eleanor goes to the zoo!

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the weather was just beautiful today so eleanor and i decided to head to the national zoo! we spotted a panda and a very friendly gorilla but most of the animals must have been taking naps or something, because they were scarce. we still had a great time, though. eleanor is finally at an age where she loves animals so we’re looking forward to many trips back this spring and summer. hopefully papa will be able to join us on a few, too. we missed him today.
past trips to the national zoo here and here.
**music in video by arcade fire.
  1. Mrs. Ham

    why is she soooo dang cute! oh duh…cause she has the cutest parents ever!!!


  2. 2busy

    Ah! Eleanor is so cute holding her panda looking at the pandas.

  3. I have really come to enjoy your little vlogs, Noami. Love Eleanor's little mustard sweater. And animal crackers at the zoo, what fun!
    Kelly xo

  4. ah so cute!

    also, I'm pretty sure eleanor dresses better than me.

    xo lauren

  5. Ahhhh! Eleanor holding her panda while looking at the real panda is ADORABLE! Yay for trips to the zoo! I'm going to the Richmond, VA one this weekend :)


  6. Kari

    What a sweet, sweet video! :) I'm taking my little babe to the zoo tomorrow!

  7. I love arcade fire. Also what camera do you use? Is it the canon mark?

  8. I love Eleanor and Panda!

    What a darling family.

  9. Your hair is so long! I love it!

  10. Caton

    so precious!!

  11. so cute! can't wait to do this with my baby boy!

  12. My goodness, she's cute.

  13. Such a cute video! I didn't know the zoo had zookies!

    Im taking my son Judah to the National Portrait museum in DC tomorrow its supposed to be 70 degrees and I want to test taking him on the metro for the first time :-)

  14. leyla.

    you can never be to old to enjoy the zoo and panda's are just the best creatures ever.

    very adorable the two of you!

    warm wishes!

  15. tvmom

    Looks fun! I'm taking my boys there tomorrow!

  16. Eleanor's hair is getting so long!

  17. How fun! I always loved going to the zoo as a kid.

    p.s- dang your hair is looooong!!

  18. you guys are so stinkin' cute! I love yor little videos you make. c:

  19. Eleanor is the most darling thing…

  20. lacey

    eleanor is just so sweet, i can't wait to be able to take our baby boy to the zoo :)

  21. Maria

    This is the cutest thing ever!

  22. MC

    Awe fantastic video!!!


  23. So gosh darn cute!!! What did you use to film this vid? And the NYC vid?? DLSR? How did you edit the footage?? LOVE TO KNOW!

  24. Naomi, I've been reading your blog for a long time but I rarely comment. I just wanted to let you know that I have been LOVING it lately. So many darling and sweet and authentic posts. Thank you for sharing bits of your life and bits of motherhood. It's a joy to see.

  25. she is too cute! I love your videos!

  26. Lara

    So beautiful it brought tears to my eyes: ) hugs and kisses and best wishes to you all!

  27. moonbeam

    Does Eleanor's sweater come in adult size? I need it in my life!!

  28. I adored the zoo as a kid. Such a great learning experience and exposure to our amazing animals. Glad E is having fun!

  29. Abby

    What do you shoot your videos with? Your digital camera or you iPhone? Your family is too too cute :)

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  31. she is such a cute little girl & and you are a beautyfull pregnant mother =)) in her eyes you can see that she is such a happy & loved child..
    much love from switzerland,,, marie-sofie

  32. Katie

    Eleanor is simply wonderful!

  33. Victoria

    I have Eleanor's sweater in adult size! That must make me officially cool :)

  34. H*

    she's lovely beyond words

    kisses from Spain

  35. Mariana

    So cute!!
    And we are planning to go to the ZOO tomorrow! Yay!! :) We haven't visited the zoo during the winter time yet.:/

  36. The Ls

    Adorbz! Eleanor certainly looks much more interested in the animals goings-on than last time!

    Does your zoo do memberships? You should become a member!! :D

  37. SO cute! E seemed to have a great time!

  38. Samantha

    I can't wait to take my little man to the zoo, but I am waiting for warmer weather.

  39. Sugarbaby. I love her. And you.

  40. Char

    Aww I love her little finger as she points to all the animals! She's adorable! She is at the most perfect age to do such fun things! Enojy!
    Char xo

  41. Halili H

    I get excited every time I see a new post haha !
    sooo cuuuuute

  42. Shannon

    You are fun peeps!

    We went to the park, on our walk home from the subway, but only to have a place to breast feed while preschooler could play….weather has been gorgeous!

  43. So cute! I have loved making videos on my blog recently as well. Did you use your iphone to film this, or a video camera?

  44. So cute! I love the National Zoo. Even if there aren't a ton of animals, it's free so you can always go back AND the way the park is laid out reminds me of the zoo in Lady and the Tramp. :)

  45. Becca

    Aww I miss the zoo from our days on Capitol Hill! We took our baby girl there when she was just 12 days old. Love the video; we're big fans of that song too!

  46. What a sweet little video! Who doesn't love the zoo?! Oh and E is quite seriously the cutest baby I have ever seen. Ever!

    Katie x

  47. Laurie

    so cute! looks like you two had fun at the zoo. did you take this video with your iphone?


  48. Emily

    So sweet! I'm glad Mr. Panda was able to take a trip to the zoo, too.

  49. Meg

    My daughter is about a month younger than E. and we just watched this video 3 times; she was so excited! E is so adorable and looking so grown up!

  50. how cute <3
    what camera did you use?

  51. Ash

    too cute! i love all your videos (:

  52. did you see the crazy growling tiger? i don't know what got into that guy but he was loudly growling for minutes like a mad man! it felt great to walk around on such an unseasonably warm day!

  53. Heidi

    Loved watching this video! She is just precious as always.

  54. so simple yet so beautiful. I hope I'm diligent enough to make videos like this when I have a little one.

  55. thanks all!

    this was shot with my canon rebel t21 camera and my 50mm 1.8 portrait lens. i edited it in iMovie.


  56. whoops! t2i !


  57. Xteena

    Love the videos, but wanted to ask if you've looked into whether you need to obtain reproduction rights to use the music in the background. It would be one thing if your blog was not for profit, but you may have some legal issues on your hands otherwise. I'm not sure though, I would just suggest looking into it.

  58. gah!!! i love her! and pandas :)

  59. colleen

    love her little sigh when she's in her stroller. such a cute video!

  60. oh gosh, the last shot of the two of you waving is just so heartwarming! love!
    and those animal shots are beautiful!
    xo TJ

  61. aarhh.. so cute lil Eleanor..cute lil finger.. *kiss & hug*

  62. Blicious

    cutest video ever!!!! <3

  63. Alyssa

    Aww, this was really cute! She looks so much like her dad. :]

    Shop Vintage ♥

  64. Elisha(:


  65. kwistin

    i kind of love everything about this. i know i've said it before, but i *love* how innately happy eleanor is.

  66. Faith

    Eleanor is just adorable! She has great parents. :)

  67. Brenny

    She is sincerly adorable:)

  68. Emi

    i feel like eleanor dresses better than people at my school! lol it was cute that she had a panda stuffed animal then she saw a real panda!

  69. Ashley

    how funny, we went to the zoo on Tuesday…too bad. we should have gone together! It was great seeing you last weekend. Next time you're in New York and want some mama company, let me know and we'll have some fun!

  70. haley

    So precious! Looks like a blast :) The zoo has always been one of my favourite places.

  71. Erica!

    Looks like fun!
    You have the best videos! Please do a tutorial!