my baby girl. not so much a baby anymore.

back in december when we were in utah we got to see my dear candice who was also visiting utah (you know her from this awesome tutorial she did over the holidays. she also took this fun photo of me back in the day when we both lived in nyc.) anyway, she snapped a few photos of eleanor when we got together and here are a couple of my favorites. you can’t tell from these photos, but candice is a miracle worker because eleanor was not having the best morning… she just wanted to be held and left alone (thanks to west coast time difference and nap schedules thrown off). thank you again, candice!
  1. Wow, that family portrait is perfect!

  2. Wow, that family portrait is perfect!

  3. Wow, that family portrait is perfect!

  4. Wow, that family portrait is perfect!

  5. aw, such precious images. you can't even tell that she was upset. she is just so beautiful!
    xo TJ

  6. I just love how gorgeous this baby girl is, I love that she is soooo beautiful and when i have a baby I want her to look like this gorgeous baby!!!! I seriously cant get enough of your updates on this cutie pie!

  7. Britney

    Oh these pictures of Eleanor are so sweet! She's so precious and beautiful. What darling pictures to have forever :)

  8. rachael

    beauty! my friend just had her first child – parker, and my sister is expecting in june–can't wait!

  9. y'all are the cutest family ever. can't wait to see when baby #2 joins the family! you guys are precious!!

  10. Lauren

    What a beautiful baby girl. New Follower….

    Lauren Rebecca

  11. Meg

    Can I steal your baby for a day?

  12. E is becoming a big girl!
    btw, I love the last photo! so so cute. Oh, and I love your sweater.

  13. Miss Mel

    These pictures are adorable and I LOVE the family photo at the bottom! I can't wait to see your family grow! So exciting!

  14. Liesl

    Gorgeous and adorable all wrapped into one for your little girl and your family! :) her eyes are something else…beautiful! <3

    Liesl :)

  15. Lara

    Incredibly beautiful! It a joy to my eyes seeing the three of you but of course, especially her: ) Hugs &kisses; from frozen BUcharest, iced Romania

  16. Love love love the family photo. So adorable.
    And love your mustard jumper and bright red lipstick. So chic.

  17. Just divine… you have a lovely family. Thanks so much for sharing.

  18. Eleanor is such a beautiful baby girl!! I love all your pictures, they are precious! Your friend did an amazing job.

  19. Peppie

    most beautiful family and most gorgeous baby ♥

  20. Noémie

    That last one of your guys is the most adorable of all! you all look so good! x

  21. Oh, she is the cutest sweetest thing! Love these photos.

  22. Holy wow. You are all so gorgeous.
    Your baby is perfection :)

  23. you and your family are absolutely stunning! you guys continue to inspire me.

  24. Jo

    Eleanor is just beautiful! And she definitely has your smiley eyes :)

  25. Faith

    This is a great family photo! You three are adorable. (Or, should I say four?) :)

  26. i am quite certain that i've never ever seen a cuter baby.

    she is incredible. and that's just through the internet…i'm sure she is just perfection in person.

  27. The picture of the three of you is absolutely gorgeous.

  28. You'll be a great mother to two! My first two were 12 months apart and it was hard, but amazing to watch them grow together. Now they are six and seven, one a boy and one a girl, but the best of friends. I have two others, but the bond between the first two is so much stronger than the others and I know it's because they were so close and never remember life without the other. It's an amazing experience to watch them together and I'm sure you'll feel the same :)

  29. the most beautiful family photos! the little child is darling.-

  30. Devon

    what a cutie! I love how beautiful and perfect her skin is. It reminds me of Anna Held, and how it was said she used to bathe in milk to have such perfect skin. If only!

  31. Can't believe it!! I love you blog and….I designed the pattern of the shirt your beautiful Eleanor is wearing!! So funny! :)

    *silviastella, from italy

  32. You are Amazing as well as this blog! Everything is cute! :)))

  33. Victoria

    These pictures are beautiful! And that last family photo belongs in a magazine! Seriously. What a beautiful family!

  34. Afta Dt

    where did you buy that top for elanor?

  35. gorgeous, congratulations!