cherry blossoms.

on the first day of spring, eleanor and i walked around the tidal basin and admired all of the beautiful cherry blossoms. i can’t believe they are already peaking this week! thanks alot, mild winter. i just wish they’d last until june. they make me happy.

  1. I love your outfit! You and eleanor are just too cute!

  2. That picture of the two of you is the cutest! I love the way your lens takes pictures.. One day I'll learn!

  3. I love these photos! You two are so gorgeous!
    I am so jealous of you coming into spring, I am heading into Winter over in Australia, it is freezing!
    Amy xo

  4. Maria

    God, they are just so beautiful!

  5. Beautiful! E looks so grown up in the picture of you two!

  6. Lauren

    Oh how beautiful! x

  7. oh my goodness! eleanor looks so beautiful and grown up already! i just adore you and your family.

  8. Sooooo gorgeous!!! I'd walk around too if I have that view :)

  9. what gorgeous pictures! And i love that you have matching shoes. cutest mom award! xo

  10. emily

    seriously, eleanor is the cutest ever! love reading you're blog daily!

  11. emily

    seriously, eleanor is the cutest ever! love reading you're blog daily!

  12. Giiiirl! Those are beautiful! Love the picture of you and E! Lord knows its a task to get a decent pic of momma and baby in one pic! (or maybe that's just me looking like a bafoon in all of my pictures with my E)! So cute!

  13. Y'all are so stinkin' cute!!! :))

  14. Gorgeous snaps… and you and ELeanor look perfect in that beautiful setting… xv

  15. i'm loving that little romper. i want one in my size (though i *doubt* it'd be as adorable on me…).

  16. beautiful! you get cherry blossoms and I get snow. c:

  17. Those pictures of breath-taking! LOVE the 3rd one!

  18. Aw the pictuer of the both of your is gorgeous!

  19. So beautiful! And I love her little romper. Little girls totally monopolize that fashion trend.

  20. i wish so bad that we had some blossoms in california :(

  21. Wow these pics are amazing, you and elenor look so cute.

  22. wonderful cherry blossoms, sooo beautiful! I wish we would have some of them over here in Melbourne as well!

  23. Meghan

    love. love. love. your blog.

  24. amanda

    Haha look at that cutie little romper! Baby gap! I had bought that for my goddaughter Ella. Lovely pictures.

  25. Lauren

    These pictures are breathtaking! So beautiful! And Miss Eleanor is honestly the cutest little girl ever!

  26. Me too! I feel happy in the spring air and I feel more control over my life than ever before! Beautiful spring pics

  27. I have always wanted to go to DC this time of year. I bet the Blossoms are just stunning (obviously from your pictures, they are). Cute picture of you and E.

  28. do you both have matching shoes? Too cute.

  29. These photos are simply gorgeous … Love E's hair clip.
    Kel xo

  30. Oh my gosh, lovely photos! I wish we got cherry blossoms. I don't know that I've ever actually seen a cherry blossom tree in person although i've seen so many pictures that I feel like I have.

  31. I agree, cherry blossoms make me happy too! But they haven't started peaking here yet. Eleanor has such a lovely jumpsuit!

  32. Louise

    what a great outfit !!! both <3

  33. Smotzy

    Gorgeous pics!!

  34. lovely pics! i didn't know that the weather in DC was so hot so you could use sandals and short sleeves!!!

  35. tinajo

    Love the pics and your little sweetie! :-)

  36. hiii love E's little durty knees!!

  37. i could look at pictures of your beautiful little girl all day

  38. you two look adorable!
    and the blossoms are gorgeous,
    i can't believe spring is finally here.
    xo, cheyenne

  39. colleen

    I love that you guys moved to dc and had a babe because it reminds me of so many wonderful things about my childhood. yay dc. beautiful pictures!

  40. Bridget

    i swear eleanor knows how to pose for photographs–"ok, stay still! now smile!" she's adorable.

  41. Beautiful photographs!
    Love your outfits too!

  42. lovely photos!!! your girl is gorgeous!!!

  43. abby

    i've always wanted to visit dc during this time. our apartment is surrounded by gorgeous flowering trees and i love waking up to seeing the sun shine through their branches every morning. the only downside- the pollen covers my car and makes me sneeze all day long!

  44. Ashley

    So beautiful! I feel the same way as you do, I'm glad they're early but I don't want them to leave too quickly!

  45. Ok. Could you two be ANY cuter? My goodness!! LOVE her romper, love your matching sandals, love the photos!! What kind of camera/lens are you using? You take such gorgeous pics!

