little friends.

this is eleanor’s adorable little friend, evelyn. she’s only a few days older than eleanor (although we won’t tell you how many months before eleanor she started walking… eh hem.) ;) anyway, evelyn lives a little ways out in northern virginia so we don’t get to see her or her cute mama as often as we’d like, which is perhaps the reason eleanor can’t hold back the hugs, poking, in your face obsession with evelyn when she gets a chance to play with her. we’re grateful evelyn is willing to put up with it all. i need to set up more play dates for her, obviously.
ps. watching eleanor crawling all over her friends, poking, hugging unannounced, invading their personal space… reminds me of when she tugged at evie’s ear in utah last summer. that girl just can’t contain her excitement.
  1. I die. They are both too cute. I an see these two are going to be friends for life.

  2. Flor Y.

    they're ADORABLE!

  3. Karen

    So cute! My favorite part besides E, are all the captions!


  4. Sarah

    Awww it's amazing how much your heart swells when you see your kids interact with others. Just imagine how fun it's going to be watching her play with her new sibling!

    – Sarah

  5. Karen

    So cute! My favorite part besides E, are all the captions!


  6. sooo cute!

  7. So precious! My daughter is just days behind eleanor, she was born on the 5th of Feb. So much fun! What would we do without them??

  8. Kendra

    Haha! I love the commentary :) I'm glad our girls are friends (and us too!)

  9. She is so affectionate! I want to know what's going on inside their little baby minds.

  10. Aracely

    Hilarious!! Love the pictures!

  11. Oh, I love this! Nothing is more adorable when little ones interact with each other.

    Love the captions :)

  12. Love her! hhaha my daughter does this name thing her little boy friend, he isn't too sure about girls but she LOVES him.

  13. Chelsea

    Hahaha that is TOO cute. I love the conversation about their teeth, hilarious. I love how thrilled Eleanor looks to have a friend!! She's going to be a great big sister.


  14. too funny! love the belly poking pic! glad evelyn doesn't mind!

  15. Chelsea

    Hahaha that is TOO cute. I love the conversation about their teeth, hilarious. I love how thrilled Eleanor looks to have a friend!! She's going to be a great big sister.


  16. Breanna

    Oh my! Just wait until she gets to meet her brother or sister for the first time, who knows what cute stuff she's got up her sleeve!

  17. Melissa

    Wow that is too cute

  18. Abbey

    Oh my goodness, adorable!!!! Love the captions…totally made me laugh.

  19. preethi

    I've been meaning to email you – we never did get together and we totally should! We have a cute little northern va boy that I think eleanor would love. :) (And Nat's also been obsessed with belly buttons lately…)

    lace, etc.

  20. haha she is just so sweet. little girls do need playdates, so get on that! :)

  21. Too cute! I want to be friends with Eleanor too :)

  22. So Cute! Eleanor is going to love having a sibling.

  23. Watching babies interact is so much fun! My best friend and I actually had our babies on THE.SAME.DAY… and no this was not planned in the least bit… in fact my husband and I were SHOCKED when they doctor told us we were about 10weeks along. Anyhoo… watching our lil guys play together (now 6 months old) is sooooo much fun for us and them. Miss E is like a porcelain doll!

  24. most adorable post ever! killing me with the cuteness!

  25. Maria

    This is the cutest thing ever!

  26. This is hilarious. I couldn't stop laughing, she sure is a cutie.

  27. haley

    too precious! eleanor seems like the sweetest little girl :)

  28. Sunja

    Oh my goodness! These photos are too cute! :)

  29. Elise

    she is too precious. She looks a little like the baby on Up All Night. Such cute girls!

  30. jessica

    This is so precious! What a cute little friendship!

  31. Laurie

    oh gosh, they are just too precious together. looks like eleanor will be a great big sister!


  32. Cassie

    The only thing better than one cute baby is TWO CUTE BABIES!

  33. Sladja

    She is soooo cute! xo

  34. so sweet :D

  35. love it when two blogs i follow collide especially when there are cutie pie babies involved!

  36. bwhahahahahaha! TOO FUNNY and TOO CA-UTE! :)


  37. MC

    so sweet and funny, beautiful babies.

  38. Hi! I just saw you on the cover of a biking magazine! My boyfriend gave it to me because I want a cute bike and I said "Hey, I follow her!" Congrats!

  39. Thank you so much for sharing your last few posts with pics of Eleanor, I always look forward to them, they brighten my day!

  40. Carley

    SO cute!! can't wait for my baby girl to be able to play with other babes!

  41. I thought that was Evelyn!! So funny, because I saw in another older post, and I was thinking it was just a baby look alike. How neat! Those two are just so precious!!

  42. Tiana

    i cannot get over how adorable this is. you have the most beautiful, sweet baby girl :)

    tiana of l'esthetique

  43. My daughter just had a play date too! Isn't it awesome how two little ones interact with one another? : ]

  44. Jean

    those are super cute pictures! i love your captions. made me chuckle.

  45. brittany

    gosh, that is the life! i really wish i could remember being that little! it is the sweetest and happiest.

  46. Aubrey C

    Aw I love E's face when she is giving the hug! What a sweetheart!

  47. rachael

    hah, this is great! funniest captions!

  48. oh goodness, it's crazy seeing those older pictures of baby E and seeing how big she really has gotten. precious!
    xo TJ

  49. Jessica

    oh my goodness! they are way too cute! my son (a year old in feb.) has a crush on evelyn. haha! i always am sure to show him the videos her mama posts on her blog.

  50. carmen

    These pic!OMG :D Sweetest than enything:D

  51. Kathy

    I love the captions haha
    Eleanor is just too adorable! she looks so thrilled to have a play date :)

  52. Mariana

    This is just too cute!!

  53. i can't wait till cadence is old enough to play with other little kids and do wacky things like lift up their shirts and poke their bellies. Oh to be young, and free, and have zero personal space issues. ;)

  54. Eden

    she is going to be an adorable and precious big sister. :)

  55. Meg

    i love watching little kids play with eachother. So cute and precious.


  56. 2 CUTE 2 HANDLE !

  57. Found u viA schoolmarm! OMgosh :0)
    yoUr photos and the babies are toooooooo cute!

  58. You really have a lovely family, your daughter is precious and i like all your posts!