afternoon in oldtown.

on saturday we put on as many shades of green as we could find in our closets (happy belated st. patty’s day!) and met up with friends in oldtown alexandria for brunch (we tried out columbia firehouse and it was delicious!) the weather was beautiful so we spent the afternoon wandering around the waterfront afterwards.
have a great monday!
  1. Aww…looks like such a fun day. Little Eleanor is such a doll! Glad to see you had a great weekend!

  2. marta

    darling as usual. that gelato looks incredible. so inspired by your fun family outings. thanks for giving us a peek. xo

  3. Your sunglasses are awesome! Gotta love the matching momma daughter outfits! Happy belated St. Patty's day!!

    xo Eden

  4. love the matching yellow and green, so sweet!
    That gelato looks to die for! definitely craving some now :)
    Amy xo

  5. Morgan

    mm gelato!
    LOVE that whale shirt :)

  6. how cute!! love the photos!!!

  7. You have such a beautiful family!

  8. Justine

    hi, i'm a new follower! you have such a cute family!

  9. So cute! Impressive to Josh for balancing E on his hands!!!

    Happy Monday!

  10. Kendra

    Looks like such a great day! Eleanor is just insanely cute :) I love how she looks so nonchalant while Josh balances her on his hands!!


  11. i have a picture just like that one of my dad balancing me on his hands when i was that age! but i daresay i looked a little less fashionable than miss eleanor. ;)

  12. pretty stellar balancing skills e has there! love the colors!

  13. Sarah

    Woh, look at her balance on your husband's hands!!!! Crazy! I love the steamboat pic. Always makes me think of Mark Twain. What a lovely outing. We have friends out there we've been meaning to visit. They always talk about how they love it out there.

    – Sarah

  14. Liz

    hi naomi! i have been following your blog for awhile and i really love it! i was wondering how you feel about readers "pinning" your pictures (for example your dining room table). i see that you pin, and it would obviously be linked back to your blog, but i still thougth i would check with you :)

  15. aw, i love that you and baby E are matching with your yellow and green! wish i could see more of your outfit and adorable baby bump.
    and just love that picture of josh holding up baby e with one hand. perfection!!
    xo TJ

  16. Maria

    Love this! Y'all are the cutest little family ever!

  17. beautyfull familiy,,great pictures,, cutest little girl,, love your sunglases and the yellow clothes :)) love from swiss

  18. Emily M

    I love your shade of lipstick! What is it?!

  19. mmm… mustard yellow and green. i love that combo! you and eleanor look super cute.

  20. E is so beautiful! What a lovely family you have. Reading your blog always brightens my day!

  21. Allie

    Cute as ever. Where are your sunnies from Naomi? You always have the best glasses and I COVET these.

  22. Sigrid

    I love love love your family!!
    E is so cute!!

  23. CC

    She is the cutest thing ever! :)

  24. Aukse

    Gorgeous little girl! Seems like so much fun.

  25. I have to tell you that your daughter is my fashion inspiration! If only they made her clothes in my size. Do you think a 32 year old could carry off her hair accessories?! I don't care, I think I'm going to go for it anyway. Baby style, here I come!

    PS I read your blog all the time but never comment. You get so many comments I am sure mine will just get lost in the tsunami. But, should you read this, may I add my blog loving to the many blog loves you already get! And thank you for the inspiration.

  26. lovely pics! E* is adorable!

    kisses from Spain!

  27. great pictures :)

  28. The weather looks perfect for a weekend out. We took a long walk along the River Thames yesterday but as usual London isn't half as sunny as anywhere in America. Oh how I wish we could have blue skies soon.


  29. colleen

    love all of these photos! makes me miss my home (good old northern virginia!)

  30. Aman

    Absolutely charming!
    I love the colours. :)

  31. looks like you guys had a fun day!
    i'm totally craving icecream now, they look so good.
    xo, cheyenne

  32. maria

    Happy belated Paddy's day from Cork, Ireland. Love your sweet blog:)

  33. oh man that ice cream! And look at E with the sunglasses ;)

  34. I love the picture of Josh holding E by her feet. She looks like a model popping her leg out ever so slightly.

  35. LOVE this age! It gets better! There are tough times, like the frustration of not being able to communicate, but between 12 months and 3 years it is just a cuteness explosion of a curious tiny mind.

  36. Ceci

    Hi! I'm a new follower from Arlington. I was in Old Town on Saturday – it was Gorgeous outside & a perfect day for shopping & looking at boats & dogs. :) Have a great week! I love your blog!

  37. Laura

    lovely images! the picture of josh holding eleanor is the cutest:-) x

  38. Hannah

    ahh, love the pic of eleanor and your big sunglasses. she really is the most stylish baby on earth.
    happy belated st. patty's day. it's a shame that we don't have st patricks day in germany!

  39. Hilary

    She looks like she's dancing while balancing in Josh's hands.

  40. Love that you were in my neck of the woods! Glad you enjoyed it…and I definitely need to try out Columbia Firehouse.

  41. What a lovely weekend! I can see that the blossoms are out already!

  42. so lovely! it's been a while since i've schlepped out to old town, but what a great way to enjoy the weather! love eleanor's divalicious self in those sunglasses.

  43. I absolutely LOVE all of the sweet bows you find to decorate your daughters hair. So sweet!

  44. Elise

    You and e are so cute and you match!!

  45. Looks like a great day! Eleanor is adorable.

  46. So precious! Your little family always brightens my day.

  47. Her sweet little pointer finger always cracks me up. She loves to point and smile! :o)

  48. 2busy

    Looks like an amazing day. You definitely have better weather than we are having in my neck of the woods.

  49. That picture of Eleanor on Daddy's palm is hilarious and so awesome! These pictures are lovely, as usual.

  50. Great pictures. Looks like a great St. Patty's Day! I love the pictures of you + E at the end. So cute!!!

  51. I'm digging the shades!

    and that ice cream looks delightful!


  52. huesii

    i've been following your blog for a while now, always puts a smile on my face. thanks so much for sharing tidbits of your adorable family :) x

  53. *kayla*

    this blog post is shockinlyly similar to sydney from the daybook's weekened post! it happens a lot! Love both blogs!

  54. Nay

    Oh that Eleanor is so sassy, she makes me smile!

  55. I am new to following your blog. It all stared from following you on instagram!! You and your family are amazing! Your so beautiful and it makes me smile when I see your pictures of the gorgeous and lovely Eleanor!!! I live here in the dc area, kind of new actually. I haven't been able to find much to do because I haven't meet many people but I love being able to watch your blog and get ideas for what to do!! Thank you for such an amazing blog!!!

  56. great pics your little is just far too cute.

  57. i love how you and e match! what a lovely day this must have been :)

  58. Eleanor is so stinkin' cute! And I love your glasses!

  59. Lindsey

    The eggs benedict looks so yummy! E looks so chic in your sunnies! A very stylish little one you have!

  60. Kendra

    We went to alexandria last tuesday! It was beautiful! We will definitely be going back. Love eleanor in the glasses! Evelyn hates shades.

  61. E is s cool, I love her little style. Also you guys eat the best looking food and I'm sure it's even more delicious than it looks.

  62. I love the matching outfits! very festive and extremely cute. : ) Eleanor is beautiful!

  63. Aw, this is such a heart warming post!

    Eleanor is the cutest thing in those glasses.

    This post looks exactly like spring should be like – the flowering trees, the ice cream cones, and the smiles!

    :) Ewa

  64. Sherry

    BEAUTIFUL ! I love & miss Old Towne Alexandria. We always make a day trip there when visiting my son who lives in DC. Cute barrette in Miss Eleanor's hair!

  65. tinajo

    Lovely pics and I envy the warmth you seem to have, no such luck here in Sweden yet even though spring is closing in! :-)

  66. nothing cuter than a baby girl in converse- my little girl is wearing her big brother's black ones and it just warms my heart to see her rockin' their hand me downs (and they look cool too!!) like your matching yellow/green color schemes!

  67. So cute! Happy Monday!

  68. She's the cutest!
    Where are your sunglasses from? They are pretty!


  69. so fun! looks like a perfect weekend! how cute is your family.


  70. Love your blog!! Hope the new baby/belly get easier. You still look as beautiful as ever!

    What brand are you sunglasses? Love them.

  71. Your hair looks lighter! I like the whole family in green!

  72. y'all are just too cute for words! Hope y'all had a great weekend!

  73. You have such an adorable little family, Eleanor is the cutest little thing! I love her outfits, great change from pink. :)

  74. Charity

    I love Old Town…we live just a few miles from there and were down there on Saturday afternoon! Alexandria Cupcake was serving Guinness Cupcakes…oh-so-good.

  75. Could ou please tell me who makes your sunglasses, I love the shape.
    I love when my husband balances our daughter on his hand; he has been doing it since she was 2 months old and we attribute that to her leg strength and her walking at 7 months.

  76. Nora

    Looks like a perfect sunny day to me!
    And Eleanor sure is the cutest little doll.

    Can't wait for spring to be around here…

  77. Looks like a yummy weekend!

    And seriously without that bump in the picture you wouldn't even know you're pregnant! Lucky. ;)

  78. i love that the two of you are wearing matchy matchy outfits! So cute. I love it so much when my daughter and I can wear "alike" things :)

  79. This looks like a wonderful day. I have to say that E is just too cute for words. I can't wait to see how adorable baby # 2 will be :)

  80. Callie

    so cute!!!

  81. Bruna

    Hi Taza! Eleanor is a lovely baby girl!
    I love your blog and the love between you is such an inspiration to me ;)
    Have a nice week!

  82. kelsey

    ohhhh, that little E. she is too too much cuteness, & seems like she's got the perfect amount of sass. love!

  83. Ruth

    Gorgeous! I've always wondered what your hair-care routine is and how you style it….if you ever feel like sharing, we'd love it!

  84. Diana

    You are looking lovely, Naomi. Motherhood becomes you: you have a beautiful glow in all your pictures. Looking forward to meeting your new arrival. "_

  85. look at that talented baby! standing in one hand, impressive ;)

    and how cute is it that you and E match! too, too cute!

    alissa b