rockstar giveaway! (closed)

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today we have some great goodies for you from a few of our sponsors!
the first up is a free pair of prescription glasses of your choice from bonlook! below are a few of my favorite frames, but you can check out all of the options here. also, get $10 off all frames with the code BLTAZA10!
next up is a free pair of shoes of your choice from our sponsor, blowfish! i’m really loving their spring collection which you can check out here.
and last but not least, one reader will win an autographed copy of jack and white’s new cd, winter! the singer-songwriters behind the new album are brooke white and jack matranga and trust me, it is good! you can listen to a few of the songs here on iTunes!
in order to enter, please visit each of our sponsors above, then come back here and let us know what you’d love to win! the winners will be drawn at random and announced next friday, march 2nd.
good luck!
ps. our style mint giveaway winners from last week are announced here!
UPDATE! 3/2 :: CONGRATS to our three winners below!
please email me to claim your winnings! [email protected]
thanks to all who entered!
  1. I love the Hailee Blowfish shoes. I'm obsessed with them. Would love to win that and the whole album.

    ♥ xoxo.

  2. beee_kay

    I want a pair of Bonlook glasses!

  3. i would LOVE to win any of these! first choice would be the bonlook Bonnie & clyde or midnight express. Such good giveaways!

  4. Heather

    There are some really cute flats on Blowfish- don't know which I'd choose!

  5. Ana

    bon look glasses are always a want and i can always do with those super cute brown boots!

  6. Ana

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  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. THE AVIATOR TORTOISE so cute! :)

  9. I wear glasses every day and have lonnng wanted a pair of big frame, beautiful glasses! Fingers crossed my name gets picked!!


  11. K.J.D.L

    The glasses are marvelous, and I've been in need of a new pair for quite a while!

  12. M.

    I would LOVE to win new glasses from Bonlook. I've actually heard of the company before, but I just didn't have the funds to buy new glasses. I desperately need them, mine barely fit my face anymore, they're so worn out!

    If I miss out on the chance to win new specs, new shoes would always be lovely! I have a pair from Blowfish and they are the best! I would love one of their more unconventional pairs.

  13. First I would choose the Urban Dandy in black for my husband! Because he is such a wonderful husband and I would love to surprise him a new pair of glasses.

    2nd. I looked at Blowfish shoes and I think I would choose the gypsy shoe in the natural color.

    All great items! Thanks for your blog I love it. One my favs!


  14. I've been dying for a pair of bonlook glasses!

  15. Unknown

    I love the Hooverville in Brown from Bonlook!

  16. i'd love the Midnight Express in tortoise BonLook glasses!!!

  17. I absolutely LOVE the J'Dore style in Tortoise and Brown & Gray!

  18. melissad

    Nordie flats. super cool

  19. C

    These are all such great giveaways! I've been a fan of blowfish shoes for quite a while and I'm definitely going to have to check out the CD. In the end though… I'd have to say I'd loooove a pair of bonlook glasses.


  20. JN

    Ooh, what a great giveaway! My closet can always use a new pair of shoes.. :)

  21. whimsy

    i would love a pair of glasses from bonlook!!!

  22. karamea

    Love the Tortoise Aviators. It's time for an eye exam, no more squinting at people as they pass by or finding the perfect spot to hold my book in front of my face. One trip to the eye doctor with those frames and my eyes would be in heaven.

  23. kendall

    I would love some sweet flats from blowfish. And some new glasses, since my baby keeps grabbing mine and they are crooked now :)

  24. Kenna

    Love the blowfish shoes! I've been meaning to buy a pair, but thought I'd try to get some for free here first. ;)

  25. Lew

    I would love the third pair of glasses if they could make me look as cute as you!
    Do they come with lipstick? ;)

  26. Marissa

    I'm obsessed with the black j'adore glasses from bonlook! I'm desperately needing a new pair so…it would be quite serendipitous if I could just win some free ones.

    Also loving the Rulla wedges at blowfish and EVERYTHING Jack and White come up with. They're incredible.

    But I really need a pair of glasses.

  27. mermer

    i desperately want a 5 O'CLOCK TEA
    HAVANA from bonlook!!! i cant find like these glasses in my town so please please please let me get what i want :)

  28. I love, love, love the SIMPLY FABULOUS frames
    in brown from Bonlook!


  29. The square Hooverville brown glasses are FABULOUS. I am in dire need of some new glasses…especially cute ones like these!!

  30. Sara

    You know, I love the Sango shoes! The patterns are so cute, but also the J'Adore frames from Bonlook are excellent. Too many choices, honestly!

    I love your blog!

  31. Would love, love, love some Bonlook glasses. Been trying to win some for a while now!

  32. Caitlin

    I would happily take any of those bonlook glasses! but the first pair is definitely a favorite.

  33. Margaret

    Glasses, shoes and music..oh my! I would love to try a new look with glasses, but am always afraid to spend the money only to get bored later with the style. These frames look fun.

  34. PeBu

    Love the blowfish giveaway!

  35. I love the malka shoes in orange!!!

  36. I need the chocolate tortoise glasses

  37. Cole

    Wow! Not only are the honeybadger glasses adorable, but the name kicks ass. Fun contest!

  38. Julie

    I really need some new glasses, but I have no idea which ones I'd choose — too many cute options!

  39. Boots and glasses both- goodness! :)

  40. Courtney

    The Bonlook tortoise specs would be the best for this kid while sitting in class!!!

  41. Joanne

    All the Blowfish shoes are so great – I love the Saleri and the Huxley flats.

  42. Erin

    How fun! Loving Bonlook's Honeybadger glasses in the chocolate tortoise!

  43. Alena

    hmmm.. I love the urban dandy glasses! And any of the flats from blowfish! I'm always down for new music too! Thank you for doing this!

  44. I love the Blowfish Terrabiza espadrilles for spring/ summer! Thanks for the giveaways!

  45. rhia

    I've been lusting over the Bonnie & Clyde frames from Bonlook for weeks now.

  46. I love Bonlook!! my glasses recently broke and i could use a pair of those hooverville glasses. glorious.

  47. ellie

    I wanna rock out in those 'smoking hot' glasses for sure! Pick me pick me ! ;)

  48. I would very much love a pair of BonLook glasses!

  49. love the natassa flats from blowfish! i'd love one in every color!!

  50. kelly

    smara flats!

  51. I absolutely love the Urban Dandy optical frames in Navy from Bonlook, they are magnificent!

  52. The Blowfish Baylee sandals in red are sooo cute! I would love a pair of those for spring.
    Lovely giveaway!

  53. Love the Natassa ruffle shoe, and I'd love a pair of horn-rim glasses!

  54. Hollie

    So fun, I could definitely use a new pair of glasses!!

  55. Sarah N

    Firstly the glasses from bonlook are awesome! So vintage, versatile and all round lovely. I loved trying on all the glasses xP lots of fun ~
    In blowfish two pairs of shoes really caught my eye: sango and madoka. Very cute pairs of shoes!

  56. Shannon

    I need new glasses! Bonlook all the way- love their classic styles.

  57. contronn

    i'm loving all the tortoise glasses from bonlook <3

  58. Chrissy

    Omg Omg Omg! I love Blowfish shoes! I could really use a pair of the Noellas right now.
    The glasses are super cute too and I especially love the Flanagan
    Tortoise & Turquoise pair!
    Pick me !!

  59. Em

    I would love a new pair of glasses!

  60. I would LOVE glasses from Bon Look! I've been gazing lovingly at the Honeybadger frames in Chocolate Brown for a while now!

  61. Enora

    I love (and need ^^) Bonlook glasses. :) I tried some of them and I really really like… :)

  62. Megan

    I LOVE those top frames! It'd be amazing to get a new pair.

  63. Hillary

    FUN STUFF! I'd love a new pair of flats from Blowfish. The Noella in black is so fun!!

  64. A fabulous giveaway indeed. Great CD, Love the frames, and the flats at blowfish are so much fun!

  65. nguber

    OMG I want the 3rd pair of glasses.

  66. BMarie

    I LOVE the Honeybadger rims in black! The Smara shoes are to die for!!!! Jack and White's music already has a special place in my heart. Great giveaway!! You and your family are darling!! Thanks!

  67. nora

    Oooh I would love some Bonlook glasses! My favorite are the Honebadgers in black, adorable!!

  68. Lisa

    Yes, Those glasses from Bonlook would be amaaaze!
    Thanks, you are adorable!

  69. B

    I'll go to the eye doctor if I win.

  70. Jenna

    Oh my gracious, it is hard to decide which would be the best–so much cute/fun/awesome stuff. I think I'd have to go practical and pick some new frames from Bon Look…my old eyepieces need to be replaced desperately!

  71. Julie S.

    I had LASIK a few years ago BUT I wear glasses for driving. A cute new pair would be awesome! I am also doing a no clothing challenge for a year, so winning new shoes would be awesome!

    [email protected]

  72. Heidz

    I can never have too many shoes! And I love Blowfish.

  73. Roxanne

    I would love a new pair of shoe from Blowfish!

  74. Jess

    spectacle lust…

  75. i would love the gypsy wedges from blowfish!

  76. I'd LOVE a pair of bonlook glasses! I keep entering to win a pair but never do. I hope I do this time :) I want some SO BAD!!!

  77. Hilary

    I love Jack and White!!

    Also, I could use a new pair of glasses! I love BonLook! I love the Avant Garde in purple!

  78. Megan

    I hope I am not too late for this :/ I'd love to be able to get a new pair of specks! I feel like my eyes get worse each year & it's time to replace my 2009 frames. I really like urban dandy black, honey tortoise, and hooverville brown.

  79. bonlook glasses pleease! this girl just learned that she needs glasses and I need super cute ones from Bonlook!

  80. BBAIRD

    i ADORE the last pair of glasses on your blog! what an amazing give away! xx

  81. susiqz

    I want the Sangos SO BAD

  82. Cyrrene

    I LOVE the Bonlook glasses!!! I would love to win a pair. But, really, I love Blowfosh and Jack and White too! You have such great taste.

  83. Erin

    I would love some of those adorable frames. My favorite is the second pair. <3

  84. Jaymie

    I'd love it all.. but what girl doesn't need more shoes!? blowfish is amazing.

  85. Ohhh I would lOVE to win some bonlook glasses! beauties!!!

  86. I love all the sandals from Blowfish! And they're reasonably priced which is AWESOME for a broke college student like me!

  87. I would love the TIMO wedges or some of the vance heels – so cute!! I don't have glasses unfortunately – and I always love new music :)

  88. Susie Q

    How'd you know I was looking for some cool glasses? These are gorgeous! Honeybadger in tortoise are the ones for me! Thank you thank you!

  89. to follow up my last comment..

    The next day i actually broke my glasses while washing the car.
    no fun.

    however, Ive had xyz on reply ever since cause i guess breaking glasses, thats life (:


  90. i was just getting ready to order the jungle chic frames from bon look! seriously love them.

    and i have loved brooke white since those american idol days.. haha. i think she was on the last season i even watched?!

  91. Tatiana

    Boots from blowfish! They are all so amazing..

  92. ooohh… Id love to win this… Im really liking the Bulla wedges from blowfish… ive been obsessed with wedges lately… :)

  93. i would love to win a darling pair of frames!

  94. Anna M

    I would LOVE the glasses, but the cd is pretty rad, too! bon chance a moi

  95. J.Gray

    I'd get the Jungle Chic in Midnight Blue for the hubs :)

  96. ck

    ooo from bonlook- jungle chic in tortise
    from blowfish- the nordie!
    and fab music is fab music.

  97. oh, the glasses for sure, i need some new one's so badly!