dvf ♥ gapkids.

hooray! march 15th is finally here! i’ve been anticipating this collaboration between dvf and gap kids for a while now. love all the fun patterns and bright colors. and as a sucker for anything yellow, i’m especially in love with this dress for little e. now i just need to save my pennies. ;)
  1. wish i had a baby to buy for! or i could stock up now for what i hope to have… i have a 50% chance right?!! cute can't wait to see e's new outfits!!!


  2. loving this collection!!

  3. Kendra

    Ohh love this collection!! Such adorable pieces.. definitely save your pennies for that dress.. she would look adorable in it :)


  4. so colorful :)

  5. I half expected Eleanor to be one of the baby models!

  6. How cute. Love all these fun colors for the kiddos!


  7. I've been dying over this collection as well! The mini wrap dresses make me want to squeal! SO CUTE!

    Along Abbey Road

  8. Great collection! Love your blog!

  9. Great collection! I want all this things for my girls:)

  10. today i

    I love the green hair bow!

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  12. it's so cute that DVF still produced her signature wrap dress!

  13. i'm not a mom, or anywhere close to being one. nor do i have any nieces or friends with little girls!

    however. i am absolutely buying something from this collection. i'll just stockpile for the future little girls in my life. normal, right?

  14. So cute! I cant wait to see how Eleanor dresses as a toddler!

  15. I'm obsessed with yellow for Elle! She looks so super sweet in it!

  16. Heather

    I need a kid just so I can dress them up! Love DVF, this is soo awesome!

    Becoming Heather

  17. Megan

    Everything and I mean EVERYTHING at Gap seems to go on sale about 3 weeks after it makes its first appearance at the store. You can probably get it on clearance shortly too.

  18. Love GAP, such a pity that it's difficult to buy here in Spain!

  19. Ugh, I just walked by Gap in Georgetown and resisted the temptation to walk in. I have a boy but lots of friends with girls!

  20. I've been reading your blog for awhile now (and even got my sisters and friends hooked on it!!) and wondering if you could answer a question. I'm pregnant with my first baby and would LOVE to buy a Stokke Xplory, however, the price tag is a bit daunting (I'm usually pretty frugal). Do you think the stroller is worth it?? From everything I read, it sounds like it might actually be worth spending the money on. But most reviewers had only had the stroller for a few months. Since you have used yours for a year or so, I thought that perhaps you would offer some good buying advice. thanks in advance for any help you can offer! of course, I know you're busy so if you can't get around to it, I understand. :)


  21. my friend just told me about this yesterday! btw, did you get the lottery for the white house? I was rejected. Super BUMMED!

  22. Save up fast! Most stores are only getting one shipment of the clothes, so they will be gone quick. I work at Gap, and the clothes really are darling.

  23. Love ! Got the Little orange romper and white sunglasses!!!

  24. Latonya

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  25. Latonya

    I went early this morning with River in tow to the location in Flatiron NYC. Apparently we weren't the only ones who fell in love with the line. You can check out what I bought here: http://www.lala2mama.tumblr.com
    I seriously considered buying the blazer in a size 4t because they ran out of her size!
    Crazy idea, but it was that cute.

  26. how adorable are these!!! she's the best designer out there!

  27. I went to my local Gap this afternoon and they had already sold out of tons of stuff! so glad i didn't wait like i had planned.. I bought the green hearts dress for my little st. patricks day birthday girl. so hurry up!

  28. had to pick up a little onesie for my girl! pretty fun.

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