29 weeks with a bump to prove it!

this pregnancy has been a lot harder, a lot more painful, a lot bigger and a whole lot more uncomfortable than when i was carrying eleanor. because of this, i keep catching myself complaining about being pregnant more than i’d like to admit. and how unfortunate. because deep down, i’m so thankful we’re having another baby. and so proud of my body for being able to keep up with the demands of growing this tiny human so far. and how many times in my life do i get to experience this? i don’t know that answer, so i really want to be sure i’m not only focusing on all the pain associated with this pregnancy and instead be content, and happy, and thankful that it’s happening at all.
so while i’m on the topic, it really hasn’t been that awful. i know many women have it much worse than me (oh bless you, women!) and when i think about it, there have been quite a few wonderful moments so far along the way that i’ve loved.
for example, i don’t think feeling those baby kicks inside my tummy will ever get old. or hearing the sweet congratulatory messages from strangers as they smile and pass by. or listening to my baby’s quick heart beat at the doctor’s office every few weeks. or pulling out those little newborn onesies all over again and realizing just how tiny they really are.
or my own baby girl, who is not so much a baby anymore, poking and pulling at mama’s new ‘outy’ belly button in wonder. giving the big belly kisses and rubbing it gently. with no ability just yet to even grasp the concept that she’s about to become a big sister to a little brother. about to meet her future best friend (or so this mama hopes) and someone she will grow to love and share so much with over her lifetime. and then there is my husband….who rolls over in the morning half asleep and places his hand on my belly and asks how his wife and baby boy are doing. after i answer he always responds with a sweet i love you. and i love him back, so so much.
it makes all those endless trips to the bathroom, the constant fatigue and sleepless nights worth it, you know? it’s all pretty wonderful, too.
  1. Justine

    Beautiful message. Beautiful mama!

  2. you look so sweet! my pregnancy with my baby boy was difficult too-you just have to keep reminding yourself to not let it take away from your joy!

  3. you make me appreciate my own mom more!! thanks for sharing it all with us… i'm so excited for you :)

  4. LMT

    Unfortunately, yet so fortunately, I feel the exact same way. I have a post brewing about this very thing, minus your darling belly shots, of course ;-) I'm just grateful too, especially for the sweet child I already have and for my dear husband who shows me and tells me he loves me at the perfect times. We are so lucky and blessed, but its still hard. And I think that's okay :-)

  5. Elle

    You wee cutie. You make me want to sign up to a baby bump pronto! :) Love Elle xot

  6. Anna

    You were pregnancy SO well. I can only hope I look half as good as you when I'm pregnant… Beautiful photos :)

  7. allison

    thank you for this post! i am 27 weeks w/baby #2 and my kiddos will be 18 months apart and i feel the exact same as you! i am beside myself with joy to be blessed with another baby…but this pregnancy is definitely much more tiring, painful and bigger than my first! and i too find myself complaining more…which i hate! but you are so right…i need to think about how proud i am of my body for taking me on this journey again. and honestly…i think all the pain is just a result of my body recognizing that it knows how to do this and it's just getting me ready super fast. hence the WAY painful hips/back/joints. OW!!

  8. it's lovely the way you look on the bright side of everything.
    And for you to cherish all those little details that make life more beautiful.
    As always you look lovely!

  9. Krista

    What a wonderful post! As I read this, I have a little boy kicking me inside, too. Best thing in the world! I'm about a month behind you and this was wonderful to read. Great reminders.

    Lazy Saturdays

  10. love it when you write the word 'bump'. it sounds so funny. :D (because i'm from germany, for you it just sounds like bump sounds)

    you are so pretty when you are pregnant. (and of course also when you are not pregnant) i love your hair style.

  11. i felt quite the same about being pregnant – so uncomfortable but so awesome all at the same time. best wishes in the home stretch – you look amazing!

  12. What a sweet post, I'm very excited for the summer and the arrival of little Master Davis. He has a lot to live up to in the fashion stakes!
    Hope you start to feel better and things continue to go smoothly x

  13. Hello! I have never commented on your blog until today, but I wanted to tell you that you're family is beautiful. I can't wait to 'meet' that new little boy!
    I keep all four of you in my prayers =)

    Thalie, from France.

