boy oh boy!

i’m going to admit something here : there is still a big part of me that hasn’t a clue what i’m going to do with a little boy running around this house. while i do have a brother, he is 12 years younger than me. so he didn’t attend the numerous ballet, tea and dress up parties that my 3 sisters and i held together throughout our childhood. i’m realizing more each day as i raise eleanor that i am sort of pretty girly. so naturally, i have this sneaking suspicion i’m in for a big treat. :)
it’s been a lot of fun to picture a little mini josh, though. and then to picture that mini josh in a bow tie. ;) above are a few things i’ve come across that make me smile at the thought of raising a little boy. below are the sources.
|| 1. the boys book : how to be the best at everything. ||
2. a sweater with ice cream and fries on the front?
well someone in our family is going to have to wear it. ;)
|| 3. the sweetest vintage accordion. || 4. trousers with suspenders! ||
5. tiny bow ties. || 6. wooden trucks!
|| 7. little vintage baby boy shoes from france. amazing. ||
  1. he is going to be the cutest little man! and so stylish.

  2. Sarah

    Ok, so I am secretly in the same boat about not 100% positive one what to do with a boy ( I have a little girl right now and prego with boy). But I"m excited. I totally just think about a little mini version of my hub and I start to plan the fun stuff we'll do as a family. I love your inspiration board. I'm pinning it =)

    – Sarah

  3. Haha my husband has the best boy book he's had it for years! He loves it and apparently learned a lot from it :)

  4. Robmary

    oooh so excited for you!

  5. I have two nephews and boys are so great… you are going to have one stylish boy if he is anything like Josh! Those bow ties are amazing!

  6. mattie

    oh little boys are the best! there is something really special about a mother-son relationship. you'll figure it out!

  7. You know, having a little boy is so much fun! I had no idea at first how I would handle it, but I quickly learned the appeal of Curious George, dinosaurs, bow ties, and the like! Your Little Dude will inspire you just the same!

  8. He will be so stylish this litte man !! It's my first comment here, but i do love reading your blog every day. Best wishes to your little family ;)

  9. Maggie

    hold on i suspect it's going to be a wonderful and fast-paced ride!

  10. Olga

    He's going to be just as stylish as his sister!

  11. tinajo

    Great clothes! :-)

  12. eleanor is so cute i can't even imagine the cuteness overload that will occur when baby boy davis hits the scene!

  13. That accordian! Those shoes! EEEEE! I love! I have a little boy and they are just the best – it's so fun to see the daddy/son relationship. My husband is a "Josh" too. :)

  14. So sweet, I love these picks! I was in the same boat as you, three sisters & NO brothers, and then. bam. a little boy. So much fun :). It'll all come so naturally, you won't even realize.

  15. haha my mom had a brother who was 12 years older than her! and then when she had kids, she had me and BAM 4 boys afterwards. haha She's always said that Heavenly Father has a sense of humor for doing that. Eleanor will be such a great big sister and your little mister will be the stylish baby in D.C!

    p.s- love love LOVE the bow ties.


  16. nicole

    No kids yet, but I've always wanted a boy. My husband and I have a godson named Isaac, who is the sweetest and cutest little lad.

    Have you talked about boy names on your blog? Curious to know your favorites. I find coming up with boys names is easier than girls names. Your thoughts? xo.

  17. Unknown

    I have two boys (a 3 year old and a 13 month old). Boys are so wonderful! There is never a dull moment, and they tend to be pretty low maintenance. Just brace for lots of noise and wrestling. :) There's nothing like a boy's love for his momma.

  18. I'd feel the same way! I don't know what I'd do with a boy! Although, he is bound to be so adorable either way!

  19. Shelby

    I'm also having a baby boy this summer! My favorite thing to do is picture my son as a mini-Josh (that's my husband's name, too!). In my mind, he is so adorable I could eat him up. :)

  20. annie

    I grew up with all girls (5 of us). Then I had a daughter followed by FOUR boys. So by now I'm kind of a boy expert! Boys are so fun. They are noisy, and active and like to throw things and run and wrestle, but they have calm quiet times too filled with legos and fort building and voraciously reading Harry Potter. You will definitely love your little boy.

  21. Meagan

    We have the boys book… It is darling!

  22. Oh my goodness these are adorable! I have a feeling that when I start my family I am just going to have a full house of boys! Being the oldest of 5 girls and all of us dancing at Jackie's like you we are used to the tea party's and ballet's and my mom's vintage barbie dolls. Keep talking all about it so then I will somewhat be prepared :)

    Such cute stuff!

  23. so i don't have any babies, but i still want all of that stuff because it is so danged cute? is that wrong of me lol?

  24. Brit

    I saw a toy accordian that looked just like that at world market a couple weeks ago.

  25. LOVE that accordion and that boys book is GREAT!

  26. MellyB

    Finding out I was having a boy left me at a loss. I have an older brother but my three sisters and I spent years sharing clothes, making up dance routines and reading all of the book in The Little House on the Prairie series.

    I pictured a quiet little thing that preferred to read books in secret corners and play gently with our dog.

