rockstar giveaway! (closed)

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today we have some great goodies for you from a few of our sponsors!
the first up is a free pair of prescription glasses of your choice from bonlook! below are a few of my favorite frames, but you can check out all of the options here. also, get $10 off all frames with the code BLTAZA10!
next up is a free pair of shoes of your choice from our sponsor, blowfish! i’m really loving their spring collection which you can check out here.
and last but not least, one reader will win an autographed copy of jack and white’s new cd, winter! the singer-songwriters behind the new album are brooke white and jack matranga and trust me, it is good! you can listen to a few of the songs here on iTunes!
in order to enter, please visit each of our sponsors above, then come back here and let us know what you’d love to win! the winners will be drawn at random and announced next friday, march 2nd.
good luck!
ps. our style mint giveaway winners from last week are announced here!
UPDATE! 3/2 :: CONGRATS to our three winners below!
please email me to claim your winnings! [email protected]
thanks to all who entered!
  1. Jana

    Would love the black blowfish boots in the middle of the second picture.
    They look so fantastic!

  2. I love all the glasses at Bonlook the quality is so nice and I have been majorly needing a new pair it would be such a blessing if i could receive a pair

    AND THE SHOES! oh my goodness they are so so so lovely :')

    and Jack and White are such a wonderful band and are such a quality band!

  3. Jennifer

    I'd give my right eye for a pair of those glasses….oh wait. Well, needless to say, I'd love them! And I wouldn't be sad to receive those boots with fur trim either.

  4. Elisha

    honeybadger chocolate tortoise glasses with hamlet shoes and a new cd! count me in!

  5. Elisha

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  6. VIR

    I am loving blowfish!!! Thanks for the giveaway, I really hope I win this time!!! XOXO

  7. KMB

    Just yesterday I was shopping for new frames! I like the J'adore Tortoise style.
    I also like the Sadiki shoes!
    Great tunes, as well!

  8. mjSmyth

    I would love a pair of the glasses! Not sure which pair yet….they are all so cute! Love this blog.

  9. Kathy

    I'm swooning over bonlook's glasses! particularly honeybadger- chocolate tortoise :D
    Thank you for hosting this lovely giveaway :)

  10. Nothing like a pair of thick rimmed glasses to help me channel my inner nerd (chic nerd that is)! I would definitely get a tortoise aviator – how Jack Nicholson of me.

    From blowfish, I would love to get the Tamala wedge. Simply because I'm a hot tamalE!:)

  11. LOVE

    those glasses from bonlook are perfect…would be wonderful to sport them.

  12. I love the Honeybadger, Smoking Hot, & Aviator styles from Bonlook! I've been in desperate need of a new and stylish pair of glasses! I also really like the Rulla wedge from Blowfish! Love Jack & White! Thanks for introducing us all!

  13. Oh my
    Those shoes are divine.
    Can I have??

  14. I would love to win the J'Adore Tortoise glasses (or any beautiful pair!) from Bonlook! My hubbie is always talking about wanting a more stylish pair of glasses for his adorable little face, and I'd be over the moon to do that for him.

  15. Jade

    I would love any pair of BonLook's Hoovervilles!

  16. I seriously love the huxley shoes at blowfish shoes. and the sadiki ones. amazing shoes!! really enjoying your blog and the pictures of your beautiful family <3

  17. Wow! There are a lot of people commenting on here. I've been following your blog for awhile now. It's how I start my Sunday mornings. I've never entered a give away before but I'm feeling lucky today. :) I'd love to win a pair of frames from BonLook. I'm quite bored with my current frames. Thanks.

  18. Bonlook's Hooverville glasses in Brown take the cake! A practical and stylish giveaway, love it! Thank you!

  19. Bonlook's Hooverville glasses in Brown take the cake! A stylish and practical necessity, thank you!!

  20. Laura

    Ooh, the Jungle Chic Tortoise, for sure! Love! Those might motivate me to get my eyes tested for the first time in 15 years!

  21. s + b

    Oh, I'd love to win some frames! Great giveaways!

  22. s + b

    Oh, I'd love to win some frames! Great giveaways!

  23. I need glasses!! Mine are so outdated. I really want the Jungle Chic in Midnight Blue. Those ROCK!!!!
    Well if I don't win them, I'm buying them anyway!

