a 27 week baby bump!

a few of my scattered thoughts this morning about pregnancy::
  1. maybe it’s because i was still dancing and teaching class until month 8 of my pregnancy with eleanor and this time around, i’m lucky if i walk around the block once a day. maybe it’s because this time around, i have another baby i am chasing about the house all day long who currently likes to get into everything. maybe it’s because this baby boy in my tummy does not know how to hold still….ever…. but this current pregnancy feels bigger, more uncomfortable, a bit more stressful with plenty more fatigue involved. but maybe it’s all a good thing… or so i keep telling myself… you know, sort of like prepping me for having two little ones running around with mister mischievous kingsley soon. cause it’s not like it’s going to get easier, right? ;)
  2. i cannot get enough citrus in my life.
  3. that glucose test you have to take when you’re pregnant at the hospital isn’t any better to drink the second time around. even if you’ve been off sweets for almost a month and feel like a little rebel being handed a bottle of sugary liquid and told to “chug this within 5 minutes.” it still tasted bad. which is unfortunate since i was really looking forward to a little sugar rush.
  4. um. boy names are sort of 3 billion times harder than girl names for us over here.
  5. but in all seriousness, are we really going to have a mini josh davis running around this house soon? oh. my. gosh. let’s do it!
  1. Allison

    You look fabulous! I just love that dress.

  2. You are adorable, I love your dress! Boy names are hard – we ended up going with a family name because we couldn't agree on anything else. :) If I have a boy next, i'd love a "Sawyer", "Foster", or "Sage"…but not sure my hubs will go for it. :)

  3. Honestly you are going to have the cutest little boy and you already have the cutest little girl! She is a mini you and baby boy will be a mini husband. HOW CUTE! and I think its funny how hard boy names are. We don't have kids but I always ay how cute a girl names would be when I hear them but I can never seem to point out cute boy ones. What is up with that?? Ha oh well you have time!


  4. Oh hey, what's up, Eleanor?

    I swear that baby boys in utero are way bigger. And yes, picking a solid, yet different boy name is so unbelievably tricky. Sorry you had to go through the glucose test. I think I'd rather drink glass shards, but I was sick with my pregnancy so you can only imagine how disgusting it was.

    You look gorgeous!

    Along Abbey Road

  5. Megan

    My English husband Nick suggests Tarquin for your baby's name. Feel free to use it because he wants to call our future son Tarquin and I do not.

  6. shelby

    maybe your need for citrus is a sign you need a good godfather inspired name like carmine or lucca.

  7. You look Amazing Congrats on such a beautiful family..I'm currently 20 weeks pregnant & running around after our 13 month old little girl & find this pregnancy much different too & tiring. I agree boys names seem to be much harder!! :)

  8. You look so beautiful. My sister-in-law is having a boy in April and they JUST DECIDED on Barrett as his name. It was a hard decision for them both because they wanted it to be masculine and not too weird, but also not boring or too common. Boy names are definitely harder than girl names.

  9. Peach

    I COMPLETELY AGREE, boy names are so difficult! G'luck mama.

  10. no4. Girl names are harder! So many good ones…

    BTW: where's Your dress from.

    Nice blog…

  11. i've always thought boy names were so much harder than girl names! hoping you guys find one perfectly suited to the little josh davis! fun!

  12. Jean

    eleanor is all like, HEY! waving for the camera! too cute.

    boy! oh boy! that's so wonderful! what a cute family <3

  13. Sarah

    boy names are SO MUCH HARDER to agree on! why is that?!

  14. Bridget

    you look totally lovely.

  15. Kendra

    my goodness, you can't even see a bump! I'm positive mine is bigger and i'm only a third of the way through.

  16. K.J.D.L

    What is it about the citrus??


  17. Olya

    FIrst- second pregnancy and baby is harder ( at least for me it was) but you're doing a fab job, and third + are easier ( wink ). Second – you look do beautiful! That belly of yours!

    Third – I did t know you danced with your first all the way! Did you know I professionally dance, even now? XO to another dancing baby!

    Fourth – cant wait! And yes, boy names are VERY hard! Curious to know what you choose in time!

  18. You look gorgeous! I only recently found your blog and I already LOVE it. I'm 39 (thousand?) weeks preggy with our little boy at the moment – first babe and we found names hard too… No giveaways at the moment as we're keeping it hush hush but others we loved were Aidan, Robert, Mason, Flynn and Flinder! Those unfortunately got kicked to the curb and we've settled on two Irish heritage names for our little one. Good luck for the rest of your special preggy time!
    PS – my little man has been super active the whole way though, although he is drastically running out of room now!