    What I have in my almost two year old is a wild and crazy thing. I can't even describe how joyful it is. He is nothing like either of us. He is obsessed with footballs and superman. He drags chairs all over the house so he can climb up furniture and then jump off. He and the dog have a total love/hate relationship. It's a crazy, marvelous adventure!

    (Can't say I don't hope the one on the way is a little girl. Want to know both sides!)

  27. Morgan

    oh my goodness! that accordion!!!!

  28. Steph

    I grew up with 4 older brothers. My childhood? Cops and Robbers, Ninja Turtles (they always made me be April even though I wanted to be Leonardo), capture the flag, bike rides, baseball in the backyard, super Nintendo. Every now and then I'd get one of them to play house with me…

    I also have a little girl and am expecting a boy in August. Hopefully there will be tea parties AND ninja fights! And aren't boy clothes so fun to shop for?!

    Best of luck!!

  29. nadia

    The entire time I was pregnant I was hoping for a girl as I am quite a girlie girl myself. Six months later, here I am with a beautiful baby boy who is so sweet and so fun. My husband calls us best friends :)
    You will fall hard because these little boys, they sure do love their mamas :)
    Congrats! You will have the best of both worlds :)

    Xo Nadia

  30. It's so odd. While I have no children yet I always wonder which I would secretly hope for. I know it doesn't truly matter once they're here, but just for fun. I've always thought a little boy would be exciting since there is a ton of estrogen in my family : ) But lately I've been looking at the little pink and flowered girls of my friends and fellow bloggers, and they're darling! I suppose it's a good thing I don't get to choose, because it'd be a really difficult decision!


  31. Awe :) He'll by syling! I think it's cute to think about my hubby as a little boy. So fun. I'm sure it will be pretty easy to figure it out, haha.

  32. Taylor

    He is going to be sooooo adorable! I love the bow ties.. sooooo freakin cute!!! :) Congrats :)

  33. i love those little trousers!

  34. I've got a feeling he's going to be very cute, and well dressed! x

  35. My little brother had those trucks when he was a baby! He absolutely adored them. That little man is certainly going to be stylish!
    Blues and Shoes

  36. Aracely

    OMG inlove with all of it! he will be a cute little boy!

  37. oh gosh, i know you said that the mister wasn't a fan of the suspenders, but SOOOO cute!!
    xo TJ

  38. So cute! I love those vintage shoes!!

  39. What a stylish & darling little son you will have. All of your posts lately have been making me baby hungry!

  40. megan

    Hahaha, the little bow ties are the cutest thing! I can already imagine you as a family with a little handsome boy that looks like a replica Josh. You would make the hippest, sweetest couple :) Can't wait to see him!

  41. J & J

    I felt the SAME way before my little guy came, and now I can't imagine life without him. I thought all babies were girls (not really, but I never truly thought about the fact there was a possibility to have a boy!) Boys LOVE their mamas like nothing else. You are in for a true treat!

  42. J & J

    I felt the SAME way before my little guy came, and now I can't imagine life without him. I thought all babies were girls (not really, but I never truly thought about the fact there was a possibility to have a boy!) Boys LOVE their mamas like nothing else. You are in for a true treat!

  43. J & J

    I felt the SAME way before my little guy came, and now I can't imagine life without him. I thought all babies were girls (not really, but I never truly thought about the fact there was a possibility to have a boy!) Boys LOVE their mamas like nothing else. You are in for a true treat!

  44. yay for boys!

  45. Jenni

    I on the contrary have two little brothers, so when I had my first-born, I wasn't surprised at all, that in fact it was a boy – as for my babies always were :) Then I had a girl, too and I'd say the difference is there, definitely. Boys are very very sensitive. I've heard other moms say the same. I am very happy for you and wish you all the best!

  46. Sarah

    boys are just so great! (i have a 15 month old) you will love being a boy mom!

  47. I was in your shoes about 4 years ago. I only had a sister growing up, and my firstborn was a girl. I loved dressing her up and doing all the wonderful girly things with her. And then our little boy came along. I have to say, it wasn't vastly different for the first 2-3 years. Their personalities are very different, so many things could be attributed to that fact. But my goodness, when he turned 3, something clicked in his little head, and all the "boy-ness" came roaring forth. He is an absolute hoot, but he is loud, the style of play is more aggressive, and trains are the most exciting thing ever. And what they say is true: little boys LOVE their mommies in such an intense and special way. You are in for so much fun! And I have awesome blackmail pictures of my son wearing his sister's princess dress-up dresses while playing trains. :)

  48. I actually cried when they told me I was having a boy. I had wanted a little girl so bad, but now that he is here- you will have no problems raising a boy. It's very organic and the trucks, jeans, and balls just come naturally. Be prepared for anything nice you own to be destroyed. Little boys are mass destructors.
    sincerely, s

  49. Cute finds! Love that vintage accordion!! I am super girly too and worried what I would do with a boy after having a daughter…but wow I got JUST the boy for me, smart, creative, sweet…I'm sure that same will happen for you!

