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a few fun things that have been going on around these parts–
we took eleanor to see the black keys perform last friday evening. as expected, she fell asleep by the second song since it was her bedtime (we figured she would since she did the same thing when we took her to see beirut perform live past her bedtime last fall.) even though she fell asleep towards the beginning of the show, she danced in my lap until her eye lids were too heavy to stay open. the black keys are currently her favorite. we know this because whenever we play their music she insists on stopping whatever she’s doing to stand up and dance with her hands in the air. she loves her music and dancing, that one.
josh and i saw cedar lake contemporary ballet perform. if they’re ever passing through your area, go see them! one of our favorite dance companies and the program they are touring is so good!
other exciting news includes that our 1 month of no desserts, candy and soda is over! OVA! hip hip hooray! i celebrated by eating almost an entire box of thin mint girl scout cookies. and yes, all. by. myself. ;) josh celebrated by having a coke.
some not so fun things that have been going on around these parts–
eleanor has a cold. how do you get a cold in 80 degree weather?
it’s been a very painful week, as far as pregnancy goes. plus, my tummy currently measures as big as it was in my 42nd week of pregnancy with eleanor (that late little lady!) so as you can imagine, i can’t wait to see what this belly is going to look like come june! woah. so if you see me in person in the next 10 -12 weeks, please don’t say “you look like you’re going to explode/pop… you’re HUGE… you got triplets in there? or dang, girl, you’re so pregnant!” because i know, i know… and i don’t need the reminder.
it’s been 70 – 80 degrees outside! you’d think this would be on the other list of fun things going on around here. and don’t get me wrong, we really are enjoying this sunshine and extra hour of light in the evenings, but did we skip over spring? i’ll be so sad if we did… i’m not ready for hot august weather just yet. hey spring, please come back!
ps. our beso giveaway winner from earlier this week is announced here!
  1. love eleanor's striped shirt in the fourth photo. does it come in big people sizes?!

    i agree that the hot d.c. weather seems a little too soon. hopefully things will mellow out.

  2. geelove

    I can't get enough of that elbow-patch sweater Eleanor is wearing – I'd wear it. Where are your favorite places for children's clothing?

  3. Sarah

    Aw I"m sure Spring will come back. It's the polar opposite here in California. 10 day rain forecast! Wow, you poor thing in regards to your belly. Maybe the growth will slow down. You wouldn't know by looking at your pics. You hardly look pregnant (which makes me kind of jealous since I'm due in June too lol)

    – Sarah

  4. love the black keys and beirut! e is such a cutie pie and i agree, i want spring to come back! hope you guys have a great weekend!

  5. Erin

    I totally agree with you, come back Spring! I love summer too but I feel like I could wait a little longer :)

    Erin Margaret

  6. colleen

    i'm going to see the black keys next thursday – so excited!!!

    hope the next 10 – 12 weeks feel like they pass quickly. good luck with everything!

  7. Hope Eleanor gets well soon! You looks such cool pretty bohemian mama! Enjoy your weekend!

  8. She is so cutee!!!

  9. Amanda

    LOVE E's coat in the first picture! I bet it's so much fun to dress her up. I hope your little baby boy isn't as late as E was! Much luck to you with this pregnancy :)

  10. Lol. Yeah, my due date is May 5th and the lady at the bank just told me "are you ready for a St. Patrick's day baby?" she knows when I'm due so I just shook my head and laughed. Ugh.

    You're looking great! :)

    -Karina Love

  11. Diana

    i'm currently pregnant with my 2nd right now too and got a ton of "huge, twins!" comments over here too.. i just think the 2nd time around, your body just knows what to do…really fast. The growing will slow down, don't worry… : )

    hoping you a wonderful rest of the journey… i'm almost done now 2-3 weeks left (hopefully).

  12. beautiful photos!!! what kind of camera do you have??? would really like to know!

  13. lovely photos, naomi! i hope you and e feel better soon! :) have a great weekend!

    xo Eden

  14. Spring has skipped us here in Michigan too! Hopefully it comes back soon. AND I'm sure many others would agree with me that you still look absolutely lovely at this point in your pregnancy! :) I am hoping to be that fortunate!

