birthday cupcakes with my sisters.

we got to see my beautiful twin sisters for a bit this week. since they celebrate a birthday next week and will be back at school, we decided to grab some birthday cupcakes yesterday afternoon and head to the park to enjoy the glorious weather together before they had to leave us. i can’t believe how much everyone is growing up… both have sped through college with one in the midst of planning a wedding and the other prepping for a full time 18 month mission for our church (she just received her call! eek!) i am so proud of them both.
also, a note to our other sister, miss hannah bo: get your booty back over to the east coast! we are tired of not seeing you often enough!

and WHAT is miss eleanor supposed to do without her aunty bekah for 18 months? i don’t even wanna think about it. we certainly are going to miss her.
  1. So cute! And the cupcakes look delicious!

  2. They are so cute and seems to be such funny gals!

    Last summer, by accident, I met a missionary of your church (it's not so easy to find them in the south of italy, it was the first time in my town!!) and it was nice to talk with him. I'm sure they do a good job!


  3. Great photos. Your twin sisters always look so happy and like good fun! And Eleanor looks adorable as always.x

  4. tinajo

    Sweet – and yummy looking cupcakes! First time here, you have a lovely blog! :-)

  5. Mariana

    This is such a lovely post! :)

  6. niki


  7. It's so good to have sisters :)
    And cupcakes look so great!

  8. today i

    Those cupcakes look huge!

  9. Kym

    oh my gosh, Eleanor taking a bite out of that cupcake is adorable. It's almost as big as she is! Happy birthday to your sisters!

  10. Morgan

    those cupcakes are loaded!
    congrats to both your sisters!

  11. Mariela

    Beautiful photos, so cute, have a lovely day and weekend.

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  13. That's so exciting! Where did she get called?

  14. Ani

    aww this is a lovely heart-warming post.

    -Ani x

  15. I love your love for cupcakes :) How exciting for your sisters!

  16. Aren't sisters the best? Yay for birthdays and cupcakes :)

  17. Fun!! I leave for my mission in 5 days to LA! Wish her the best of luck for me!

  18. Brit

    good grief, did your mother drink special water or something during her pregnancies? you and your sisters are just gorgeous!

  19. congrats! they look so much like you!!!!

  20. it's CRAZY how much you all look alike! slap on some dark plastic-framed glasses and red lipstick and you all could practically pass for triplets!!

    love how eleanor is taking a huge bite without looking, keeping her curious baby eyes on everything else happening around her :D

  21. e's arms wrapped around her aunt's neck!!! that's a photo to cherish forever.

  22. Katrin

    Oh, your sister look soooo like you! adorable!!

  23. Jessica

    oh my gosh. that first picture of Eleanor just kills me! sooo cute!

  24. You all look so much alike – must be sisters :)

  25. Skye

    you girls look so alike, it's adorable! it must be sweet to have so many sisters! :)

  26. um, your sisters are absolutely breathtaking. how exciting for both of them. can't wait to find out where she is headed to for 18 whole months.
    p.s. i am in dir need of those cupcakes. scrumptious!!
    xo TJ

  27. Whooo that's a big cupcake for this little baby^^

  28. i'm not an LDS member, but those that go on those missions are so brave, and it shows such an amazing commitment to your church. <3

    xo, eden

    p.s. your and your sisters have the most adorable smiles.

  29. you and your sisters look so much alike! super cute. where is she going on her mission??

  30. Katie

    Your sisters are so sweet! They were in my ward last year at SVU!

  31. E looks so cute eating the cupcake. She's a doll!

  32. Chanel

    you and your sister look like triplets!!! omg so crazy

  33. What an exciting time for both of them. Happy birthday to your sisters.

  34. Kat

    I know somebody commented on this already, but your sisters look a lot like you. I love the pic of Eleanor getting a bite out of the cupcake!

  35. MC

    Awe super cute pictures, happy birthday twins :)

  36. Lindsay

    Isn't family time just the most wonderful thing! It can be so hard to live far away from siblings and parents. M and I were just talking about how we're both getting somewhat "homesick" (even though we're adults with our own little family and we have jobs, responsibilities, etc. You can still miss your mama!). Congratulations to both of your sisters on their big new adventures!

    And man, those cupcakes look amazing. Where are they from? I'll have to have my brother's girlfriend snag me a couple for the next time we visit DC.

  37. melanie

    where are the cupcakes from?

  38. They are so sweet with el!

  39. Marae

    oh i love this post. there is just something about sisters and seeing your child love on your sisters that is just the best!

    and i'm not really a cupcake person but those pictures are changing my mind…

  40. Anna T.

    those pictures are so beautiful and eleanor is soooooo adorable.♥

  41. Your sisters are gorgeous! haha I giggled when I saw the pic of Eleanor taking a massive bite out of that cupcake. Sounds like a great day! And go your sisters for doing such amazing things in their lives!Where is she serving?

  42. I just love your blog. As a mom of a little one about Eleanor's age, I have learned that new family life can have ups as well as downs. Your blog helps me to take notice of and focus on the really special and magical moments in my own life. Keep it up.
    Now, I'm so curious about the standing xylophone in some of your posts. Where is it from? My mom has been looking for one for my little guy for ages. This would be perfect!

  43. i love Eleanor's little tummy!!! =) so cute!!!

