1. Rebecca

    Those shoes are so cute (yours and hers)! Where are yours from?

  2. @rebecca, thanks! they are saltwater sandals.

  3. Jen

    fun! love josh's books saddle, i have a similar one!

  4. Rhianne

    hehe I love the feet and bump photo, thats great!

  5. cutest baby girl in the world !

  6. lilla.u

    your pink shoes are just so adorable …
    i match my kids converse (two boys) :)

  7. Kate

    That is such a great hat she is wearing! Lovely pictures! x

  8. I love that pic of you and Elenore on your bike. Super cute

  9. Maja

    i have no words for this much of cuteness! :D


  10. Seems like you're having fun! Love the photos!

  11. Fun!!!

  12. Elise

    Matching mama and baby shoes! Gah! I hope I have a baby girl!

  13. Our little bulldog smiles the same way :)

  14. tinajo

    I'm SO fond of phone pics, I post them now and then too. There's something so easy and fun with those. :-)

  15. eva

    can she still fit in the alma crib??? how old is your girl?

  16. Ooh,that little monster hat she's wearing is adorable! I'd love to know where you got it? I have a nephew who'd look adorable in it too.


  17. How cute is it that you guys have matching shoes!! I love it. Every time you post these kinds of pictures i just melt :)

  18. So sweet, love the pics! I'm addicted to Saltwater sandals, I just ordered another pair in red and I want navy too. Of course my little mister is getting a pair as well :) It's supposed to be 72 degrees in DC today, hooray for sandal weather!


  19. I love your blog, but it always appears that you two bike without helmets. Several members of my family have been in bike accidents and have been saved from almost certain death (literally!) by their helmets. Please tell me there are some helmets just off screen or something that you've taken off for photo purposes!

  20. Y'all seriously can't get any cuter! Love all the pictures! Thanks for sharing. :))

  21. Heidi

    What a fun bunch of photos. Love them all.

  22. kLr

    Your little girl is sooo sweet!
    And, I love the photo of you two about to go for a bike ride!
    And, your matching shoes! So cute!

    -Kirsten from mylifetintedpink.blogspot.com

  23. I love that little shark hat! How in the world do you stay so fit during pregnancy!?! You look great! Cant wait to see the little guy!

    Blake Reynolds

  24. Good grief you are so cute!

  25. Sini

    Your life is so sweet and lovely <3

  26. where are those adorable red sandals from?

  27. Klara D

    I LOVE your blog!! Thanks for sharing amazing photos and beautiful stories

  28. Chelsea

    oh my goodness. the matching shoes! WHERE'D YOU GET THEM! Elliotte & I need them!!!!!

    The pic of her with the camera is just too darn cute!

  29. Sarah

    My husband and I laughed out loud when we saw the picture and Josh's comment of Kingsley and the race track. "Top Dog" lol that's funny.

    – Sarah

  30. Jessica

    the 11th picture is so so so nice! ♥

  31. I love the one of all of your feet + baby boy together!

  32. Hannah

    your blog just makes me so happy. :) x

  33. ha! eleanor and the holga. that is too cute!!

  34. awwwe…
    so precious!

    i always love the iphone posts!
    their always so unique, original and filled with love!

    thanks for sharing with us your world!

    it's perfect!

  35. awwwe…
    so precious!

    i always love the iphone posts!
    their always so unique, original and filled with love!

    thanks for sharing with us your world!

    it's perfect!

  36. awwwe…
    so precious!

    i always love the iphone posts!
    their always so unique, original and filled with love!

    thanks for sharing with us your world!

    it's perfect!

  37. So sweet! I really love the one of Kingsley getting ready for a run on the track!

  38. Holly

    i love these posts.
    who makes your skinny pink (red?) pants? i love them! are they maternity?

  39. Mariela

    Cute photos, so lovely!, have a great day!

  40. Bianca

    These just make me so happy :)

  41. Amanda

    All I can say is awwwwww! :)

  42. Those trees, that owl hat, those little sandals… all too lovely! I have the same red sandals and the mini version is too cute (don't think my husband will allow it for my 16 month old BOY though)!

  43. I said owl hat but I totally meant shark hat… really I do know my animals :)

  44. Ana F.

    I'm so gonna buy matching shoes and outfits for my daughter (when I have one)! I hope she will be as interested in cameras as Eleanor! So cute!

    PS: I'm having a giveaway for new moms and moms-to-be! I'd love if you checked it out! :)

  45. i am a bit "jealous"… have a nice life and a big kiss for this beauty!! she is soooooo cute !

  46. ps–hope one day i mm gonna meet you face to face! only an ocean keeps us apart… hehe

    i read all these years so many things about, it s like i know you!


