1. I love the coral rain boots, so perfect for rainy spring days and they are in such a trendy color. Eleanor is so adorable. I had a baby boy 4 days after :) They grow up fast!

  2. Tonia

    You have amazing style!

    I like this things, and their colors…. :))

  3. I'm Pam

    what a fabulous little combo of color and goodies! e & u always rock the style frontier!

  4. nicole

    such a pretty palatte you chose!! i have that lm coat as well, i just love the shape, the dress looks cute too;)

  5. So cute, love all of these! I am dying to get some coral Hunter Boots!

  6. I really want a cute pair of rain boots – but have no idea how you wear them. Can you wear rain boots with an everyday outfit?

  7. Oh my, I love the coral rain boots! I'm not a 'pink' person so those are the perfect compromise!



  8. Eden

    i need those rainboots!! so cute! <3
    xo eden

  9. you guys are adorable!!! love the boots :) congrats and welcoming a boy!

  10. so adorable. I want everything.

  11. i am really in love with the mint color trend for the spring, it has always been a favorite color of mine, so glad i can find some new clothes/accessories in that shade!

    ps E will look precious in that swimmy suit, just PRECIOUS

  12. Those boots are seriously to die for. And Eleanor would look simply darling in that swimsuit :)

  13. I love that dress and those rain boots!

  14. Natasha

    Such pretty colors! Pale pink and mint green were my wedding colors and remain one of my favorite combinations :) So perfect for spring! And those mint green shoes are so, so lovely.
    xo, Natasha

  15. consumer society …

  16. we a just now entering our pig-tail era! it truly is fun!

  17. we just entered our pigtail era, it truly is fun!

  18. Also love the pigtail stage!! :)

  19. CC

    The coral boots are adorable!!! :)

  20. Lottie

    Loving the colours of this post and the pigtails are too adorable!

  21. that little swim suit is SO cute!

  22. love your style! off to check it all out. my story girl needs a new swimsuit this summer. she is almost 2. :)

  23. I love the shoes just model is wearing as well!

  24. Ashley

    Those coral Hunters are out of this world AWESOME.

  25. ugh, i want that dress. so perfect. and there are just so many beautiful things out there!
    xo TJ

  26. love all your picks, but i have to say….those pigtails are my favorite! :)

  27. Sunja

    The baby swim suit!! Adorable! <3

  28. Lovely. I've been eying a similar pair of loafers for awhile, you should get them for the both of us.

  29. Amanda

    Absolutely LOVE the color palette, spring is definitely in the air! My nails are currently a shade of teal/sea foam green-ish that match this palette perfectly. :)

    Thanks for having such a lovely blog that is always such a pleasure to visit. :)

  30. I love the mint and coral colors for spring! Beautiful. Thank you for sharing your lovely finds.

  31. coral rainboots? oh my days, i neeeeed them!


  32. so sweet! I love the little pig tails!

  33. i love every single one of these as well. good choices, my friend :) good choices.

  34. I love love love love that tea kettle and coral rain boots!!!!

  35. Nicole

    Oh I had just seen that dress on Modcloth today and thought "what a beauty!"

  36. Olya

    Ha! I want that dress… I have a coat , the dress is gorgeous. Too bad the price tag is what it is… oh, well – dreaming is healthy too!!

    And those hunter's are beautiful… I wish I didn't get the neon pink ones now…

    Olya from livingnotesfromnyc.com

  37. Dayna

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    And no worries if you'd rather pass. Just thought it wouldn't hurt to ask. Thanks!

    PS> Love the mommy and me picks. Very cute.

  38. Hilary

    oh i just saw your "follow on pinterest" on the side there. How did you do that? I've been wanting to do one too.

  39. haley

    You find the cutest things:)

  40. I love those mint loafers ! Any ideas on what to wear them with? You have such effortless style, and I think they would be fun for Spring. Thanks

  41. Shannon

    I'm dying for minty jeans! Those loafers are too cute!

    I am your newest follower! You have the best style! I love you online presence and voice! Your family is beautiful!

    Thanks for sharing!

  42. These are exactly the colors I am goin' for this spring! I might just have to get one of the wooden toys for my son's first birthday from them…and a tea kettle for myself!

  43. I love the coat turned dress!! I have the coat and love it to death! I really need that dress asap! haha

  44. I love that dress!!! And the kettle.
    Its a cute list, everything matches and it really gets me into Spring mood.

  45. toria

    pssst, i have to tell you, that kettle is so not perfect. the color is divine, but we had the same one in a different color, and i swear you can still see the burn marks on my hands where i picked it up by the handle without using a pot holder. ouch! and it leaked. AND rusted.

    i was so disappointed because i loved the look of it.

    congrats on the homies win, rock on!

  46. You shared nice collection of your cloth and accessories. I like all things as well as I like most your rain boot. Its colour and material is to good.

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  47. Taza, what program do you use when you create this collage?