great smile ♥

  10. love it!

    Beyond excited that the Instagram app for Android is coming "very soon" !!!!



  11. Emily

    love the two videos! E is absolutely precious (as always!), and Josh cracks me up. you can just tell he is an amazing "papa".
    blessings! :)

  12. PLEEASE share where e's gray coat is from. It looks like a beautiful quality coat.

  13. Amanda

    Love the last picture!

  14. I LOVE YOUR LITTLE E!! she's adorable and I laughed so hard when i saw those videos! I love your family and blog! and i can't wait to see pictures of your new little one :D

  15. Charis

    Gah! you are making me broody ;)

  16. Those videos made me laugh so hard! What a great husband!!

  17. Cathi

    I am in love with the photo of darling Eleanor and Kingsley looking out into the front yard!

  18. Kristen

    precious that you and e are wearing similar shoes!