happy valentine’s day!

hope you had a wonderful valentine’s day!

we started our morning off with lots of sweet kisses and hugs from eleanor (she has recently figured out how to give us ‘squeeze’ hugs and we are eating them up!) i woke up to a new tea kettle in my kitchen this morning (i’ve been needing and wanting a new one for a while now) and pretty flowers were delivered this afternoon from my love (kingsley kindly ate half of them before i even saw them. that’s what i get for letting him out into the front yard to go potty without actually looking at my front stoop.) tonight, josh and i tried out casa nonna for dinner and fell in love with their cavatelli.
despite eleanor going potty during her bath today (so much fun for mommy to clean up, let me tell you!), getting a parking ticket even though the parking meter was broken (i swear those meter maids will be the end of me) and shattering a glass cup all over my kitchen this morning, today hasn’t been so bad. i like valentine’s day.
  1. Devin

    Haha this was an adorable post! I hope you're cute little family had a wonderful valentine's day! (despite the small hiccups!)


  2. aww… glad you had a great valentine's day. mine was similar, in that there were several… mishaps. including my little miss having an accident in the bathtub. although unfortunately that was only 1 of 5 big potty accidents for the day :( i'm hoping that tomorrow is even better than vday was over here, haha.

  3. Katz NYC

    Sounds like a sweet Valentine's day. Full of life. XO

  4. lexianne

    love the red and pink and your sweet growing bump! happy valentine's day! xo

  5. Love it, my cat Kirk eats flowers too. Happy V-Day :)

  6. are your glasses warby parkers? :)

  7. Lauren

    Aww, Kingsley just wanted to feel the love too! Loving these valentines day posts, its so lovely to read nice romantic things. The photos you posted are excellent, and waking up to flowers and a new tea kettle really is super cute! I didn't get to see my husband for v-day as he was making everybody else's romantic dinners at work.


  8. What beautiful photos. I love Eleanor's dress so much! And I cannot imagine a better gift than a tea kettle :) Happy Valentine's Day, Davis Family!

  9. What beautiful photos. I love Eleanor's dress so much! And I cannot imagine a better gift than a tea kettle :) Happy Valentine's Day, Davis Family!

  10. What beautiful photos. I love Eleanor's dress so much! And I cannot imagine a better gift than a tea kettle :) Happy Valentine's Day, Davis Family!

  11. What beautiful photos. I love Eleanor's dress so much! And I cannot imagine a better gift than a tea kettle :) Happy Valentine's Day, Davis Family!

  12. Rebecca

    I love that dress. And those squeeze hugs sound like the perfect Valentine! :D

  13. Happy Valentines day! Your family is so adorable.
    I'm glad Josh found you a tea kettle. I thought the customer looking for a tea kettle at Urban looked familiar! :)


  14. At least you're viewing everything with a "glass half full" mentality – glad you had a good day. For the most part :)

    Also, eating your flowers sounds just like something my dogs would do!


  15. What a sweet Valentines day. You look absolutely lovely!


  16. Mrs C

    I love your blog and especially that way that you share our beliefs in such a lovely way, you've been a great example to me, I just started blogging and knew that the church being a part of me was definitly a part of my blog… keep up the great work… x

  17. sounds like Eleanor and Kingsley were quite a handful today ;) Happy Valentine's Day!

  18. Lovely pictures! Can't wait to see your post next year with the new little one!!!

  19. meredith

    So precious. I love your instax snaps! I'm glad you had a memory-filled day with your loves. :)

  20. love your honesty. that picture of kingsley might be my favourite one yet. happy valentines day!!

  21. Colleen

    My 13 month old beauty has poo'd in the bathtub EVERY DAY THIS WEEK.

  22. Oh I've done that before with my puppy! I'm glad your day turned out well though! Happy Valentine's Day!

  23. Mrs. Ham

    that sounds like a nice day! i love your dress!


  24. MC

    Lol such a sweet and adventurous day



  25. Brenny

    The half is glass full! Errr… wait that came out wrong. Hee hee I always get worried that my babes will go in the bath. Hasnt happened yet!

    Happy Valentine's Day to you and your family! Your baby bump looks adorable! xx

  26. colleen

    doesn't sound too bad :) especially when it ends with great pasta. happy valentine's day naomi!

  27. Joy

    awww you guys are the best sweetest fam ever!

  28. Aye that is one heck of a series of events. Glad everyone is okay, after the glass shattering. I did that recently and it was awful!

    Happy Valentine's :)

  29. carmen

    love this pics :) Sounds very nice valentine day, wish this happy for every day :) I LOVE the tubby pic with Elenor :)

  30. yurga

    you are incredible :)) im always reading your posts smiling :)

  31. Mariana

    Lovely! :)

  32. Your baby bump is adorable! And Eleanor, as always, looks so beautiful! Happy Valentine's Day!
    Greetings from Munich

  33. H*

    what a day!!!!!


