puffed pancake recipe.

for those who asked for the puffed pancake recipe from this post last week, here it is! i thought i had shared it before on the blog but after searching my archives i realized i’d only left the recipe in the comment section of a post a few years ago. it’s the simplest thing to make on this planet… i grew up eating them on the weekends with my family, and now josh and i eat them more than we’d like to admit!... Read more

rockstar giveaway! (closed)

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today we have some great goodies for you from a few of our sponsors! the first up is a free pair of prescription glasses of your choice from bonlook! below are a few of my favorite frames, but you can check out all of the options here. also, get $10 off all frames with the code BLTAZA10!... Read more

a 25 week baby bump!

a 25 week baby bump! every morning i wake up to a slightly bigger belly. sleeping through the night has gotten interesting. and doing things like bending over to tie shoes and what not. and we can’t forget my three hundred trips to the bathroom every night. those are really fun. but there are also those blessed little kicks and jabs throughout the day, and a baby that is letting mama still eat burgers and fries without wanting to vomit, so we’re still happy over here.... Read more

eleanor goes to the zoo!

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the weather was just beautiful today so eleanor and i decided to head to the national zoo! we spotted a panda and a very friendly gorilla but most of the animals must have been taking naps or something, because they were scarce. we still had a great time, though. eleanor is finally at an age where she loves animals so we’re looking forward to many trips back this spring and summer.... Read more