a sweet gift from my mama.

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when we found out baby was a boy the other week, we called our families right away to share the news. my mother is some kind of magical genius because she somehow whipped this darling pillow up in the next few hours and had it on my doorstep the next day. i was so surprised! it was the sweetest gesture and made everything feel so much more real to hold something that said “it’s a boy!”
she’s probably going to be embarrassed that i’m posting this, but you really should check out her little pillow shop, pillows by poppy, if you haven’t already. i am so proud of all the hard work she puts into that shop and can’t wait to share this pillow with my little boy someday. thanks again, mom!

ps. don’t you love that little dog house on the back of the pillow for “kingsley”? her little details are what i love most.
  1. Cute! I love the blimps!

  2. So cute! Lucky lady having such a talented mama!

    Sal x

  3. Aw! This is the first time I'm hearing that you're having a boy! I can't wait to see this guy in glasses and bow-ties! Congrats!

    And your mama can make a mean pillow! That's adorable.

  4. beina

    That's really wonderful!!!!!!!
    Compliments to your mother!!!

  5. miaT

    Just adorable! Your Mum is a super talented lady. I love the little daisies and the clothespins on the back. So many charming little details!

  6. Such a nice gift and your Mum is a true art-maker :) Congrats again on having a little brother for cutie pie Eleanor ;) And congrats on the best Family blog :))

  7. haley

    So cute! What a sweet mom you have :)

  8. inga


  9. aw, how sweet.
    your mother is very talented, i love her little shop!
    xo, cheyenne

    So delicated! :D

  11. morgan

    so cute! I love this :)

  12. kori

    AWW! How precious! And something you can hold on to forever! So sweet!

  13. How precious!!! We are expecting a little boy in May – I'm thinking he will need one of your mama's gorgeous pillows in his nursery soon! :)

  14. Lottie

    Your mummy is one talented lady–what a lovely idea!

  15. Mariela

    Is beautiful, so sweet of your mom, and she has an amazing talent.

  16. Hannah

    that's so perfect. i just love it. can't wait to see your little boy cuddling with it.

  17. Janell

    This is so cute! Kudos to your mama for being such a crafty lady :)

  18. Such a great pillow!! Your Mom is amazing!!! So excited for you to have a boy!! xo

  19. So cute! Your mama is talented…and a very quick sewer! Loving your nail polish colour too! :D

  20. that is so precious. does she take custom orders?


  21. Shannon

    Sooo adorable!

    I'm going to check out the site now!!!

  22. Chrissy

    How cute is that? How sweet of your mom!! xxx

  23. colleen

    um yes, the dog house is adorable. congrats again!

  24. too adorable! I need to order one of your mom's pillows. They are amazing!

  25. Cate

    Your Mom looks like one talented lady! I love how sweet and whimsical it is! The fabric is beyond adorable, such a happy color!

  26. Sladja

    So adorable! I didn't know that your mom is behind "pillows by poppy"?! it seems like your all family is super creative :) sooo cool! xx

  27. naomi that is seriously so adorable! you are so lucky to have such an amazing mother! xo

  28. My goodness! That is just the sweetest thing!

  29. kwistin

    oh my gosh! how amazing is that pillow?! your mom is adorable. i can just tell.

  30. Absolutely beautiful!

  31. So cute! P.S. What nail polish are you wearing? I've been looking for a color just like that!

  32. so cute! what a sweet gift!

  33. Oh my gosh, your mom makes those pillows? I've been in love with them since you first featured them. What wonderful pillows' they're so fanciful and each tell a story.

    Aw, it was made quickly because love sped up the process! I cannot wait until I have a legitimate excuse to order some pillows from her!

    :) Ewa


  34. How Cool! I am going to check out her shop!


  35. oh my goodness, adorable!!!

  36. Allison

    I never made the connection that Pillows by Poppy was actually your mother. There is nothing like a mothers love :) Congrats again and again.