  34. haley

    Sounds like a lovely day! Love the polaroids :)

  35. Lottie

    Sounds like a pretty amazing day to me–kingsley makes me laugh, he just thought they were for him!

    And your bump looks so cute–i hope i am so stylish when i am pregnant

  36. Hey Naomi!

    What program do you use to get your pictures to look like that?

    I absolutely love it!


  37. Mariela

    Cute pictures!, Happy Valentine's to you too : )

  38. Emily

    Instax make everything better :)

  39. Sounds like a wonderful valentines day to me :) your little family is so stinkin cute! where oh where did you get that adorable dress??

  40. Lievebee

    really cute! you inspire me to bring me camera more places!

  41. caroline

    It's really easy to get parking tickets dismissed in DC. Did you report the broken meter before you parked there? Even if you didn't it's worth a try.

  42. Hilary

    I love the instax pics. I've been wanting to get me a camera like that. Sounds like you had an interesting valentines day. Mine was pretty boring since my husband had to work late, but then when we were trying to go to bed I heard a bunch of sirens stop outside our building. There were firemen trying to get in our apartment and I yelled down the pass code. Apparently there was a small fire down the hall from us. So the day ended with some action.

  43. Love your dress and Eleanor's! Your style always inspires me to get out of my mama sweats ;-)

    Rough day, huh? Every since Baby Lulu was born, I have been dying for someone to take my doggies off my hands. It's just too much to deal with! Except who gives away their dogs after the baby's born?! Well a lot of people. Further reason not to. Don't want to be a cliche!
    Hannah at http://www.thrivingthirty.tumblr.com

  44. shamim

    happy valentines' day:x

  45. Maggie M

    Kind of random, but I got a Strayer University mailing yesterday and recognized Josh. Glad you had such a great Valentines (even with a couple low moments).

  46. WE had a potty incident today too! fun times :)

    Cute cute pictures

  47. Helenx

    Sounds like a lovely day, happy valentines! x

  48. Carly

    adorable post! i love how your valentine's day was deemed good despite the little things- that just brightened MY day :) and really, who gives a ticket on valentine's day?! rude.

  49. brittany

    somehow the good seems to always outweigh the bad, doesn't it! and just look at all that love you had on v-day :) so wonderful.

  50. aw, besides those little mishaps, your valentine's day sounds flawless. especially with those new squeezable hugs!
    p.s. love the baby bump!!
    xo TJ

  51. Sarah

    Wow, you took V-day like a champ! Those kinds of little accidents would totally leave me sobbing. Especially since I'm a preggo emotional mess. I'm glad things worked out for the best =)

    – Sarah

  52. Chelsea

    Cute! I love your positive attitude!

  53. Victoria

    I love your positivity even though a few things went wrong :)
    You're looking absolutely beautiful x

  54. Kelli

    I love how long Eleanor's hair is getting now! Little cute clips :)

  55. Britney

    look at you pretty girls in pink dresses!–and your baby bump, Naomi, is just precious! Sounds like you and Josh got to spend some quality time together too..which is always a plus :)

  56. those baths are no fun to clean up. you look beautiful! what a joy it will be to have two little ones so close in age. glad you're still cheery after your mishaps. you have a beautiful life so why wouldn't you.


  57. Nessa

    Loved Eleanor's pic looking at you!


  58. these are such beautiful photos! what a great valentine's day.

  59. Hi
    I have just been introduced to your blog and have connected with everything you share on here straight away. I am part of a children's entertainment group here in NZ… all of us sisters and Mums or (moms) and each fortnight we do a Mum Blog Spotlight, we will be spotlighting your blog on our next week and to say thank you we would like to send you and your girls some of our Music. Our US team has sent you an e-mail to organise this. Check out our blog if you find the time http://blog.polkadots.co.nz/. Thanks for sharing your world with us in such an inspiring way!

  60. I think you honestly have the most darling family in the world. I am an aspiring blogger and my dream is to someday meet you and be somewhere close to your success. You inspire me every single day, so thank you so much for that… xoxo

  61. Hafsa

    how cute! oh and I saw your husband's picture on my mail from strayer university!

  62. Danielle

    I've been reading you blog for years but had never been a commenter. It was my new years resolution to let people know I enjoy their blogs more. Love your style and your excitement for life. Much Love!

  63. how sweet!
    i love all your pink outfits, very cute :)
    xo, cheyenne

  64. mickie

    would LOVE your recipe!


  65. you two make such a great husband + wife. oh and eleanor's little dress, too cute! looks like a wonderful day.

  66. Charis

    Can't believe Kingsley ate half your flowers! You're looking lovely Naomi :)

  67. Jennifer

    Your pictures are beautiful. Glad to see you had such a wonderful Valentine's Day.

  68. love your little doggie , i have a englsih bulldog also her name is Lucille , they are such awesome doggies , i cant imagine my life with out her

  69. Amanda

    how. precious. so glad you had a good valentine's day :)

  70. Where is that lovely maxi pink dress from!?

  71. Elisha(:

    I love love these pictures!!! (: