over the weekend…

hope your weekend was beautiful!
we stayed around the house for most of the weekend. josh made us a delicious brussel sprout and pancetta dish. some darling teeny tiny hunter boots arrived for miss eleanor (i couldn’t help myself from ordering them since they were so marked down on gilt the other week). we went to church meetings on sunday (and saturday! hello stake conference) and took a long peaceful nap together as a family on sunday afternoon. josh and i stayed up late one night just talking. it’s been a while since we’ve done that. and i don’t think it’s possible to count how many books little lady eleanor read.
josh and i also saw jim gaffigan’s show over the weekend. i had gotten tickets for josh’s christmas stocking back in early december so we had been anxiously awaiting february 24th for a long time! we really love that guy. but what’s not to love when he’s cracking jokes all night about raising babies, big families, hating the gym, taking 6,000 pictures a day of your life and then spends 30 minutes straight just on the topic of mcdonalds alone? a comedian right up our alley. ;) i mean, you’ve seen this, right? so good.
  1. So fun!! Glad you enjoyed the show. My oh my, Eleanor is quite big nowadays

  2. comedy shows are the best! And those baby Hunters for Eleanor…I die.

  3. Hannah

    the sprout and pancetta sounds delicious!!

    lovely photos



  4. What a fun weekend. We had stake conference too. I love Sunday family naps.

  5. ahhh brussels sprouts!! they are my new favorite veggie. we had some a few weekends ago at jojo in manhattan, where they were shredded and topped with truffle vinaigrette! best. sprouts. EVER!

  6. Jessica

    I saw Jim Gaffigan last week too! He's hilarious!

  7. Glad you guys had a good weekend! Love the pics-her boots are so sweet :)

  8. janis

    oh those wee little boots are mighty cute! :)

  9. Andrea

    Awe, those boots!

    Your photos are really beautiful.

  10. ErinMSW

    Oh my goodness those baby hunters are probably the cutest thing I've ever seen. Ever. Like, in the history of the world.

  11. Abby

    Those boots are so cute! And brussels sprouts are my new favorite veggie…plus pancetta (or bacon) makes everything better.

  12. Norbyah

    those little hunter boots are ADORABLE!

  13. Elisha(:

    I love love these picturesss!! <3 <3

  14. Dayna

    Love the mini hunters. I had to laugh, because we almost bought those same ones from Gilt too but they didn't have them in our kids sizes. Boo! Gotta love Gilt though.

  15. kLr

    It looks like you all had a wonderful time! Her little boots are adorable!

    All the photos of life make me so excited to be finished with school and to set up housekeeping myself!

  16. Sounds like a great weekend, those little hunters are so precious :)

  17. kLr

    Thank you so much for the Gilt website! Love!

  18. erin

    Ahhh a fellow lover of jim gaffigan! Hot pockets!!

  19. Katz NYC

    Eleanor just keeps getting cuter and cuter, if that's even possible. She has such beautiful, big eyes. I can't wait to enter that part of my life when I enjoy quiet times with my babies at home reading, playing and napping. Instead of this 9-6 thing I really dislike…

    Happy Monday!

  20. Ash

    those shoes are unreal… too CUTE!

    and those peaches just made me drool.. no joke


  21. The Ls

    Teeny tiny Hunters = <3!!!!

    Also, Kingsley's face. Never gets old. :D

  22. Mrs. Ham

    we love him! i follow his tweets and i die every time he post something. he's just so good!


  23. Kendra

    wow, you guys are getting good with the babysitter thing :) I still have yet to leave Ev with someone besides family.

  24. haley

    Sounds like an awesome weekend. Those hunter boots are way too cute.

  25. Those Boots! So so cute! and this Jim guy sounds funny I will have to check him out.

  26. 2busy

    How fun is that? I love Jim Gaffigan. He is hilarious. Stake conference is a good weekend, but the BEST weekend is coming up at the end of March. Just sayin'

  27. Kate

    love the purple waxflowers….lovely!

  28. crerrity

    Love these photos! The mini hunter boots… too cute.

  29. Never heard of the guy (embarrassingly admits) -FUNNY stuff though, thanks for sharing!

    Those boots are darling. Late night chats with the hubby is medicine to the soul! Glad you all had a wonderful weekend.

  30. Those hunter boots are so adorable!! And gorgeous photos as always! It was so great meeting you at Madewell.

    <3 Kelly

  31. baby hunters are SO cute! i just love em!

  32. Maria

    It looks like y'all had a wonderful weekend! Glad to see that y'all had some time alone!

  33. we love jim gaffigan! lucky you! & those boots are precious. xx

  34. Lynn

    Love it all! We saw Jim Gaffigan a few weeks ago when he was in our area! I laughed the ENTIRE time!!!

  35. Sarah

    Oh my goodness those hunter shoes are awesome!!!!! I remember feeling more justified buying awesome shoes for my babe once she started walking. Glad to hear you had a nice weekend!!!

    – Sarah

  36. Gorgeous photos. Looks like a great weekend!

  37. We're huge Jim Gaffigan fans around here. Hoooot pockets (in a weird creeper voice). Hahaha. Gets me every single time!

    I let out a tiny gasp when I saw those Hunters. So cute!

    Along Abbey Road

  38. Morgan

    omgsh those hunters!

  39. Shelby

    Jim Gaffigan is the best!! I would love to see his show sometime. I saw Brian Regan not too long ago and loved it!

  40. Gina

    Wow, your weekend sounds awesome! I had a pretty nice weekend too. Check out my blog!

    I love the little Hunter boots :)


  41. LeeLee

    Beautiful photos. Gotta love the comedian and those baby Hunter boots. So true!

  42. Demmy

    Eleanor just gets cuter everyday!

  43. sounds like a beautiful weekend! i love that photo of you and eleanor…so cute!

  44. i love the colours in all of the photos and those flowers are beautiful!

  45. oh gosh, honestly your life is always just so fresh, clean and perfect! just adore coming to your site every time :)
    xo TJ

  46. H*

    love the little Hunter! Eleanor will look sooooooooooooo beautiful with them!

  47. alissa b

    these photos are amazing! and the little hunters are TOO cute. loving them!

    alissa b

  48. Those turquoise boots….I want them in my size! Lucky, lucky Eleanor.

  49. Sounds amazing :) We had a lovely weekend too, nice spending quality time together. x

  50. Rachael

    And there was me doubting the sprouts but I'm quite taken by the idea of mixing them with pancetta.Rx

  51. oh. my. goodness! i love those little shoes!!! how adorable!

  52. Lisa

    Adorable Hunters!
    A photo of Eleanor standing in a puddle come spring would be very cute.

  53. Faith

    Your photos are beautiful, as always! Jim Gaffigan is such a talented comedian!

  54. I'm on a huge brussel sprout kick and these two photos just made me put my shoes on and run to the store to get some. YUMMMM

  55. Ruth

    Looks like a lovely weekend. And I'm so in love with your hair, like usual :) Happy start-of-the-week!

  56. Amelia

    E is getting so big! too cute. & kingsley looks as noble as ever :)

  57. Amelia

    and those little mini hunter boots!!! baby shoes are the cutest of all time.

  58. What a wonderful weekend. I love this photo of you and Eleanor :) Kingsly is also one handsome guy!


  59. Pamela

    Those baby Hunter boots just kill me. So cute!

  60. Jennifer

    Those baby boots… SQUEEEEE!!!!!

  61. I love jim!!! My husband and I saw him in Baltimore on our first date!! Love your Anthro dinnerware ; )

  62. how the heck did I miss hunter boots on gilt?! I have been dying to get my daughter a pair! ughhh!

  63. aw! little baby hunters are so cute!

  64. I love my adult Hunters, but baby ones are so much cuter!

  65. Those Hunter boots are too cute! I hope you'll take a picture of Eleanor wearing them soon. Besides, Spring is right around the corner : ]

  66. Karen

    Ahh! I wish I would of known of the hunter sale! I would of loved to get some for my little one. Can't wait to see little miss Eleanor wearing them! I bet she will look just darling!


  67. Meg

    that brussel sprout dish looks TOTALLY yummy.


  68. angel

    sounds like a perfect weekend! pancetta + brussels sprouts are a match made in heaven. and jim gaffigan's hot pocket bit still makes me fall over laughing.. :)

  69. Those little hunter boots are too adorable, Eleanor is one lucky girl to have such lovely shoes! :)

  70. I love the pictures.
    They are wonderful! :)

  71. Aww I love reading about your DC weekends, as I'm a DC gal too! Jim Gaffigan is hysterical.

    Come hang out in Clarendon more!!


  72. Sara

    Mmm always looking for new ways to prepare brussel sprouts. would love the recipe! Also…a friend of mine met Jim G. when he was in Columbus recently. He is so funny!

  73. Jes

    Your hair looks beautiful in the pig tails :)

  74. Sheel

    Goodness that brussel sprout salad looks delicious! And those itty bitty hunter boots are just so cute!

    check me out at:

  75. Looks like you had a fun weekend! I just stayed around the house too…it was nice!

  76. Andrea

    whats a stake conference?

  77. those baby hunters are too, too much. also, staying up late just to talks ranks up there in my top 10 favorite things. it's rare, but i love it.

  78. when I am feeling discouraged in my day, your blog is such an encouraging respite for me :)