  37. Your kidding! Thats your moms shop! I came across it a few months ago online and fell IN LOVE with the pillows!!!! She has talent

  38. Awe :) How sweet!!! I love your mom's pillows. They are great! What a perfect keepsake.

  39. your mama is the best! she really is so adorable for sending that to you!

    are those your oliver g glasses? i really like them, i think they look thicker than those ones. where they from?!


    ps. you look so beautiful!

  40. Is this the same type of pillow that Eleanor has on the chair in her nursery? I have been wondering where it's from! Thanks for giving your mama a shout out! I want one!

    Along Abbey Road

  41. What an adorable little pillow! What a talented mum you have. Your whole family are super adorable and super sweet! Absolute pleasure reading your blog everyday x


  42. Moms are amazing. That's so sprecial and sweet of your mom. I love it. I checked out your mother's store when you first announced it and I'm in LOVE.

  43. What a wonderful mom you have, one day when I have a baby I will definitely be ordering one of these!

  44. Rebecca

    That pillow is adorable! Very thoughtful of her.

  45. so pretty, i want to have my own little house pillow… i definitely have to check your mom's site out.

  46. Jenni

    How cuuute is that!

  47. that pillow is the cutest!

  48. Ashley

    oh my gosh uber caaaauuutttee

  49. MC


  50. Skye

    your mama is so talented- no wonder you have such great style! thank you for sharing her shop!

  51. That pillow is just darling! Your mom is a talented, wonderful woman, and I am so excited for you guys to be having your little boy! There isn't anything I wouldn't give up for my four little brothers, or older sister. Eleanor is going to love him!

  52. Pat is amazing! This It's a boy pillow is so cute!

  53. Rona

    Beautiful pillow! The details are really special! Your mother is quite talented so I hope that she doesn't get too embarrassed at this post :)

  54. Super cute pillow! :)

    I am curious about your nail polish too! What colour is that? Would like to try it myself too!

    Lots of greetings from Italy,

  55. Emily M

    love your nail polish color. what brand and what color is it?!

  56. that is way too cute!
    hooray for boys! we're expecting one in June!

  57. nancy

    that is just way too cute!

  58. Amanda

    Love it! Congrats on your sweet baby boy to come! I've noticed this nail color you've been wearing the last few photos and I'm in LOVE. It's gorgeous! not too lavender, not too mauve… I just love it. Would you mind sharing what it is?? Thanks!

  59. your mom is amazing! so cute that she even included kingsley in all of this ;)
    xo TJ

  60. Leny

    pretty pillow ♥

  61. How darling! WOW, incredible talent! What a treasure.

  62. Your mom is so talented! That pillow is so adorable!

  63. Brenny

    That pillow is the coolest! Will def check out your mamas stuff:) Congrats!

  64. NO WAY! Your Mom is Pillows for Poppy? Get out! I LOVE them!!!! x

  65. Diana

    Your mum's made pillows are adorable! So neat and sweet!

  66. i love this, super cute!
    cant wait for babyboy-snuggling-with-it-pics :)

    congrats again :)
    Love from Austria
    Lisa-Maria xx

  67. adorable! props to your momma!

    …now we only have to wait for the little guy ;)

    alissa b

  68. ayley

    i love that she is probably going to be embarassed. what a sweetie

  69. Your Mum's cushions are incredibly beautiful and unique. I'd love to order one.. You may have tempted me to go and have a peek :) x

  70. So cute :)
    You are a lucky mama!

  71. abby

    oh my gosh- so adorable!

    what's your nail polish color- i adore it!

  72. Love your blog, love your darling baby boy pillow! Too cute! Love your nail polish. What color and brand is it?

  73. Its beautiful and best pillows. You mom is so creative person. I like this cool idea. You have amazing work.

    gift ideas

  74. Kelly

    She's quick! Or she had TWO houses ready….:)

  75. That's adorable. :)

  76. I looove her pillows. This one tops them all, I think!

    p.s. I have been eyeing that dress at Anthro for a while, but all the reviews talk about how see-through it is and you can't wear it without a slip. Do you feel that way? Do you have to wear a slip with it? I thought maybe garments would help with that… ;)

  77. Unknown

    Can you tell me where you got your glasses?