1. Polka Dot skinny's, I love! How cute! And that panda cup is too cute. They are my favorite, so I may need to check in on that!

  2. So cute and so perfect for spring! I especially love those painted wooden spoons – I need some of those in my kitchen ASAP!

  3. Rachee

    I LOVE Essie's Bangle Jangle – in fact, I'm wearing it right now! The toddler sheets are adorbs!

  4. Dee

    I am enjoying this nice new little feature of yours! The spoons are great!

  5. too cute, i dont have a kid, but i'd totally have my kid's bed in that sheet set, so cute! Love those pants as well!

  6. Acacia

    Oh my gosh these are all so cute. LOVE them.

  7. love the trousers!

  8. ah- those shoes and polka dot skinny's. and they're yellow… couldn't be any more adorable! What a cute "wish list". xo

  9. ummm, i want those painted wooden spoons. adorable!!!
    and those wedges are perfect!
    xo TJ

  10. I'm obsessing over gold watches right now! Plus those yellow polka dot pants are AMAZING!

  11. So in love with the spoon and the polka dot pants!!


  12. Justine

    I want the ice cream sheets for myself! So cute!

  13. Rebecca

    Aw, those sheets are so cute!

  14. Those ice cream sheets are too cute. Fun gift for any chick, young or not so young ;). Those spoons are great too. Love this feature. Awesome.

    lacey @ lovely-21

  15. I love all the different colors! And that gold watch is super cute. :)

  16. Those jeans + wedges are SO CUTE!!!
    ♥ Lindsay

  17. Alex

    Just painted my nails Bangle Jangle yesterday! Love it!

  18. i especially love the panda mug for E. very cute. are you thinking big girl bed sooner than later?


  19. Love those jeans, you would look great in them.

  20. Those jeans!!! Love. And the grey nail polish is a perfect match.
    Kel xo

  21. Liesl

    Loving the rainbow utensils!!! :)

  22. I am loving these "e and me" posts!!


  23. Lindsey

    Those wedges are amazing! I would love to have them for summer dresses! All great items in your board!

  24. i love this all! those sheets are adorable!

  25. i've been on the hunt for a great gold watch and while that one looks amazing, i don't think i can spend that much. and i love that nail polish! essie puts out the best colors

  26. loving the toddler bedding! I love finding other mummy bloggers to follow! Stop by and say hello some day . . . xoxox E

  27. Those pants are so different, love them!! Very fun & totally spring appropriate!!

  28. i was really hoping those sheets were for grownup beds…

  29. {Liana}

    Those polka dot skinnys are unreal!! How fun would those be to wear all the time?! Great stuff you're into…the watch…and couldn't we all dip our wooden spoons & spatulas in some cool paints for a kitchen pick-me-up?!

  30. great picks! and those polkadot pants are so unique–i can't wait to see how you pair those up if you decide to purchase them!

    great post!

    alissa b

  31. Amanda

    #9 is darling!

  32. LOVE those jeans! Man do I ever want a pair! Thanks for posting them.

  33. Kat

    I love these new series. The painted spoons are by far my favorite, and so simple to make too!

  34. I live in wedges.

  35. Yellow polka for skinnies…how adorable! I need these now!!

  36. I love love those wedges but they are sold out! UGH cute list!!!

  37. Oh, those spoons are sooo much fun!! Looks like a great DIY project! And I LOVE the panda cup!

  38. Elis

    I love that you call Eleanor "e". I have an E name as well so I've been called E a lot. :)

  39. I think it is adorable that you wish list things for you and Eleanor together :)

    I love those polka dot jeans! I've also been coveting Current/Elliot jeans, but I have to admit I've been looking at the floral ones.

    Hope all of your wish listing comes true!

    :) Ewa


  40. Hello Ms. Taza,

    A little off-topic, but I was wondering where you got those groovy glasses that you're wearing in you Twitter profile picture?

  41. Janssen

    I repinned those colorful wooden utensils when I saw them on your Pinterest account. SO fun.

  42. JM

    Forget a toddler bed – I want those sheets!

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  44. Miri

    PLEASE BUY THAT MUG!! i have the cutest pic in my head of miss.e and the panda mug.. ;) so sweet and cool.

  45. not sure if you've answered this before, but would you mind if I asked what program you use to make your collages???

  46. alex

    I want those pol a dots pants so bad!

  47. Lily

    Sheesh, those spoons… you had me at the spoons. Swoon!