  24. I would love LOVE some new glasses.

  25. Jana

    You always have the best giveaways! The Rulla wedges or Makary flats are beautiful! Thanks for putting this up :)

  26. Jana

    You always have the best giveaways!
    The Rulla wedges or Makary flats are amazing and all the glasses are so great!
    Thanks for putting this up!

  27. Kate

    ALL of the shoes at Blowfish are adorable!!

  28. Lo

    The sadiki shoes from blowfish are so cute and would go perfect with the clothes I am taking to Ghana, Africa this summer!!

  29. emirick

    I'd be oh so grateful for a new pair of glasses! Love the hooverville in brown!

  30. MC

    im in love with all those blowfish shoes!!!

  31. Carnage

    Love the blowfish giveaway!

  32. egome009

    I'd love any of the glasses that you selected as your favorites!!! Love your blog! :)

  33. Oh, I love Blowfish! I'd love an adorable paire of Tilde's in gray!

  34. I love love love everything Bonlook!!! I would love to win a pair! I love the Urban Daddy's in Black, Smoking Hot's in Caramel and the Hooverville's in Brown. So fab!

  35. Sarah

    I would love a new pair of shoes! They look so stylish and comfortable! And I really love your blog :)

  36. BRose

    Hi! I could really use some new glasses. Of course it's hard to say what I like without trying them on…usually the pair I like on the shelf looks ridiculous on my head. That been said, I think I like the Honeybadger in Chocolate Tortoise. The name won me over, and I like the slight cat-eye slang.

    I just got my first pair of Blowfish and I love them! Mine are boots, but I'd love a pair of flats. The ones with feathers are my favorite.

  37. Oooh my glasses just got stolen from the ladies bathroom (someone with the same taste AND prescription as me? I have to meet them!) I would LOVE a pair of bonlook glasses :) I will install a tracker on them this time.

  38. Tanya M

    I'd love the Blowfish giveaway. New shoes are always a joy to get!

  39. Nicole

    From the moment I laid my blurred vision on these glasses I knew I wanted to win them. Drink the Kool-aid: Black & Clear girl! Before a month ago I had never heard the expression "drink the kool-aid" and since then it has been said a million times. Coincidence that the glasses I’d like are named after it or destiny?

  40. I would love to win some Bonlook glasses. Maybe it would tempt me to be more daring with my eyewear!

  41. lisa

    I would love some new shoes from blowfish! I have always admired them.

  42. gpsjulie

    I would LOVE to win a pair of Bonlooks for my daughter!

  43. Sarah

    i may be one of the only person who was as excited as you to need glasses. also, i love wedges :)

  44. sheriann

    In dire need of new frames!!!
    Thanks for the entry!

  45. I desperately need a new pair of glasses and would love some vintage styled ones from BonLook!

  46. Would love a pair of BonLook Smoking Hot in Caramel!

  47. Summer

    Oh gosh. My husband needs glasses so bad it hurts. ANYTHING on Bonlook is better than what he's got now. Please let us win!

  48. Gilda

    A new pair of glasses would be delightful… bonlook, please!

  49. Peppie

    i love the second glasses on the picture! :)

  50. Kaylyn

    I'd love a new pair of glasses from Bonlook… I think the Hooverville in burgundy are my favorite!

  51. I'd love a pair of Bonlook glasses

  52. I live the glasses from bonlook! I've been looking for new glasses and I love the jungle chic in grey!

  53. Jillian

    I love the robinson, midnight blue pair of glasses from bonlook! Also, I love the tush, tan wedges on blowfish!

  54. s

    ooo..the tilda wedge in brown is great!

  55. I would LOVE to win some Bonlook glasses!

  56. Nicole

    Drink the kook-aid: black and grey girl!!!

  57. allie

    Love your blog… it's on my daily to do:)
    Bonlook has the most beautiful frames… and a girl can't have too many pairs of glasses♥

  58. Nicole

    Drink the kool-aid: black and grey

  59. i'd love love love to get the first pair of heels from blowfish! :)

    and, Eleanor is absolutely precious!

  60. There are so many great choices! I love the Smoking Hot glasses in Grey. Also the Scottfree shoes in black.

  61. embee

    I have been wanting, no needing a pair of BonLook eyeglasses, I'm totally in love with the Drink The Kool-aid, Black and Clear. They couldn't be anymore adorable, and i need some need one's bad.