  15. My little Stella adores The Black Keys's "Lonely Boy" and then she tries to imitate the dance moves from the video…it's hilarious!!! She and E would have such a great time together…they are also close to age :) Loving E's clothes…she is such a stylish little girl, just like her Mama xoxo

  16. I was so big with my son. People kept asking if I was having twins or if I was past my due date (at like 20 weeks). Thank god he came two weeks early, I didn't think I could get any bigger.

  17. sonya

    you look beautiful and totally not big.

  18. Ah, I died over that blue stripped sweater the other day and was THIIIIS close to buying it for my little… then I remembered it's already summer here in Florida so I should stick with the light short leaves and tanks. Sigh. :-/

  19. i'm sorry to here about your pregnancy pain! hope it all smooths out. and the same with e's cold!

    and great photos! they are precious :)

    alissa b

  20. 2busy

    50 degrees and rainy seems to make better sense for a cold. Ask me!

    Hang in there with the pregnancy…as you know, it is all worth it in the end.

    Also, you Eleanor is just the cutest dang baby ever! (Well, next to mine, of course.)

  21. elenor is soooo pretty :)

  22. i think you look great and I would have never guessed you were in discomfort. Eleanor is walking! such a big girl and what a blessing she falls asleep in a concert! that wouldn't happen over here!

  23. i love her little outfit in that first pic! and kingsley is so cute!

  24. You look absolutely gorgeous. Heck with belly size, the rest of you hasn't gained an ounce. Keep on keepin on lil mama!

  25. I feel your bump pain! I am HUGE this time around, I cannot quite believe I'm going to get even bigger before june! x

  26. I wish spring would last until august! I dont want to be hot all summer while pregnant either!!

  27. Eleanor is stinkin cute! Love her outfits and the super smile she's always sporting in your photographs.

  28. I think it is so awesome that you take her to concerts!!! and the black keys! Dang, I'm jealous! I hope you + E feel better. Our weather has been like that too. We always miss spring + fall. It really stinks.

  29. your musical taste is just perfect. just sayin'.

  30. I bet you anything that this pregnancy has been more painful because your baby boy is dancing along to all of the music.

    :) Eleanor is truly a rockstar! (It seems fitting somehow…=P)

    I hope that you feel a bit better physically and that spring comes back to bring you rain and daffodils.

    :) Ewa

  31. WHERE did you get that tan cardigan and stripped blue shirt for your little babe!

  32. Lindsey

    The Black Keys are amazing! Eleanor already has such great taste in music! Love the photos!

  33. little e is darling! i have the same blouse AND skirt (anyway, i think the skirt is the same. from uo last spring?)! great combo!

  34. i'm sure you are still so absolutely gorgeous, even with that big belly. and baby e walking on her own is just SOOOOO precious!
    xo TJ

  35. leyla.

    oh, the black keys… i don't think i've heard anything better in years. i was lucky enough to see them a couple of years ago as a opening act for kings of leon and i was smitten. they're not coming down here [florida] on their tour, so i'm a little bit upset about that. and i'm with you regarding the weather. the winter was weak and there's no sing of spring. it's too hot already.

    enjoy your weekend!

  36. I'm currently pregnant with #2 and due in June, as well. I am right there with you regarding my belly. It's just huge. And I have 13 weeks left! I'm not sure how much bigger it can get!!

  37. Oh gosh that first photograph is utterly adorable. I loved the photo you instagrammed with her little headphones on at The Black Keys concert.


  38. I am loving those pink baby converse! So cute!

  39. Hannah

    i love eleanor walking. toodlers, how just started walking are so cute, this little steps they do and the motivation to stand up again when they fall.
    seems like a bid baby boy is growing in you.

    thanks for sharing bits and pieces of you week

  40. wow I can't believe your stomach is as big now as you were with eleanor thats crazy! I love love love Eleanor's converse sneakers.


  41. My boyfriend and I saw the black keys preform this past wedn in Toronto. Loved it hope you guys enjoyed it as well

  42. Hilary

    That last picture of E is so cute!

  43. Sylvie

    Why do people feel like its ok to gawk at the belly and say you look like you are due!? Its like saying "My you look horrible today." I feel your pain, I usually have people telling me its gotta be any day now when I still have months to go!

  44. awe these pics are lovely, E is getting so big


  45. Kate

    I love the hovering Josh behind Eleanor in the first shot. "Careful, caaarefull . . ."

