1. Lyosha

    Eleanor's face is gorgeous and so made me smile! looks like you are having a great time here!

    Inside and Outside Blog

  2. I'm pretty sure your little girl is the cutest kid on the block (or net). See these photos makes me so clucky …
    Kelly xo

  3. Sladja

    she real sweetie pie! :) enjoy your weekend! xo

  4. haha that picture of her making that face is cracking me up! She is so darling!! Super cute pics, love your hair! {not many people can rock the middle part, but you can!}

  5. Mariela

    haha, she look so cute and funny! have a wonderful day and weekend : ) !.

  6. Gaby

    oh my best kissy face ever! though i'm also quite partial to the shot of her looking up at the tv. eleanor really is the cutest :)

  7. Callie

    Eleanor is too cute!!

  8. Hannah

    ahahaa, how cute is she!?!? Seems like a great week!!

  9. it's her cheeks, I've decided. She's so freaking cute because of those cheeks.

  10. i LOVE that last one of E. does she think she's smiling? oh, for precious.

  11. Elisha(:

    she is sooooo cute!! ;)

  12. Lena

    the kissy face is fantastic and puts a smile on my face.

    I LOVE your "hazy" pictures… I wonder if it's a filter on Instagram, or settings on your camera, or clever photo editing… I know you probably get millions of questions and don't have time to answer all of them, but what's one more, right?:)

  13. Jacky

    ich möchte so sein wie du ♥

  14. Kendra

    haha, Ev makes the squishy face too. It's my all time fav.

  15. Eleanor and my niece Anna are a day apart. Anna makes the exact same face but we call it her squirrel face. She cracks herself up every time she makes it.

  16. Danielle

    I wish i had your family! :)

  17. Melissa

    You always have the best pics! Love the hearts for Vday also

  18. always love the 'life according to iphone' posts! its so remarkable how much emotion, love and humor you can capture in just a moment.


  19. kori

    aww!! Her kissy face is sooo stinkin adorable!! What prompts her to do this? We need more of the kissy face E :)

  20. Cassie

    Thanks for sharing your little family with us. Your photos always make me smile.

  21. Kelli

    GAH sleeping Eleanor is beyond adorable!

  22. Allison

    I just love her face looking up at the balloons! Total awe!

  23. Eleanor is absolutely precious. I'm so enjoying watching her grow up!

  24. Nicole



  25. 2busy

    Well, I'd have to say the squishy kissy face is my favorite, too. You are raising a darling daughter.

  26. I agree :) Haha. She's such a cutie. Have a great weekend too!

  27. I am in love with your blog and stories of your adorable family. Thanks for the life according to my iPhone pics idea – i stole it, hope that's ok!? haha <3 xx

  28. Little kid faces are always the most fun!! She's too funny!
    I'm also LOVING the balloons in the one photo!

  29. have a good weekend!

  30. i feel like iPhone pictures really really show whats going on in life! dontcha just love em!

  31. Oh I love scrunchie faces! My little boy does them all the time. So cute. Ah, babies.

  32. Sofia

    love the photos! :)

  33. aw, so precious! definitely a fan of that little smooshy face. perfection!
    and you seriously take the best instagram pictures :)
    xo TJ

  34. My goodness she is one BEAUTIFUL baby. I think my favorite is the one where she's trying to get the balloons! Adorable.

  35. H*

    lovely pics! I've seen them in IG!
    E* is the most beautiful baby!

    kisses from Barcelona!

  36. that kissy face (and the gangster face) are making me laugh out loud.

  37. Elise

    Little E is so cute!!

  38. haha!! That face is adorable.
    Where did you get her high chair??

  39. Iny

    Eleanor is cuter day by day!! She's so lovely!

    My Sweet Pearls


  40. You have the world's cutest baby. Seriously.

  41. Meg

    I love that cute little face.

  42. LeeLee

    Haha, so cute. Have a lovely weekend.

  43. Oh my goodness. That last picture is SO adorable I can't even stand it. She is perfect : ) What a sweet baby!

  44. Oh she's the cutest baby ever !!! That face is amazing ♥

  45. Bonny

    Naomi, your whole life is just adorable…even your name, I just love it! You need to have a what we wore blog on the side because I always look at your and clothes and wonder where you get some of them. I love your jacket where'd you get it???

  46. her face looking at those balloons. OH MY GOODNESS!

  47. Leny

    smooch back for E! :*

  48. I really love her pucker face photo. She is a doll.

  49. Darcie

    You have the most adorable baby ever!


    lovely photos!

  51. MC

    So lovely. Your family is beautiful :)

  52. Amber

    Oh my goodness. My husband just sat down at the computer (with your blog up) and said "I know him"… He served with your husband in Italy (Anziano George). Such a small world.

  53. That kissy face is hilarious and adorable. Definitely a photo to keep and use to embarrass her when she's older :)

  54. eliseila

    HI! this is random, but do you mind if i ask where you got your white polka dotty tights you are wearing in your "family photos" you guys did back in april of 2010? I've been looking for some white tights that arent just plain, and those look perfect!! Also, can i just tell you how much i adore your blog?! I know you probably hear that every day, but you guys are just such an inspiration. i am lds too, and it's so great seeing someone modest but so adorable. You are my idol! :) xo, elise

  55. Britney

    Haha that scrunched up mouth with granola pic of Eleanor is to die for! So sweet and sassy! And I just love those huge balloons you used for her birthday party!

  56. Great pics, your baby girl is adorable :)

  57. Nessa

    I know i'm late, but give eleanor happy bithday for me! She's the cutest child!


  58. Your blog is so adorable. Where did you get Eleanor's high chair? We are in the market.

  59. Your blog is so adorable. Where did you get Eleanor's high chair? We are in the market.

  60. Jenny

    I love the pic of the dog eating the crumbs your cute baby has dropped…that always happens in our house too! I am a new follower and would love if you would stop by and say hello :)
    Modern Modest Beauty

  61. LOVE LOVE LOVE! looks like a lovely time :)

  62. Charis

    You guys are all so adorable looking… especially little Eleanor!

  63. Kessler

    I love her little faces, Eleanor is such a cutie!

  64. Amanda

    my favorite posts are "life lately, according to my iphone pictures." i love it!

  65. Eleanor is so adorable! (as I'm sure you already know =P)
    But my real focus of this post is your hair!! How do you get it like that? I want! :)