  62. xoelle

    I've been righteously envying some bonlook glasses. please, and thank you.

  63. Audra

    What an amazing giveaway! I'm not sure how cute they'd look on me, but the first pair of frames are my favorite.

    I'd also love to rock those boots! :)

  64. Shoes, shoes, shoes. They are just perfect! :)

  65. Megz

    I would love the shoes please

  66. I love the Blowfish Sandbox flats. The red and white stripes are beautiful! I would love to win this giveaway :)
    I love your blog. xoxo

  67. glasses, glasses, glasses! Jungle Chic in Tortoise or Smoking Hot in Black have both caught my eye!

  68. I absolutely love the bonlook site! I've been looking for glasses like these! And wow! I'm loving the Flanagan glasses in tortoise and turquoise!

  69. I LOVE the glasses, I have been looking for a pair like one of these forever but I am a student so have been paying rent, tuition and book bill instead! Also love the shoes!

  70. I loved the first heel boots from bowlfish, the vance!

  71. regina

    I would love some tortoiseshell honeybadger frames from bonlook – I have black ones and they rock my world!

  72. Ooooo loving Bonlook's Drink the Koolaid glasses in grey <3

    rufflesandsequins (at) gmail (dot) com

  73. Emily

    I don't know if this giveaway is still open, I know it's a few days after it was posted, but oh how I would LOVE a pair of those glasses. They are so (SO) wonderful.

    Also, thanks for the reminder that getting married and having babies isn't then end of a stylish and wonderful life. Reading your blog makes me excited about getting there someday :)

  74. Great giveaway!:)

    I'd love a pair of glasses (Honeybadger)! But they all look cute :)

  75. Brenna

    I'd love to win the black Honeybadger frames from Bon Look!

  76. laur

    Oh those honeybadger lenses are TO DIE FOR!
    My prescription is long overdue to be updated…this would be perfect. Just sayin' ;)
    I love being a four-eyes!

  77. Maddy

    wow, I'd love to win any of these! I'm crossing my fngers, I love the Makary shoes in Natural Sand…

  78. mal

    So desperate for glasses over here! You haven't been wearing YOUR glasses lately! Maybe we all need some newbies!

  79. Estee

    Really digging the Selene flats from Blowfish. They look so stylish and comfortable!

  80. B

    I love the bright colors of the Terrabiza shoes in burgundy and the drink the kool-aid glasses in grey! LOVE!

  81. Meg

    Ohh my goodness!! I would die for a pair of glasses from Bonlook! I am obsessed!!

  82. roxanne

    I have been wanting (and needing) new glasses for a while now so I have my fingers crossed! The brown hooverville or honeybadger chocolate tortoise are my favorites!

  83. Robin

    i also like the first pair of glass shown on your blog! their is something so sexy about making something manly look girly. love it!

  84. ms.mooy

    The boots from blowfish are fabulous!! I love everything!

  85. amberly

    Wonderful giveaways Naomi!

    I am in love with BonLook's glasses, and I would love the Urban Dandy or the Jungle Chic styled specs!!

    And Blowfish shoes are so comfy! I love the Tush wedges! <3

    And Jack and White is lovely!

  86. If I had my pick I'd pick the shoes…mainly because I need some but don't really have the means to get some. So that would be awesome. Plus their cute. Super cute. Basically all of them. Huge bonus.

  87. First of all, love your blog.

    Second, I would LOVE a new pair of glasses. Mi e are in definite need of an upgrade.

  88. Bonlook's SMOKING HOT glasses in Caramel are the cutest ever!

  89. YES

    I desperately need new glasses (we're talking repaired with tape over here) and I love the Square One frames in Tortoise!

  90. Lara

    Glasses, pliiiiiiiiizzzzzzzzzzzz!!!! my five years old maxMara look very bad now and I d love to have one of these! Pliiiz, dear glasses, come too meeee!!!!

  91. Lara

    I love those glasses, they're exactly what I need for this spring! Thanks for the give away, hugs&kisses; from Romania

  92. I would love to win the Urban Dandy Eyeglasses from Bonlook in Honey Tortoise! You're the best thanks for the giveaway!