1. love everything about this. seriously.

  2. Eeny

    How lovely is this?!!
    You would be a perfect fit to live in there.

  3. Love this video– too cute. But, it's for Kate Spade… how could it not be? :)

  4. You look like the girl in the video!

  5. Laetitia

    THANK YOU FOR THIS. I love love love love this! And you do remind me of the girl in the video, both of you are so pretty! (:

  6. Very cute!

  7. I love it. It´s so sweet.

  8. LeeLee

    Lovely video. I love Kate Spade.

  9. a{Jo}

    Nice homage to Breakfast at TIffany's–I love it!

  10. I love this video! Everything is perfect.


  11. Lottie

    Amazeballs! loving all the bright colours and the music.

  12. Sarah

    I've seen this!!! But for some reason I thought I saw it on your sight. I guess it was someone else. The stop motion is awesome.

    – Sarah

  13. I like the updated take on Breaakfast at Tiffany's. And I feel like your life is as charming as this! After all, you and the girl look alike and both have fabulous style! Just have your hubs start typing you love notes and you're set!

    Along Abbey Road

  14. the lyrics in this song crack me up! its such a sweet video and i want everything kate spade.

    xo the egg out west.

  15. anna

    this is so beautiful! i love it too!!!:))

  16. She looks so much like you! Aren't they inspired by your style? I mean seriously!

  17. KateK

    This is just lovely!

  18. Chelsea

    WHO is that song by?

  19. amanda

    So wonderful! I've already watched it twice. :)

  20. whimsy

    pretty sure this just rocked my world.

  21. tdaya

    ohhh! i have a video on love to promote if i get the most viewers they send it to hollywood!!!

  22. Beth

    She looks like you at 1:52!

  23. haley

    thanks for sharing this! this is soooo perfect, love the clothes :)

  24. Megan

    Briefly, I thought you were the actress in this video.

  25. kaela

    that bubble bouncing and not popping was so perfect…this is so sweet!