how to stay positive.

oh this had me laughing pretty hard.
what would our days be like if we started out
in front of the mirror like this?
certainly better i would assume. ;)
  1. I love this video! I could watch it all day long. haha!

    Wish everyone was this enthusiastic and positive! =D

  2. Adorable! And that hair. Perfect!

  3. I showed this video to a student of mine to help him deal with hs is anger. It really helps! Such a great video!

  4. Haha! She's a little motivational speaker! Love it. ;)

  5. So cute! I live in such a youtube vacuum that it's always fun when someone sends a video my way.

  6. my roommates and I used to quote this in the mornings when we were getting ready for class.

    I like my whoooole HOUSE!! clap!

    i love it!

  7. Love this. I think we would all be a lot happier if we could hold onto our childlike enthusiasm a bit more!

  8. love this video! wouldn't it be nice ;)

    thanks for sharing,


  9. love it! "I can do anything good!"

  10. That's so awesome!! Love it!

  11. Olga

    HAHAH this is so funny and funny and cute! Just the pick me up that I needed :)

  12. Hannah

    I love it!!! I could watch it and laugh all day. I'm starting my day just like this tomorrow!!!

  13. lb

    it never gets old! we've been watching her video for months and we don't love it any less. my 3 year old and i do our own versions of "i like my ______, i like my ______" and it works. try it. ;)

  14. molly

    i like my HAIR. i like my HAIRCUTS!

    hahaa hilarious.

  15. I just tried this and totally fell off :)

  16. i love this video, I have watched it 100 times

  17. ha, i remember seeing this a while back. absolutely love it. i seriously am going to start saying this to myself every morning from now on!!
    xo TJ

  18. Sarah

    I like that little peppy clap between her "likes" super cute.

    – Sarah
    A Girl In Transit

  19. yesssssssssssssss haha

  20. Lily

    I posted this on my blog two years ago and I (honestly) watch it a minimum of once per week.

    I love Jessica — such a delightfully positive child!

  21. colleen

    I've seen this before and LOVE IT! I gotta remember to tell myself this in the mornings. hopefully that little girl keeps that spirit as she grows up!

  22. Hilarious! Thanks for sharing.

  23. Jessica

    hahaha how cute is she!

  24. one of my favorite videos EVER. :)

  25. Daphne

    Hahahahaha, she's adorable :)
    And I was just wondering: would it be okay if I wrote a post about your blog? (only good words of course! :D)

    Have a great day and lots of love,

  26. Hahaha this is awesome!!

  27. Maria

    She really knows how to give a pep talk, we should all start the day with such motivation : )

    xo Maria

  28. oh goodness, i haven't seen this video in so long – it's one of my faves. i can't watch it without laughing.

  29. I can do anything good!

  30. Ha ha this is hilarious. She's pretty darn sure of herself!


  31. bahahah! i needed that :D thanks

  32. Lara

    Fantastic! Love this girl! Brightened up my 6am wake-up :)

  33. bhahahah… I think i'm gonna share it to spread positiveness among my friends… thanx!

  34. I love this video! Especially the part when she says, "I can do anything better than anyone." God, I have to remind myself that every day but still don't believe it. If only we all told ourselves this every morning. Maybe the world would be a bit brighter. Thanks for posting.

    lacey @ lovely-21

  35. haha, i LOVE this. i think i have to post it on my blog as well. this is great, everybody should watch this every day! no more grumpy faces…

  36. I like this video, its injects to you with a power energy.

  37. This is too cute, I might start telling myself this every morning and see what happens. Kids are the best for saying things we wish we could say ourselves.


  38. Nora

    hahaha. she's precious! Definitely gave me some postive energy :)

  39. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA SO MUCH FUN WATCHING THIS VIDEO !!!!!! We should all do the "i like verything good" speach/danse in front of our mirrors to start off the day in a GOOOD way looooll

  40. Mariana

    Oh, I've just needed this today!!

  41. Oh my goodness! I LOVE it!

  42. Shari

    This has been a favorite video at our house and played several times throughout the last few years. We always joke around . . ."I love my Jessica, I love my Roz', I love my whole house!"

  43. Anna

    Hahahah…I love it. Maybe I should give it a try…a little positive motivation never hurts :)

  44. Melissa

    LOL!! Why can't everyone be this positive?

  45. This is fantastic! I just sent it to everyone I work with and my parents :)

  46. that was so cute!!!!!! little kids are so wonderful :D

  47. Elle

    WOW this is AWESOME… I have driven my other half crazy all day today doing my own little versions of this :), Love Elle xo

  48. Shay

    I love that video! I makes me laugh every time!

  49. Lauren

    i'm going to go ahead and do this every morning before i leave the house. seems like a necessary addition to my life.

    Hello, Hunters!

  50. this is the cutest!

  51. one of my favorite videos!!!!

  52. oh i so needed to see this today :)

  53. I feel like this is how Elle starts her days. (If she's had a good nights sleep… if not… it's the exact opposite.)

  54. Justine

    She was on Tosh.0 last year. She's in her teens and they reenacted the video. It's hilarious.

  55. Marina

    Haha i like this little nice girl!! xx Marina

  56. this video is awesome!

  57. Megan

    That's the first child I've ever seen who was born to be a cheerleader.

  58. This never gets old. So awesome.


  59. Awesome! LOVE your blog! <3

  60. I think more grown ups need to have positive affirmations like this! I'm 28 and I do it sometimes. Minus the clapping and cute pajamas though.

  61. sinika

    Sooooo funny! THanks for sharing!

  62. Ann

    this is one of my favs!

    i can do snything good! :o)

  63. Shannon

    What a little fire cracker!!!!
    I'm trying this tomorrow. Can't stand on the sink, maybe my dresser instead :).

  64. Gwyneth

    that's crazy cute!!!xo

  65. this just made my day! what a personality. we should all be more like her!

  66. kLr

    My roommate walked in just as I was about to start watching this. She and I cracked up! The little girl reminds me of my little cousin!


  67. totally doing this every morning from now on ;)

  68. Sylvie

    Bahahaha!!! This rocks! I love it! Thank you for sharing this!

  69. How gorgeous! This girl is going to be on the stage! xx

  70. tinajo

    Haha, just wonderful! :-)

  71. kaitlyn

    What a cutie!! Why can't we all be as positive as her??

  72. Liesl

    LOVE this!!! <3

  73. Liesl

    LOVE this!!! <3

  74. Ashley

    This totally kills me. I love her and her ability to psych herself up for the day. So, so awesome.

  75. kwistin

    i like my hair!


    *fist punch in the air*

    …yessss. thanks for this. :)

  76. What you don't do this every day? Haha, this little girl is going to live a pretty excellent life I bet!

  77. It's just brilliant. we all need to do it every morning, especially on Mondays.
    One thing, I was afraid she's gonna fall at any moment. Everybody was ok with that?

  78. Samara

    This video still makes me smile…I would just love to know if it was staged or if she really is this super positive…if she is, I want what she's got!!