  50. Great choices! The ice cream sweater is a gem! Im a brand new mama to a darling boy (first kiddo) and man, does it seriously rule! Not to mention the boy clothing out there, vintage and new, are equally as fun as girls. Congratulations!

  51. I've already had my first boy and trust me… you will love having a boy!!!!!!!!!!

  52. LeeLee

    Haha, mini Josh in a bow tie. Adorable. Cute baby shoes and bow ties. :)

  53. Plenty of men like to dance — even ballet! — not to mention drink tea and dress up. Your little boy will be his own person, and I encourage you not to limit his play or assume what he will or won't like to do. Boys aren't from Mars and girls aren't from Venus. There are differences, sure, but not as many as people pretend. I love my boy, but he's not masculine as much as he's childlike.

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  55. Kate

    Don't worry – just let Eleanor take charge. She'll know just what to do with a little brother! I used to dress mine up in my dress up clothes. I think it made him sensitive and well-rounded, and he greatly respects and stands up for women to this day. I'm very touched whenever he makes a new girl friend or tells me about girls he's interested in – the first thing he always says is, Kate, you'll like her so much. She reminds me a lot of you.

    Long story short, big sisters are the best thing that ever happened to little brothers.

  56. Boys are so much fun! I have a boy and a girl and I have loved experiencing one of each. So fun to see the difference in personalities. Trucks, dirt, dino's and ball caps were what my world was all about til my little girl arrived. Something so sweet about boys and their love for their mama, too. Fun for your family!

  57. Vanessa

    I thought the same thing as you when I was told I was having a baby boy (what am I going to do with a boy??!?!) And one of my wise friends said to me: "a boy will love his mother forever" She was getting at the very special relationship between a mom and her son that is just indescribable. You are in for such joy. Congratulations :)

  58. I am the oldest girl – with two younger sisters and a little brother who is also 12 years younger than me! It's fun coming from a big family – but I do understand your thought process. I have two little girls and honestly would love a third girl because I just don't even know what I would do with a boy. That, and my sisters and I are so close that I want that for my girls. You'll have a lot of fun! Also, even if Josh isn't a fan those pants with the suspenders just kill me. So cute!!

  59. Jenna E

    I love bow ties, especially on little babes. You and Josh are going to have the cutest little mini-me's. Well I am sure mine will be cute too :p

  60. Sunja

    Those bow ties are absolutely precious! <3

  61. Alexia

    the trousers with suspenders are absolutely adorable!!

  62. Kendra

    I'm due with my first baby, a boy, in April too! I was super nervous at first but while I love pretty things I'm also a huge nerd and love action figures and such haha

    I'm sure you'll be absolutely fantastic with a boy too! Oh and I love those little trousers :)

  63. what an adorable post! i think it'd be the same way if i had a baby boy but i'm sure you'll be great! :)

  64. Having a boy is amazing. My girlfriends with baby girls always comment how cuddly and sweet my son is…mamas boy!!

  65. Caity

    I went my whole young youth dying for a little sister, and at thirteen I got one, and then I was completely content forever, because I had a cute little baby doll girlie girl that I could forever dress up and play with (she's thirteen, and still oh so tiny, and we still do tea, and have awesome girl time, and she's an absolute blast)…but then when I was twenty, my parents announced they were, surprisingly, having a little boy! and I thought, a little boy. What's that about? I was sure he would be fun, and I would love him just as much, but I just couldn't image the sort of things I would do with him for fun. But lo and behold, six years later, and he is my little buddy. I absolutely adore the ground that kid walks on. There's something incredibly special about little guys. They are really fun, and have funny little stories and interesting little perspectives. They love their sisters, and they enjoy fun games. You are such a creative family, I bet this kid will turn out to be magical, and you will find about a million and one amazing things to do for fun with him every day. =)

  66. Erin

    Ah, my son (2.5 yo) loves playing my accordion. Well, I hold it and move the bellows whilst he mashes at keys. Until he holds his hands over his ears and shouts 'no mama no!'

    Good times.

  67. Marbuch

    Thank you!! I am 24 weeks pregnant with a baby boy and I have an almost 2 year old girl… I am happy it is a boy, I just have no idea what i am going to do with him!
    I am a new reader, but I will follow!
    Best of luck, you look lovely!

  68. I'm betting he will be properly spoiled! :o) Good for you!

  69. harriet

    so exciting!!!!

  70. Lily

    there is nothing cuter than little boys in bow ties.. i love all of these things so much! your family is adorable.

    Oh – Fancy That.

  71. awe the bow ties will look super cute!! i love them old school toys that are wooden, there so cute! x

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  73. Sarah

    Those lil bow ties are just beyond cute.

  74. Boys are fantastic (Although I am biased I have just had my 4th :)

    We had a Baby Davis too-now that he is here though his name is Fox. Congratulations on your impending arrival, you will love having a boy!

  75. Sarah

    Congratulations! I have 3 younger brothers, and let me just say, boys are so. much. fun. They can make up an adventure out of anything. There were many swordfights with sticks in our front yard over the years.

  76. I have that vintage accordian! I have memories of playing with it at my Grandparents house when I was little and stumbled upon it when we cleaned out their house. It's now decoration in my office.