  44. Awe :) So cute!!! I wish I had sisters ♥ It looks like so much fun!!!

  45. oh my goodness!

    i honestly didn't even recognize you without your infamous stylish glasses on!

    i had to do a double – take! you are gorgeous as always!!

    and those cupcakes look mighty delicious!

    happy friday gorgeous !

  46. G

    I'm dying to know where your sister is headed! I served in Honduras. 18 months of amazing!

    Happy Birthday, twins!

  47. so adorable!! love that you and your sisters are so close :)

  48. Happy birthday to your sisters! A mission in Honduras sounds so exciting, I wish your sister the best.

    It's easy to see where Eleanor get her cuteness gene from, it must run in the family.

    Ah! Now I miss my family more than ever. It's always lovely to see you enjoying yours. Have a great weekend.

    :) Ewa

  49. Lindsey

    These pictures are adorable! Your family is always so happy looking! It really is refreshing!

  50. Ok. That peanut butter cup looking cupcake, holy smokes. Need.

    Congrats to the both of them. Sisters are the best friends a girl could have! Glad you enjoyed your time with them!

  51. Unknown

    I love this post! I have two sisters, and I can't imagine being away from them! You guys are beautiful! xo

  52. such sweet pics! i LOVE CRUMBS! my hubby got me that same PB cupcake in the cake size for my bday last year! Needless to say i was in a peanut butter coma! xo

  53. i love that that cupcake is half the size of eleanor's head.

  54. Sarah

    Aw soo sweet! Wow, those are some pretty amazing looking cupcakes!!!! I'd be dying if I were you not having sugar voluntarily!!!

    – Sarah

  55. when all of you girls smile, your whole face lights up! so cute.

  56. Looks like such a fun afternoon. Xoxo

  57. the picture of e taking a big bite of the cupcake that's half the size of her face made me LOL, love it!

  58. What a great photo of Eleanor hugging her aunty! So special and sweet! xoxo

  59. Marie

    Beautiful girls and the cupcakes look so delicious!!!

  60. kLr

    I love the photos! It looks as though you all had a grand time!

    The cupcakes, as others have said, look scrumptious! It made me want to make some of my own!

    ~Kirsten from mylifetintedpink.blogspot.cmo

  61. that cupcake looks delicious! such cute pics of your sisters and the one where your baby girl is digging in is hilarious!

  62. Nicole

    I love it when you post about your twin sisters! My twin and I live 800 miles apart, which means our time together is treasured, indeed. Thanks for sharing. :)

  63. Karin

    all of these photos are so stinkin' cute! : )

  64. Emily W

    DEAR LORD. Your whole family is gorgeous.

  65. Lottie

    Love the photo of E tucking into that cupcake! She has obviously learnt well from her Mum and dad :)

  66. how cute! I wish we were having nicer weather. and I could eat a cupcake. we are trying to eat healthy. although temptations are coming in strong! ha

    and is this too personal..idk..but im going to ask.
    where is your sister going on her mission?

    my brother just got his call and we are SO excited for him.

  67. Family is such a precious gift! I hate saying goodbye to my brother when he leaves. :)

  68. jamie

    your family is so beautiful! i'd love to her more about your sister's mission sometime in the future too – it's just something i'm not familiar with at all.

  69. Hannah

    wow, congrats to them. i love one of the last photos, when e gives bekah a hug. soooo cute :)

  70. i really like your blog ! Congratulations. Photos are just extraordinary. eleanor is wonderful ! Sylvie from France (North). Have a nice w end too.

  71. haha i love your family so much. its so weird how i feel like i know them–when obviously i don't! haha but you ALL are bunch of truly amazing people!

    GREAT photos :)

    alissa b

  72. Kate

    Those cupcakes look divine. Homemade? Where are they from? Please share the oven lovin'.

  73. Unknown

    I'm a twin, and would miss my sister so much if she was gone for 18 months! But that's awesome of your sister! Where was she called to? I just came back from the post office where I sent a package to my childhood best friend who was called to Tonga. The look on the man's face when I said "Tonga" was priceless! Well, best of luck to your sister Bekah!

  74. OH MY GOD! that cupcake looks divine!

  75. they are so young to be getting married

  76. they are so young to be getting married

  77. Crystal

    wow that is a lot of excitement in your family, a mission and a wedding! Where did your sister get called???

  78. Lindsie

    Where did you get those cupcakes? They look amazing.

  79. Brandi

    Where is your sister serving??? I served in Brazil!!

  80. you're pictures have gotten so professional! are you still using the canon rebel you mention on the FAQs and no photoshop? the cupcake one is especially wonderful! (and makes me hungry)

  81. Tina

    What an exciting time for both of your sisters! Where is she going? A mission is such a special and wonderful time – it changed me in the most wonderful and amazing way. Best of luck!


  82. these are so cute! your sisters are adorable – where is she going on her mission! my little brother has been out a few months now :)

  83. How fun to spend time with them! Where is your sister going on her mission?
    (Those cupcakes look delicious!)

  84. Rebecca

    Your sisters look so much like you! Adorable! Looks like you guys had a great afternoon.

  85. family plays vital role in every person's life. Your family photos is so beautiful and adorable. Cup cake is so sweet and yummy.

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  86. your twin sisters are so cute! we have twin girls the same age as eleanor, i love seeing twins at all stages and what i have to look forward to! :)