have a wonderful weekend!

have a wonderful weekend everyone! i leave you with this photo of miss eleanor sneaking her hand into papa’s shirt pocket. oh this little girl! she keeps us pretty happy over here…

  1. Tonia

    Taza, last post was so lovely. I like read you so much!!
    Have a wondreful days! :))

  2. Sneaky, girl!! What a darling photo!

  3. Little girls and their Daddy's! Love your blog-Have a super weekend together!

  4. Can I just admit that I would wear Eleanor's outfit in big kid form?

    Bright stripes = Check.
    Bright pants = Check.
    Moccasins = Check.

    Oh dear, haha. Have a great weekend with your cuties!

    :) Ewa


  5. They look so adorable!!!
    What a perfect family you make ♥

    Have a great weekend

  6. Annabel

    What a cutie pie!

    Have a happy weekend folks! xo

  7. Morgan

    what a cutie!

  8. I love this pic! precious and mischievous all at once! congrats, she is a doll!
    stop by and say hello some time : )

  9. o my! that's too cute! she's a doll! hope you have a good weekend too!

  10. Sarah

    Awww those sweet little random things our little ones do can light up an entire day for us! She's a little sweetie. Have a great weekend!

    – Sarah

  11. Heather

    This is the cutest outfit, I concur I would like an adult version of this! One little fashion savvy girl :)

  12. She is too adorable. My 15 month old recently discovered that he has pockets of his own and that they make excellent hiding places for bits of food… now I have to go through his tiny pockets before each laundry :)

  13. sonya

    her outfit is so adorbs!!

  14. so perfect!

  15. aww, i wish i lived in DC. i would babysit for you whenever you wanted. she always just seems like the happiest baby! does she ever cry?! ;)
    xo TJ

  16. how adorable!!! l'm currently in love with your blog!!!

  17. What a cutie and look at those shoes! Happy weekend, Naomi!

  18. allison

    that is stinking CUTE! thanks for the smile! love your blog!

  19. Eeny

    Happy weekend to you and your cute family, too.

    Seeing your little smiley Eleanor always makes me smile too.

  20. Melissa


  21. Oh my goodness. Her squidgy thighs are just about knocking me flat. SO cute! x

  22. Eleanor's hair (er, fringe) is getting so long! How excited are you to be able to play with it?

  23. Vin

    I wouldn't mind wearing the adult-sized clothes of Eleanor's outfit!

  24. Sarah

    So adorable!!!! :)

    God bless!!!


  25. Amelia

    precious :) these two, so wonderful.

  26. what a beautiful little bundle of joy you have! I've always fostered boys until recently we had the opportunity of fostering a darling little girl. Girls are so fun! Happy weekend to you as well :)


  27. Mariana

    Cute. :)

    I wish you and your family a wonderful weekend!!

  28. your baby is the best!!

  29. Sladja

    you guys are soo lovely! have a nice weekend! xo

  30. Hannah

    Naomi, that's so lovely. Babys, especially toodlers are so hilarious…
    I miss those moments…

  31. Maja

    i can't get over how adorable she is.. everytime i see her photo, i have this huge smile on my face :)
    you're a lucky lady :))


  32. VLS

    Hey Naomi,
    Where did you get E's pants? I LOVE them (and I love E).

  33. Lottie

    This is so cute!

    Hope you guys have an amazing weekend too!

  34. I have always loved your pictures, but they've been so bokehlicious lately! Have you started shooting with a prime lens?

  35. Carly

    the hand! i didn't even notice it until you mentioned in the caption. can she get any more adorable? :)

  36. Such a sweet baby! Can't wait to see #2!! :) Have a great weekend as well!

  37. I love her bright colors! You have a lovely weekend too. :)

  38. you have such a beautiful family! i'm a little bit jealous of you all! :)


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  39. Lacey

    she couldnt get cuter.

  40. simply adorable :-)

  41. Becky

    Love the shoes! Our little one has mocassins as well :)

  42. Eleanor is seriously one of the cutest babies I have ever seen!

  43. Jamie

    Such a lovely family! I love reading your blog, and when I was at REI last weekend I bought momentum because you were on the cover! I even featured you on my blog. Thanks for always inspiring me!

  44. Your blog posts are always so cheerful and happy! I love it!!!

  45. Ahh, she's such a cutie! x

  46. I love your photos and your blog. So I did an article about you and your blog.. I hope you do not mind O:) I am sorry, I don't know much English.. Have a nice day :)

  47. Congratulations on winning The Homie! If not for that, I would not have discovered your lovely blog. :)

  48. JO

    Hahah so cute!!

  49. Every time you post another picture of her, I just die of happiness inside.

  50. You really need to cut that poor babies hair. She's too young to have a comb over.

  51. Sunaina

    Very cute! And amazing photos. <3

  52. Whitney

    they are just so stinkin' cute.

    love all of your daddy/daughter photos!

  53. haley

    TOO CUTE. Eleanor just kills me, she is so precious! Can't wait to see the new addition.

  54. love your blog :) you're an inspiration.

  55. Weekend is great time to get relax and refresh. Eleanor is very happy and cute. I like this wonderful pix so much.

    rc boats

  56. Liz

    Eleanor, I am copying your outfit. Hope you don't mind.