  14. Very sweet post, thank you for sharing, you make me so excited to have babies!

  15. Natalie


  16. It was such a nice and honest post :) I enjoyed reading it…I love love your kimono style cardigan…where did you get it? I wish you all the best in the days to come…we are privileged to have ability to create a life inside us and althought it is really, really hard…when they place a baby boy in your arms…all you will feel is endless love for them both….

  17. You are beautiful and has a blessed mind! When you finally hold the baby boy you won't remember one little pain, you will keep the good memories so built a lot of them!

  18. Cheli

    this was a lovely post, i think i might of gotten misty eyed while reading it. congrats again!

  19. I am right there with you! Uncomfortable, heartburn, feeling like you're going to explode, but loving the tiny kicks and little clothes.

  20. Sheryl

    Your outlook is so refreshing. Thanks for sharing!

  21. Oh my goodness, you are so glamorous!! I'm 17 weeks now and feel like a less polished version of myself, no matter how much I try to pretty myself up!! But I've just started feeling the 'flutter' of first movements so enjoying the magic of knowing my first baby is happily playing and growing!! I love your post – I wish you well! x x


  22. you look so pretty no matter what you say… boy-babies do make mom look prettier indeed ;)

  23. thinking about you! hoping that it gets to feeling a little more comfortable and relaxing for you

    and just congrats again on your second little one!

    alissa b

  24. you certainly know how to make a pregnant girl tear up <3 i'm only 10 weeks but thank you for this!

  25. Alexis

    You look so BEAUTIFUL! I love your hairstyle and the fact that you love to wear that red lipstick (that by the way you always look fantastic in when wearing).
    My son ADORES his big sister. He is always making sure she is okay if she's crying, he follows her around and always wants to play with her. My daugher is my little boy's bestfriend and most favorite person ever. My daughter is 4.5 years old and my son is 16 months. I bet your kids will be bestfriends and they will be much closer in age then mine. I bet you'll enjoy every second watching that sibling love, like I do <3

  26. Hannah

    i love your baby bump and the good and the bad storys you tell us about your pregnany. Makes me wanna have an other little sister or brother…

  27. and here I am wondering how big your new blog header is going to be!

  28. Sammy

    congrats! you look great, i am 29 weeks today myself, with another little girl. we are so thrilled, so happy for you guys, eleanor is a doll, hope things continue to go well for you :)

  29. Dayna

    Would you mind sharing where you got your skirt? It's beautiful!

  30. Marilyn

    Your spirit and positivity are so wonderful, and inspiring. All the best to you (and Josh! and Eleanor! and Kingsley!), and congratulations on the upcoming addition.

  31. i am 2 weeks behind you and i am having the same feelings. this pregnancy has been so much harder and so much more painful than the last. this post was a great reminder to me :) thank you!

  32. I know they say your first pregnancy is different from your last. I wonder if having a girl is just a whole lot easier than having a boy?

  33. What an adorable post! Eleanor will be a lovely big sister :)

    <3 Sharmaine Ruth

  34. fawn

    This is a really adorable post and you are a beautiful soul.

  35. Karen

    This is a fab post! I must admit, it made me smile and teary eye at the same time. I hope pregnancy gets a little better, and if it doesn't, just remember what's in there ;)! And like my mom told me when I was pregnant, all the pain you suffered will be gone once you see that beautiful baby of yours!


  36. oh goodness, you are a champ mama. and you aren't even showing your fatigue in these pictures. you are absolutely stunning. i know your little family will be worth all this pain. keep growing that belly ;)
    xo TJ

  37. that is so sweet! :)

  38. you are gorgeous. love that cute bump, lady!

  39. Respect. I'm currently 18 weeks pregnant with my second (my son is 22 months old), and I have felt much the same as you with this second pregnancy. It is a very intentional pregnancy, and I am grateful every day for it, but it's been much more of a punish this time around! Nighttimes are doing me in!

    Strength to you, and good vibes for the home stretch (so to speak ;-) from Australia.

  40. LeeLee

    Aww, you are so adorable. Cute outfit!

  41. This made me tear up. I am not married and I won't be having any babies any time soon but this has made me appreciate the beauty of bearing children even more. God bless you and I hope the pregnancy continues to bring joy in your life! You are such a beautiful example! Thank you!

  42. Some women just wish they can have babies.

  43. Alisha

    Beautiful words; beautiful photos; beautiful smile… AS ALWAYS!

  44. Alyssa

    You look INCREDIBLE for a pregnant mama! I love what you're wearing here, the combination is really pretty. You don't look tired at all, in fact you seem to be glowing in these photos. :] I come from a family of four kids, it really makes life so much more fun when you have someone to play with! I think Eleanor will instantly fall in love with her new baby brother.

    Shop Vintage!

  45. Alexia

    You do not have to be sorry about complaining about pregnancy. It is hard, it lasts nine months, and it is normal to feel lots of different emotions about it. You look great! I hope you get some sleep.

  46. Mary

    I admit, this third trimester is also hitting me hard {I'm just a couple weeks ahead of you}. My back hurts, it's hard to move around, and I am almost always tired. BUT I remember this time last pregnancy when I was on bedrest, and I thank goodness that's not the case this time. I'm grateful I have my two little babes to distract me, and I'm grateful that my body might make it to full term. Thanks for the reminder to look on the positive side of things; you definitely have a talent for that!

  47. Skye

    adore this post. your baby bump is lovely! i'm about two weeks away from having our first child. i've been really fortunate with this pregnancy because i've felt pretty great but at this point i find myself whining a bit too much and feeling a little too nervous, so i enjoyed reading this as a reminder of the magic that pregnancy is.

  48. Kelly

    So beautiful. I'm so glad that you've got a streak of happiness :) You're allowed to complain, but it's nice to remember the happy things.

  49. Whaaaa! I don't see you for a couple of weeks and you have blossomed, N. So so gorgeous. Since you get to play with little E all day, running up and down stairs – this pregnancy is pretty different than your last one, for sure! You look amazing, and good job on focusing on the sunshiney part. Let's eat donuts together soon.

  50. BLFG

    I was under the impression Mormons wore temple garments at all times. Do you? If not, why not? I'm really interested in learning more about LDS.

  51. Emily M

    your skirt is so cute! would you mind telling us where it is from?

  52. {Liana}

    You put that beautifully:) and you look super cute in your outfit today!

  53. shu

    Many times, women tend to be overwhelmed when babies come along and neglect their husbands, naturally and realistically, although many choose not to admit it. I love how that Josh is still as strong and center a influence as Little E is in your life. Thanks for being an inspiration for that. :-)

  54. ymats

    Thank you for that post, I really enjoyed reading it! I feel just the same way because I am 35 wks pregnant with my second now and our girls will be a year and a half apart. There is definitely more discomfort with this one but like you said, feeling very lucky to be given this incredible gift. Wishing you a healthy happy pregnancy! P.S. I love your blog!!!

  55. Hey Sweet Sugar! Call me crazy, but you don't seem that big! HA HA! I was HUGE with my second babe. (I craved and ate a lot of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.) You look great–like a hot mama!

  56. you are so beautyfull!! this post is so sweet,cant wait till im pregant someday.. :))
    love from swiss

  57. Meg

    I'm lovin your hair. I'm thinking of trying the ombre look.


  58. there should be more people like you in the world.

  59. You are so very lucky.. I am pregnant with my 3rd child and have been on full time bed rest since 12 weeks after my 2nd child was stillborn.

    That's 24 hours a day in bed.. I'm not even allowed to sit up! You have no idea how lucky you are!

  60. Lily

    Hello. I have been following your blog religiously for a while now and just want to send you a little message.

    Thank you so much for you posts! You are so poised and sweet and watching your wonderful family grow has been both inspiring and entertaining. As always, you are stunning in your little milk-maid halo, a look that I never seem to get quite right.

    Thank you for sharing your life with us and I look forward to every new post.

    best wishes,

  61. Mariela

    You look so lovely, sweet post.

  62. No matter how awful or uncomfortable you feel, remember, you have a wonderful family that adores you and would do anything for you. And on a superficial note you look amazing (looking great always makes things a little more bearable).



  63. you are beautiful!
    this post is so sweet! love it!

  64. Regiane

    Oj, Taza, your words on this post just reminded me my second pregnancy so much! That was exactly how I felt and I cannot forget that I was still living in my hometown, that's located very near the brazilian Amazonian rain forrest – a very hot and steamy city named Belem, that made me feel even heavy, swollen, gasy (yes, like a floatation device, lol)than I usualy did in my 1st time preganant! But, all those times of love and sweet situations used to make me feel so blessed, like you feel these days.
    I will definitely stay here for a while, your texts are those 'put a smile on the faces' kind of texts. Thank you for writing them!
    Lotsa kisses for the 4 of you.