  19. Jenna E

    uhhhhmmm the cutest!!! I am def enjoying every single moment of this pregnancy. I know if we are blessed with another one in the future it will be much more difficult when I have a little rugrat already running around.

  20. sonya

    just looooved your dress in this picture!! you guys are so cute, Im going to live vicariously through you til I have my baby 2

  21. Tina

    you look so beautiful, enjoy every minute……. Diego is a great name, don't you think? ;) ;)

  22. oh gosh, you are seriously looking ADORABLE!! and can not wait to see and know the baby name that you come up with. it's true, not too many good boy names out there. you should just come up with a new one and make a trend ;)
    xo TJ

  23. Pretty sure the world is going to bury you in bow ties come June! :)

  24. so sweet.
    i bet you're excited for another josh. :)

  25. you are the most perfect pregnant mommy imaginable. i adore you and your charming family :)

  26. your bump is to die for!!


  27. Sum

    SO exciting! Can't wait to meet the next little one! Baby boy rockstar! :)

  28. Wahy

    oh my God! your life is just too awesome! I envy!! xx

  29. Oh my goodness, my son didn't have his name for two hours after he was born. It was so hard to come up with a decent boy names, I wish u luck

  30. it definitely has to be because you have another little one to chase around this time around! i get exhausted chasing my 1-year-old all day long. it must be 100% more tiring with a pregnant belly. that being said, you still look amazing! pregnancy definitely looks good on you. and yay for a mini-Josh!

  31. I have an almost 4yo Evie & 3 weeks ago had a darling boy, Dexter. Agree that boys names are really hard, good luck!!

  32. Chelsea

    being pregnant working a desk job was PEASE compared to being pregnant the second time around and chasing my 18 month old.

    The first few weeks or months with two will make you want to curl up under a rock and die. It's SO so hard. But then, it gets easier and SO much fun. You'll love it. Two babies is heaven. I promise you. The beginning is not that great, but then, THEN, It gets so fun. When Conrad wakes up from his nap he says, "Where sisssy at????" and when she wakes up from her morning nap he begs me to put him in her crib so he can snuggle her. When she cries, he shouts for me and says, "Momma, sister wants to eat your boobs! Come get her please! She cryin'!" I die!

    Best moments ever. OR when they crack up at each other. or when he wants to hold her hand in the stroller…. srsle?


  33. You are so right! the sugar liquid is horrible! The secound pregnancy is not so easy like the first one ( I heard)
    And to find a good boy name is not so easy.
    I wish you all the best for your pregnancy!
    Kisses to E.

  34. Theodore is such a cute name. Just a suggestion (:

  35. Mary

    I can't see a bump.

  36. Amanda

    How cute! It looks like you are carrying this little one quite low! That's typical with boys, I believe. You look fantastic.

  37. That is stupid but i'm really glad it's a baby boy. So cute ! You both look amazing girls !

  38. mj

    I am due to give birth to our first boy any time in the next few weeks and I have no idea what his name will be!

  39. You look gorgeous!! Can't wait to see this little boy of yours so soon

  40. ryan

    I'm currently 31 weeks pregnant with a boy and have a 3 year old girl at home. I completely agree that this time seems much more uncomfortable! Maybe I'm just more impatient :)

  41. You look stunning. Looking forward to hear the name, you pick for the baby- boy.

  42. Libby

    that picture is adorable! and for some reason the names Henry or Samson stick out to me for baby names for you. Both are cute! Eliott? Sawyer…hmmm!

  43. Andrew

    That is indeed a beautiful photo, and I can relate to your thoughts as well. My wife was doing high impact aerobics and swimming with a masters swim group into her 8th month with her first pregnancy. Congratulations!

  44. Heather

    I love the name Rhett. Like in Rhett Butler. you never hear it anymore, and I find it so classic and 'gentlemanly'. :)

  45. emily

    so stoked you're having a boy. you look gorgeous lady.

  46. Heather

    It's true! Boy names are sooo much harder. We had a girl first and then just added a baby boy to the fam 4 months ago and coming up with a name was ridiculous, especially when we had several girl names we loved.

  47. Oh my gosh, I love your dress. Any chance you could divulge where you purchased it from? Thanks!

  48. anon

    You should name your son Oliver Hayden or Hayden Oliver. :)

  49. Emilou

    HI, i just got pregnant and just need to know where this dress from your mar 8 post is from. Thanks!

  50. Emilou

    i really adore your dress from the mar 8 post, can you let me know whre to find it?