  47. Heather

    looks like you have a future photographer to mentor! so cute!

    Becoming Heather

  48. I love the photo on kingsley and the running track. fun! hug

  49. Daphne

    Aww, you must be cutest family ever :) Just found out about your blog and I'm in love, added you to my 'Daily Reads' list straight away.

    Have a wonderful day and lots of love from your new fan,

  50. I love all your guys' fun hats! Elenor is just always such a smiling, happy baby. BTW – love that last post.

    xx Vivian @ http://diamondsandtulle.blogspot.com

    P.S. Is it OK to ride a bike during your pregnancy? I was told that it's not safe? But then again, what do I know?

  51. Each one of these made me smile :) such sweet and happy moments captured! There is a lot of sweetness going on in your life and so much more to come with baby boy Davis on the way!

  52. Are there Saltwater sandals in adult sizes?

  53. seriously, you always take the best pictures. and baby e's little teeth just kill me every time.
    now i just need to convince the hubby to download instagram too so i can upload all of our photos!! :)
    xo TJ

  54. Rebecca

    Love her monster hat and the mommy matching shoes!

  55. Kate

    Mama please wear a helmet!

  56. Ka†hi

    wow,beautiful pictures!

  57. name

    Where might one find those precious red sandals!?

  58. 2busy

    Love the matching sandals!

  59. Charis

    Th picture of Eleanor with the camera is too gorgeous!

  60. I love the one where she is on your back! she seems so happy all the time : )

  61. Love the picture of you with your bike so adorable!

  62. I really can not understand why you and Josh are not wearing helmets. You are riding bikes around a CITY. For the love of God, and to ensure that your children will have parents, PLEASE PUT HELMETS ON YOUR PRETTY HEADS. You have one on your baby, why not yourself?

  63. I am sure you will both look just as lovely whilst protecting your noggins and setting a good example for your lil' peanut.

  64. I am obsessed with your "according to your iPhone" genius!

  65. Mariana

    Those iphone pictures of yours… Ah… You rock!!

  66. A few things:

    Kingsley looks so adorably human in that picture of him climbing over the ledge!

    Your matching shoes are so cute.

    I hope I look half as cute as you when I am pregnant. I know you have said it hasn't been the most fun pregnancy…but looking super cute counts for something, right? :)

  67. Jean

    oh my gosh! you guys are just so cuuuute! and i love that the black keys shirt! they rock! seen them live! :)

    love the matching sandals, they're tooo cute! and her cute little monster hoodie. gosh!!!!!!!!

  68. Love your matching saltwaters! Are they comfortable?


  69. Jessie

    Oh my goodness! Where is that monster hat from?! I am obsessed with it!

  70. Shilah

    Where did you get your child seat for your bike?? I seriously need one =]

  71. Meg

    hers and hers shoes. Totally adorbs.


  72. Sarah

    The matching saltwater sandals!!! :)

    Thanks for your post on pregnancy the other day! I appreciated that you were both positive AND honest. So refreshing to see both sides represented and to acknowledge all the valid feelings("good" and "bad") associated with carrying a baby!

  73. Jasmine


  74. Kate

    You honestly take the best Instagram photos! That little suit Eleanor is wearing is so so cute. I love your Life Lately posts, always look forward to them!

    Kate {Something Fabulous}

  75. Maria

    I love eleanor's beanie looks adorable. You look great by the way : ) I always enjoy your posts

    Xo Maria


  76. Marina

    Wow great Photos!!
    I love to watch this beautiful pictures!!
    xx Marina

  77. Very cute pictures! I love the matching sandals – too cute.
    I love how active you still are, good example.
    However, not a good example when it comes to helmet "fashion". You guys will still look awesome wearing helmets – especially around the city. I don't know what the laws are in your state, but it's just to keep your heads safe. I've read about too many bike accidents, where literally, the helmet has saved that person's life. Will you please find the coolest, chicest helmets and then post it for us? Make it a fashion mission. :)
    Your baby girl is now becoming such an adorable toddler. Aww.

  78. lovely pics as usual!!!! My ob/gyn forbide me to use the bike during the pregnancy, he said that not because I couldn't do exercise but just in case to prevent that if I had a fall the baby would be endangered

    I've missed my poor bike so much!

    kisses from Spain

  79. Laura

    ohh you have matching sandals, so cute! x

  80. Rudy

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  81. Katinka

    oh…..cute little miss…….i love your pictures…..greetings from germany

  82. Elle

    I LOVE that hat… I have just taken up knitting and I LOVE IT… I need to know how I can make one of those! AWESOME… and make it in adult size… obvs

    Love Elle xo