  46. beautiful pictures!! You two are ADORB!!

  47. Caitlin

    Great pictures! E looks adorable and I love your outfit!

  48. we have them here too, and i love them. such sweet photos. xx

  49. this is such a lovely blog and your pictures are beautiful. The cherry blossom is out of here in the UK, and in anticipation of Easter we've been making dyed easter eggs

    Laura x (

  50. Melissa

    LOVVVEEE her lil outfit and dirty knees. It's so pretty when the Cherry Blossoms bloom there. I saw thim last year and loved it

  51. Lemanie

    I would love to go see the Cherry Blossoms one year…Eleanor is so cute!! I can't believe she's so big now! Cutie-pa-tootie!!

    Lemanie's Randomness Blog

  52. Bianca

    Stunning! I love E little hair clip she looks a lot like you

  53. 2busy

    I used to live in Southern Maryland, just a hop skip and jump, really, from DC. The Cherry Blossoms were spectacular.

    Thank you for sharing these pics. They bring back good memories.

  54. You don't even look pregnant in that picture!! Such a lucky momma! That little lady of yours is starting to look like a big kid :)

  55. do you two have matching red sandals?? adorable! her little outfit is so cute. love the cherry blossoms!

  56. Love the Cherry Blossoms…we are so lucky to have an early spring in Chicago too! Love your scarf. Reminds me of my favorite summer accessory..
    check it out below!

  57. They are so beautiful! We checked them out yesterday!

  58. you are the cutest pregnant person, EVER. and eleanor as your little sidekick? tooooo cute! wait- do you have matching Salt Water sandals!?

  59. JO

    So so beautiful! Love that you're both wearing matching sandals! :)

  60. Where did you get e's sandals

  61. love your gingham, love her romper! i'm planning to visit the blossoms on saturday- they look gorgeous!

  62. so adorable. and totally loving your outfit- i'm feeling super inspired!!

    BunnyFuFu Fashion

  63. Lottie

    They are so pretty! I wish blossom lasted longer too as it always puts a spring in my step :)

  64. Jenni

    Love those matching shoes!

  65. Kendra

    She's adorable- just look at those chubby, muddy knees! She's a little girl not afraid of some dirt :)

  66. These pictures remind of one of my favorite song to sing to my little boy, Popcorn Popping on the Apricot Tree!

    Fantastic photos and outfits!

  67. Amelia

    oh these are gems. they remind me of this photo my parents took of my brother when he was little- he's pensively examining an unripe blueberry.

  68. you look so lovely! you inspire me to embrace my messy hair.

  69. awwwwww E's dirty knee is the cutest!!!!

  70. Lindsey

    I have always wanted to go to DC this time of year to see the cherry blossoms! These pictures make them look so beautiful so I can't even imagine how gorgeous they are in person!

  71. LeeLee

    Happy Spring. Both of you are adorable. :)

  72. allison

    holy wow you two look cute! i'm totally stealing your preg outfit idea this weekend! thanks! :)

  73. Ash

    i am obsessed with your outfit, missy.. and eleanors, too (but i know i'll never fit into her outfit, so we shall save the jealous envy strictly for YOU, taza..)

    i will always remember the cherry blossoms from my visits back east.. so gorgeous (:

  74. LOVE love love that photo of you and Eleanor.

    The cherry blossoms are in bloom in my town as well! They are my favorite part of spring.

  75. Love these! Eleanor is adorable!

  76. Holy cow these are amazingly beautiful!! and so are you and eleanor!

  77. Anna

    Oh I looove the cherry blossoms. What gorgeous photos! And you and Eleanor are the CUTEST!

  78. she is going to break so many hearts when she's older. drop dead gorgeous just like her mama

  79. Aya

    I love that you and E have matching shoes. You're gorgeous and I can't believe how well you pull off that head scarf. I also can't believe how old E is looking. AH!

  80. Kendra

    I could literally cry knowing that i am missing out on the greatest reason ever to live in DC right now. Of all the times to be in California, this is not the time I want to be here. I hope there are still some blossoms in 10 days when I get back, but I highly doubt it :(

  81. Alexis

    Where do you get all of those CUTE outfits for little E?! I also LOVE that you are wearing matching shoes!

  82. i love the picture of you and eleanor! the cherry blossoms are just another reason why i love living by DC, they never get old.

  83. Gorgeous photos!
    You and Eleanor are beautiful!

  84. omg, those little muddy knees. This is too cute! x

  85. I love cherry blossoms! Beautiful snaps, and you two look so summery x