  65. Lawgirl

    Stumbled upon your blog, and this just melted my heart.

  66. erin

    I'm a petite 5'3 and my husband is 6'9 so each time I was pregnant with our boys I felt like I was literally carrying a basketball. Ha! I even had both boys two and four weeks early just because they had no more room inside anymore. So in all honesty, I DO appreciate you being vulnerable. It makes things so much more real and readers like me can really relate. Good for you for keeping things positive and dropping in a bit of realism here and there. Thanks mama :))

  67. Kelsey

    Very sweet reflections and way to stay positive about life!

  68. kate

    Oh, Naomi you look beautiful. You are such a sweet mama. I am so happy your having a boy! I cannot wait to see what he looks like!

  69. this is such a sweet post :) congratulations again, pretty momma. glad to see your family growing :)

  70. such a sweet post, Naomi! I know it's hard but take it day by day and try to enjoy it. the process is such a miracle. and those baby kicks never do get old :).

  71. Laura

    I'm a new reader to your blog. I love all your posts! Thanks for sharing! You have such a cute family.

  72. i feel you, i'm due end of may with a 19 month old little stella. its been much different this time around. good luck to you and your new munchkin. love the pics!

  73. *due at the end of may and i have a 19 month old little stella. no, i'm not carring a 19month old in my belly. hahahahaha

  74. you are such a beautiful pregnant mama! your kids are so lucky to have you as their mama :)

  75. Leah

    What lovely thoughts! And I am loving this color combination. Spring is most definitely in swing!

  76. I'm 29 weeks pregnant too! :) You look beautiful. I'm loving being pregnant and will be sad when I no longer feel the kicks and stretches of the little guy or gal in my belly, but my wife and I are SO excited to meet this person. I love it when she also reaches over and wraps her hand around my belly in the night (which I am aware of because I rarely have a sound night's sleep as well). But sometimes, when I do manage to doze off she'll tell me how her and the baby were "playing" and I never woke up. :) Those sweet moments we'll remember forever.

  77. whimsy

    great positive perspective. way to remember all the good. and bah, im obsessed with all the styling in these photos.

  78. Oh gosh, you are so dang cute!! I don't think I was as adorable as you preggo. You are getting close!! Xo

  79. First, you are beautiful! And I mean inside and out.
    You have such a humble perspective to remind yourself of how you're only going to experience this season of life minimally through out your whole life, and just to enjoy it and not complain! I love that. I hope to take that on when the time is right for Matt and I. :)
    You and your family are very special! Your blog is inspiring and reflects so much of the sweeter things in life.
    Some of our good friends are about to have their first baby girl and it's so amazing to watch such friends grow into parents and see the Lord's hands at work in their lives! :)
    I pray the rest of your pregnancy goes smoothly! Congratulations to your sweet family!

  80. Marie

    You are gorgeous! You'd never know that you are in pain otherwise. I agree with all your favorite pregnancy moments; they are the best! Eleanor is such an adorable baby; love seeing pics of her!

  81. Cate

    Thanks for putting exactly how I feel into words!

  82. malia


  83. Melanie

    oh my goodness, please do a hair tutorial! so so lovely, I want know copy your technique.

  84. misha

    i just love reading your blog! you and your family are so cute and i love your pictures!i especially enjoyed the last one about enjoying pregnancy. i am 8 months along with twin girls. and i have a girl and boy already. time goes by so slowly when you are enduring the hardships of mommyhood, but when you look back at those sweet little newborn clothes it makes you wonder where the time went! keep it up! children are a blessing from the Lord!

  85. MK

    Naomi- Such a sweet post. Thanks for sharing your family with the world- so much love. Saw you in Eastern Market a few weeks back and wanted to shout "hey! I read your blog!" but didn't want to bug you. Happy Spring!

  86. l.c.s.

    so cute! (& i love that jcrew top)

    good luck with everything!

  87. you look amazing! best wishes!

    i heard the 'you look like you're about to pop!' from so early on. the doctors thought our son would be around 10 lbs, turns out he was only 8 :)

  88. ah, I teared up. Congrats and enjoy this special time.