birthday cupcakes with my sisters.

we got to see my beautiful twin sisters for a bit this week. since they celebrate a birthday next week and will be back at school, we decided to grab some birthday cupcakes yesterday afternoon and head to the park to enjoy the glorious weather together before they had to leave us. i can’t believe how much everyone is growing up… both have sped through college with one in the midst of planning a wedding and the other prepping for a full time 18 month mission for our church (she just received her call! eek!) i am so proud of them both.
also, a note to our other sister, miss hannah bo: get your booty back over to the east coast! we are tired of not seeing you often enough!

and WHAT is miss eleanor supposed to do without her aunty bekah for 18 months? i don’t even wanna think about it. we certainly are going to miss her.
  1. Those cupcakes look great! And your family is beautiful.

  2. sara

    The two pictures of tiny Eleanor trying to bite the largest cupcake I've ever seen are possibly the best things ever.