  46. DON'T WORRY!

  47. Oh my gosh, Eleanor is the cutest!

  48. You are such a cute family!

  49. Melany

    UGH. i seriously LOATHE the pregnancy comments. it's like just because you're pregnant everyone thinks you want to hear their opinion of what you like. i'm 38 weeks with my second and an old lady at church last week literally said the quintessential mean pregnancy comment to me: "i swear you've got twins in there, kid!". it hurt my feelings sooo badly, so i just shrugged and walked away. it's like for pete's sake i'm 9 months pregnant and i'm bringing a child into the world! what do you want from me?! it just shocked me that she thought that was okay to say to a pregnant woman.

    sorry for the novel! i'm obviously sensitive at the moment haha! you're gorgeous and i can't wait to see baby boy!

  50. Brandee

    You're talking about day-to-day life and what's on your mind a lot more these days-love that! I adore you :)

  51. Kathryn

    hi!! i saw these cute shoes circling the internet and thought of eleanor right away :)

    hope you like them, although, i do enjoy your etsy purchases.

    i hope your babyface calms down a little in there! boys will be boys.

  52. eleanor is wearing elbow patches.
    ….just when i think she can't get any more adorable.

  53. Adel

    Love those little converses! :))

  54. eleanors outfits are so cute!
    and i'm sorry to hear about the pains, hopefully it will get better soon!
    xo, cheyenne

  55. Check out those little trainers, how adorable!

    Ooh sounds like you're going to have a big healthy boy. I hope your pregnancy gets easier from here!


  56. 2nd pregnancy uses to be a little harder… don't want to think about the third!

  57. I hope Eleanor feels better soon and you feel less uncomfortable, my sister felt the same with my nephew.

    Have a lovely relaxing weekend and enjoying sweet foods.


  58. Every time I think Eleanor can't get any cuter, she does! I don't even understand how that's possible. Sending positive vibes that way for your 2nd pregnancy. :)

  59. you guys are freaking adorable and beaming with happiness, as usual!
    i went through a bit of pregnancy with you once and now twice. i was ahead of you before (mine's 20 months) and behind you this time (i'm 17 weeks). it's been fun! i, of course, am eager to know if your pink skirt is available some where. i love it, looks like comfy summer preggers!

  60. Those are so adorable! :D

  61. love eleanor's sweater in the first photo! those elbow patches are so cute.

  62. Alexis

    At this point in my second pregnancy I thought I couldn't get any bigger and I was completely wrong. I got bigger. I just thought you might want to know! But you're more then halfway through it! Can't wait to see this new baby boy and I bet he'll be just as georgeous as his sister!

  63. All babies should be larger than the one before them. its a good sign you're bigger now than you were with E. Healthy baby boy you've got in there.

    LOVE E's stripped shirt. Will you share where you got it?

  64. Anna

    Her teeny tiny converse, what a doll!

  65. I also got to see the Black Keys! I saw them last night!!! It was amazing!!! Weren't the disco balls just perfect!!!

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  66. Our baby girl is coming in May and I must know where those bows are from in Eleanor's hair. My girl needs them, she just doesn't know it yet.

  67. Wiffy

    I feel your pain, currently 31 weeks, huge and having a lot of back pain. Hang in there!

  68. hayley

    Have you seen the book "It's Time to Sleep, My Love" by Nancy Tillman? It came with a panda!

  69. HER LITTLE CONVERSES! she is just too much!

  70. HER LITTLE CONVERSES! she is just too much!

  71. HER LITTLE CONVERSES! she is just too much!

  72. Kendra

    Love the little Chuck Taylor's!!! We rock the Converse All Stars in our house! :)

  73. i love itttttt!

    I really think you need to stop worrying about how big your belly is getting. You look fantastic, and just be thankful you and little baby boy are healthy.

  74. Aw you are awesome! You can make it till summer!

  75. not to sound scary, but we have so many of the same clothing items. I love/have that embroidered top and glad to know it will work well in maternity someday too! E is sooo cute!

    P.S. I've been told you pop/show more and earlier with each pregnancy, so it sounds normal. Though not what you want to hear I'm sure. :)

  76. aww, 'gold on the ceiling' is my three year olds jam!

  77. alex

    My gosh! So little and already went to see Beirut and the Black Keys?! She'll have such a good taste of music! The pictures are amazing!